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Men / Only Matt

Only Matt Vital Stats:

👍 18
Nationality:  Canadian
Sexuality:  Gay
Birthday:  August 5th
Eye Color:  Green
Body Type:  Athletic
Role:  Versatile
Cock Size:  7"
Cock:  Cut
Favorite Foods:  Raw fish and meat.
Favorite Movie:  Indiana Jones 2
Favorite City to Visit:  Istanbul
Favorite Quote:  Nothing happens for nothing.
Hair Color:  Salt & Pepper

Only Matt is the kind of good player who wants to try everything in life. He doesn't take himself seriously; for him, everything is in the desire to please others and to share special moments. He is passionate about everything he does; his goal is to always be the best. Only Matt is the most generous of egocentrics and the most amiable of narcissists. His body is super important to him, he is not afraid to suffer to achieve what he wants to look like. He has worked at the same place for 23 years, has a daughter that age, has been in the army, and travels a lot. He has been in a relationship almost all of his life but has recently been single for a year. He has taken this opportunity to have fun on social networks and make porn movies. He wants to go as far as possible, like everything he does.

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