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The Barber and Matt Polaco

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, May 31, 2024

Polish Hunk Matt Polaco visits skilled barber Oskar Ivan for a beard trimming to keep it shorter. When the sexy barber trims Matt and gives him a facial massage, he can't help his cock from stiffening up!

Watching Oskar use the thick shaving cream has Matt craving a different kind of cream, and he starts to slowly jerk his cock through his pants. When the barber signals he's open to a barbershop play session, Matt pulls out his uncut dick through his pany fly and invites him to suck it.

It's only right that Matt returns the favor, and while sucking on Oskar's dick, he wraps his tie around the Colombian cock. With both stud's cocks hard and ready, the sexy barber fucks his client against and on the chair until Matt cums while being penetrated. After confirmation that he's provided great service, the barber shoots his load on the satisfied Matt.

Are You Ready to Experience the Art of Grooming?

Spy Boy, Editor's Cut

Coming Soon | Releasing on Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Rogan Richards catches the young Marco Rubi hacking into his company's network. But, instead of calling the authorities, Rogan decides to take matters into his own hands and teach Marco a hard lesson.

He orders the nervous lad to remove his clothes, giving Rogan a better view of the smooth, muscular physique beneath the suit. Rogan sits back and instructs Marco to stroke his dick and finger his smooth hole.

Watching the spy tease his hole is too much for Rogan to resist. He goes straight in, burying his face in his muscular ass and licking his sweet hole. Marco's nerves vanish, and he's begging for the hung, muscle top to give him an ass pounding over the boardroom table.

Pant Splitting

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, June 7, 2024

Luciano has just been asked to attend a meeting in progress to present a new project for board approval. He is nervous, and his colleague Allen King tells him to relax; everything will be fine.

On his way to the meeting, Luciano clumsily drops a stack of papers, and when he bends over to pick them up, his tight pants rip open and expose his smooth ass. Unable to go to the board meeting with ripped pants, Allen offers to let him wear his pants. Allen puts on a pair of sweatpants he brought to wear to the gym later.

After the board meeting, Luciano returns to his office and thanks Allen for saving his ass. But this good deed comes with a price - Allen asks Luciano to put his torn pants back on and get on all fours!

With Luciano's exposed ass directly in front of him, Allen rips the pants more to fully enjoy eating and fingering his colleague's ass before fucking him hard. Luciano lost a good pair of pants but ultimately wins with a hot office dicking!

Down n Dirty, Editor's Cut

Coming Soon | Releasing on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Why keep a sexual relationship a secret? In the case of Dani Robles and Hugo Castellano, they can't have anyone at the office know they're fucking!

Hugo is getting nervous. People are starting to talk, and he doesn't want their workplace fling to be public. But Dani has no intentions of ending it and asks him to meet at a warehouse behind their office.

But, once they both arrive, it takes no time for the suited studs to get down to kissing and exchanging sloppy blowjobs. Dani has no problem deep-throating Hugo's massive meat. Then Hugo thrusts and swirls his tongue up Dani's gaping hole, practically burying his face in Dani's taut ass.

Dani is in complete control when they start to fuck, taking Hugo's thick stiff cock. When Hugo is ready to cum, alpha-bottom Dani won't let him. Instead, he goes for another ride before busting his geyser of cum.

Plumber's Big Tool

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, June 14, 2024

Today, while having his morning coffee at home, Ridick can't help but feel down when he hears his co-workers calling him a loser in his head. Rude behavior at the office can be a way for colleagues to display power, try to get their way, or provoke a reaction. And it seems to be working.

While unsuccessfully trying to stay positive, Ridick hears the doorbell ring and finds Jacob Lord, the building plumber, who's come to fix the sink. Ridick can't be late for work and anxiously watches Jacob work, asking him to hurry.

When Ridick turns on the faucet at the plumber's request and gets him wet, Jacob takes it out on him. But the suited Czech stud has had enough verbal abuse and grabs the plumber by his blue cotton coveralls. The two studs make out and start playing in the kitchen.

A blowjob and ass-rimming by Jacob leads to Ridick taking the plumber's big tool raw until he shoots his load while riding the hairy stud.

Diary of an Attorney: Welcome to the Firm

Coming Soon | Releasing on Friday, June 21, 2024

"Welcome to the Firm" is the first in a series of episodes in the new series "Diary of an Attorney" that will explore the not-so-average day in the life of an attorney, offering an uncensored look into their 'professional' lives.

# # #

Brazilian Samuel Hodecker recently moved to the city and is starting a new job tomorrow. To clear his mind, he responds to a DM and agrees to hook up with dark, uncut Latino bodybuilder Sancho. After hooking up, they exchange numbers, and Sam goes home.

The next day is Mr. Hodecker's first day as an attorney at Sancho's Associates, and when he walks in to meet the name law partner, he notices a familiar face. The guy he hooked up with the night before is his boss.

But Mr. Sancho is not surprised; he knew all along and wants to get fucked by the huge cock again. He approaches the nervous attorney and slowly seduces him until Samuel's cock is solid hard, and ready to be sucked and taken for a ride.

Attorney Samuel Hodecker is given a most satisfying welcome to the firm!

Sleaze Locker, Editor's Cut

Coming Soon | Releasing on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A stud wearing a suit is seen as stylish, important, and a boss! But even the most dapper alpha-stud enjoys being treated like a fuck slut who needs his holes stuffed with cock.

While cruising at Club-X, beefy and refined Gabriel Lunna finds Cristian Sam's monster cock waiting to be serviced through a glory hole. After a good cock sucking, Gabriel continues his search for a good fucking, and joins Xavi Duran in a play room. It's not long below he is on his knees, sucking the stranger with a straight guy swagger. They are joined by leather daddy Cristian, who's searching to drain his cock.

Xavi and Cristian tag team the suited stud Gabriel, each taking turns banging his holes so hard that he can barely breathe. Gabriel gets the anonymous nasty pounding he wanted - standing up, bent over, or flat on his back until Xavi and Cristian glaze him in cum.