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Men / Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse Vital Stats:

👍 100
Body Type:  Muscular
Eye Color:  brown eye
Nationality:  American
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Versatile
Age:  1982-02-11

Damien Crosse is sexy, butch and rugged! With his short haircut, beard and stocky build with a lightly hairy chest he looks like a real man's man and you wouldn't want to mess with him in a fight! But when MAP got there hands on him the sexy thug turned into a city gent. He looks great in a suit but the best part of Damien has got to be his beautiful big meaty cock which he just loves to use wherever and whenever he can! One Map member describes Damien as "Seriously hot in and out of his suit...with a nice thick cock to get the salivatory juices going! He definitely gets the blood rushing to my groin". And Damien certainly knows how to use his nice thick cock!

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