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Diary of an Attorney: Not Guilty

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, July 26, 2024

Company executive Guillaume Wayne is frustrated and nervous while he meets with his attorney, Ricky Hard. Mr. Wayne is being sued by a former employee who he had consensual sex with at the office.

Attorney Hard believes his client must admits that it will be a hard case to present before a judge. To best assist his client, Ricky asks Guillaume to show him what happened from beginning to end.

Guillaume begins to demonstrate how the office encounter took place. He describes how his subordinate began by touching his chest, he grabbing his ass, and kissing his neck.

The young attorney is so turned on that the situation turns from a demonstration to a full play session. Both studs take turns blowing each other before the client lowers Ricky's suit pants to eat his ass and fuck him raw until they both shoot their loads.

In the end, Attorney Hard predicts that if everything Guillaume demonstrated holds in court, he'll be found not guilty!

But between us… Guillaume Wayne is very guilty of being a very naughty client.

RUFDUP 'N Wet, Editor's Cut

Coming Soon | Releasing on Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Exercise has direct stress-relief benefits by pumping up your endorphins! But nothing increases endorphins like sex - especially a casual hookup at the gym after a sweaty workout.

Despite Scott Hunter looking like a well-groomed businessman, deep down, he's a filthy pig and is ready to play with the wet, muscular Rogan Richards.

Rogan is always up for ruffin' up a hot guy, and it's Scott Hunter's insatiable ass that's on the receiving end of his touch. Scott can't get enough of Rogan's thick, veiny cock and begs for more when Rogan rips open his shirt before giving him a hard pounding and facial on the wet locker room floor.

Diary of an Attorney: Client Privilege

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, August 2, 2024

Cristian Sam's wife Julia has filed for divorce, and today, he's meeting his new lawyer to review the papers before mediation. The truth is, bisexual Cristiam picked Magnus from the Law firm's website because he was handsome: blonde with green eyes!

When he meets his attorney, Cristian can't help but think, "He's even hotter in person, especially his New Zealand accent." In the attorney's office, Magnus reviews the divorce papers with Cristian and tells him they will now wait for an appointment with the court.

That evening, Cristian is looking to 'play' to get his mind off his impending divorce and goes to the local men's cruising sex club. While getting his big cock sucked behind a glory hole, he hears a familiar voice call his name. When he looks over, he surprisingly sees his lawyer and asks, "What are you doing here?"

The lawyer responds, "I suspect the same as you are.." he grabs his client's hand and walks him into a private room. Inside the private room, Magnus strokes Cristian's hard cock and whispers… "Tell me to stop.." But the horny client does not want his attorney to stop.

Passionate kissing leads to mutual cock sucking, ass-eating, and the powerful attorney cumming while being fucked hard by Cristian's thick 9" cock. Cristian then unloads all over Magnus' face and suit jacket.

After the hot play session, Magnus Loki tells Cristian that he won't be able to continue as his attorney but that this rendezvous will be considered under client privilege.

The Big Tip, Editor's Cut

Coming Soon | Releasing on Tuesday, August 6, 2024

In much of Europe, a 10% tip is considered generous at most restaurants. After being waited on by sexy, hairy Italian bear Paco Rabo at an Italian restaurant, Matthew Anders leaves his phone number on the receipt – offering a different big tip!

Paco quickly texts Matthew when he sees an opportunity to get a tip from the sexy blonde businessman. Matthew knows precisely why he's been called back to the restaurant and soon has Paco's trousers around his ankles and his tongue prodding at his hole.

Watch as Paco writhes with pleasure as he rides Matthew's cock and sprays hot cum over his body as he takes Matthew's jizz over his face and beard.

Daddy Want 3

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, August 9, 2024

Sexy boy Jony Star stops by Dani Robles' house to drop off some class notes for Danny's nephew Ruben, who's gone to the gym. Dani tells Jony that it is nice to see him all grown up and invites him inside to wait for his friend. Dani tells Jony to make himself home and call for him if he needs anything.

Horny, Jony stares at the portrait of Mr. Robles hanging on the wall and starts jerking his cock. When Dani finds Jony jacking off, he quickly decides that "Daddy Wants" and offers help.

What does a horny young stud do when his best friend's uncle offers to service his stiff cock? Accept, of course.

Dani Robles begins by jerking off and sucking Jony's cock and fingering his tight hole. But Daddy also wants servicing, and he pulls down his pants and offers his cock. Dani eats and fingers the delicious ass before slamming the young hole raw.

In the cowboy position, Dany sits while Jony sits and rides him, facing each other until the young hornet stud cums all over Daddy's shirt and tie. Jony climbs down on his knees and jerks the milk out of Dani, whose juice squirts all over his shirt and jacket.

What Daddy Robles Wants, Daddy Robles Gets!

Bound 2

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, August 16, 2024

Menatplay combines suit sex with a bit of light bondage in "Bound 2", featuring Denis Vega and Excelsior.

When Denis doesn't show up for work, someone calls Excelsior to find out where he is. Excelsior knows, but he's not telling. Denis Vega is bound, his mouth stuffed with a pocket square. He is wearing an open white dress shirt that exposes his hairy, muscular chest and is pantless but dressed in sheer socks held up by sock garters.

Even well-disciplined businessmen like a little BDSM now and then, and Excelsior's teasing and tantalizing game of submission and domination heightens Denis' pleasure. There is a palpable thrill in surrendering control or exerting control over!

Did Denis vanish? Was he abducted? Or was it all part of their roleplay plot? Denis' pleasure and a massive load of cum while getting fucked make the answer clear. What would You do if you found Mr. Vega bound and Ready to Play?