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Men / Logan Moore

Logan Moore Vital Stats:

👍 262
Body Type:  Guy Next Door
Eye Color:  Blue Eyed
Hair color:  Auburn
Nationality:  Dutch
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  Give as Good as I Get
Age:  April 4th
Height:  1.85

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, прывітанне, Hi, 你好 and hello to you all!
I'm Logan and I’ve been a dancer for many years and I feel I can express my feelings in dance. And now, since I'm doing porn, I can show you my sexual feelings and fantasies too on the screen.
I'm from The Netherlands. I grew up in a lovely family and I studied architecture, fashion & marketing management.
I also enjoy sports like soccer, dance, taekwondo, fitness, and I’m even a bit musical and used to play the drums.
Also, I started in 2009 my own Dance company to present shows and dancers for clubs and events which is amazing fun to do.
A few words to describe me: creative, perfectionist, funny man, party animal, naughty, and friendly.
I finally dared to start working in porn movies in 2013. I never thought people would love to see me doing this and never thought I would love to do this as much as I do. I'm a guy who loves to have sex from time to time but when I started to do porn my sex level moved to a much HIGHER level.
I love to have sex with all these amazingly hot and, don't forget, sweet guys and love it even more if you guys are enjoying it and leaving comments. There is nothing hornier than having sex in crazy stories with sexy outfits. Give me a storyline and it gets me in that mood easily. I’m top or bottom, it all depends on the other guy. I like to have him fuck my ass hard or tender, or I like pounding his. I like everything from suits for classic play to rubber/leather play which turns me on big time.
Menatplay made this all possible for me and please tell me what you would like to see from me on screen
Hope to get the chance to show you more and Moore about me :-P
Big horny wet kisses
Logan Moore

Logan Moore Updates

Logan Moore Comments

Josh 04/22/2020
A fine man! I fantasize about him being my Dutch teacher. I would love to see more of him.

BOB 07/05/2021
PLAY with Gustavo Cruz ,PLEASE ! 3Q!

Brccca 10/22/2021
Love all your movies but I don’t like the man bun. Really over those!

Tom 04/25/2023
Would love to see you in more leather scenes!!!