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Movie Comments

CutawayShirt 04/05/2019
Wow! Two very hot guys!

505miyawaki 04/05/2019
Very Hot

suitedcboy 04/05/2019
Incredible! Love the premise of the crazed stalking fan. They stayed mostly suited. If you sre roused by wearing others' suits then there was that facet. MAP production that so many of us knew and loved for so long. Just WOW. Oh, Kayden and Damon, two from your top tier. No shortage of meat with those two. Take that! you other studios!

pornboy1 04/05/2019
Hot as fuk. Damon really into kayden’s dick. Kayden really into Damon’s cum. Socks in this are PERFECT.

stripedtie13 04/05/2019
Is someone going to go tie shopping sometime soon. Tired of seeing the same ties.

musclefucks 04/05/2019
Nice tale, Kayden is super in it, best I've seen from Damon, thanks guys. Kayden is so dynamic and confident (but with a cock that size, no wonder) - great cum shot too. Bravo MAP

blk426 04/06/2019
The socks are perfect

eiswirth821 04/06/2019
Even though we've seen these models umpteen times, I still enjoyed this well-constructed and acted scene, and the hot cumshots. Great job.

505miyawaki 04/06/2019

mtmslg 04/06/2019
Well done guys. Well done!

raven 04/08/2019
A fast moving fuck off by two well- endowed hot men who produced copious ejaculate which was captured well by your photographer. Well done Men! RAVEN

blotski 04/08/2019
Great cumshots.

markbind 04/09/2019
Awesome! Love these two together. Hot..

robicart 04/13/2019
The best one in a long time at MAP. But where was Kayden sucking Damon's big dick? I must have missed that!

robicart 05/06/2019
This one doesn't come close to Nobody's Business.

Blk426 02/17/2022
The socks are so so great. We should have models wearing such socks