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Men / Gustavo Cruz

Gustavo Cruz Vital Stats:

👍 89
Body Type:  Athletic
Eye Color:  Brown eyed
Hair color:  Brunette
Nationality:  Portuguese
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile Top
Age:  September 2nd
Height:  5'10"
Eye Color:  Amber
Body Type:  Bodybuilder
Role:  Aggressive Top
Cock Size:  9.5"
Cock:  Uncut
Hair Color:  Black

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Gustavo Cruz Updates

Gustavo Cruz Comments

rainer75 03/06/2021
Gustavo Cruz is a real find. His sizzling masculinity is overwhelming! Love the guys face ( more stills from it, please ) and his sensible hands with its rings. Please invite him very often and pair him with the best of men you have. Or let him choose with whome he wants to act to maximise his sexual energy. Make him the new Hector de Silva. Is there a chance to get a autograph card from him for me as a customer from the beginning of MAP??

Robear 03/08/2021
I always look forward to seeing your new model friends, I would love to see more men with body hair 😍👍✌️

bbiGC 04/05/2021
I love this CHARMING MAN ! More movies of Gustavo Cruz, PLEASE! Thanks!

ROBICART 05/07/2021
Special things I like about Gustavo...his big dick goes without saying... and I especially note his always neatly trimmed beard...and his suits usually fit very well.