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Movie Comments

suitstudda 05/15/2015
Excellent video.

Jon62 05/15/2015
What kind of establishment was that ?! Quite good though would have preferred flex or cute guy to keep clothes on throughout.

Rainer75 05/15/2015
Implausible story in kitschy ambience topped with horrible hairstyles. Definitly not the real MAP level. Maybe sun is burning too hot in Andalusia?

actor117 05/15/2015
it does seem MAP had decided to throw off the Suit Sex Fetish mantle and just be a regular porn site-- which I guess is their call..

lesliekwok 05/15/2015
that's a really hot bottom

everhard12321 05/15/2015
Now this is what I'm talkin' about! I bought into this fantasy from the very beginning, all of the refinements, the power play, and the lust. I love the idea of a gentlemen's club for gay men where even the bartenders are on the menu. Flex and Darius never fail to satisfy and Hugh Hunter--along with his beer can cock--is a great addition. Flex as a top: Bueno! This is old school Menatplay and it works!

NylonOTCs 05/16/2015
Flex, Darius and Hugh ... All, Super HOT and yes, Darius has an ass on hm like I've never seen!!!....HOT! so great for fucking!....This was great, MAP! Darius keep your HOT socks on next time!....Loved it !

admin 05/16/2015
So now we get the pleasure of receiving hair-styling advice from you as well as judging about what they wear? Wow you must be a real David Beckham. Rico

olderbutsexy 05/16/2015
Bravo gentlemen, one of your very best films, excellent work by all concerned. Your actors are so good, well-directed, convincing. Darius becoming a major star, Flex such a good fucker, and as for Hugh, well, he can have me anywhere, any time! Thank you for this great pleasure, guys, cast and crew

Rainer75 05/16/2015
Rico, you do not have to be so ironic. When I see how many times David Beckham dressed in metro sexual bombast and disfigured his skin up to the hands by tattoes, I cannot believe this very attractive guy is making himself so ridiculous and still is a style icon. He is a manly Lady Gaga and so only a shimmering exception in British classy style. Yes - and I dress better and safer, and I'm not a gay pin-up boy. His Armani Underwear advertising of course is very sexy - but with the right lightning and retouching every lean model looks good. Also me, Rico! Your customers are not only rickety, old wankers but also very attractive men!!!

olderbutsexy 05/16/2015
Sorry about the triplicate comments - but this really is a stunner!!!

bxlchris 05/16/2015
Excellent film guys, Darius is one of my favourite bottoms to watch, loved the scenario and the will-he won't-he tension until Hugh got his reward!

tvforeverus 05/16/2015
Totally hot! But what was up with all the accelerated speed through the jacking off scenes? That along with the awkward edited and jump cuts when they have clothes on and then they are naked made for a missed opportunity. I love MAP and the sexy men but the producing, directing and editing leave a lot to be desired.

uncledaddy 05/16/2015
Love the guys with muscles!! Some body hair is HOT TOO! The young guy is so beautiful!

joedoe1000 05/16/2015
I have to say that Flex and Darius did a good job in this scene. I will prefer to keep Darius with shirt and sheer socks on from beginning to end. Hugh is learning MAP style and will pass that learning curve soon. Don't zoom in too much...and lets see whole process of actors getting undress without editing. Thanks MAP!

masstiehemd 05/17/2015
yes!!!! I liked this video all the time when the actors were still dressed with shirt tie.... Porn without interest at the end. It's a pity for me!!!

masstiehemd 05/17/2015
I liked this video all the time when the actors were still dressed with shirt tie.... Porn without interest at the end. It's a pity for me!!!

Suited33 05/17/2015
Awesome movie for guys like me who are turned on by the silk linings inside suits and on the back of waistcoats. Wish menatplay could do more like this.

peterpeals98 05/22/2015
GREAT. more like this. the suits were great and actors played there part very well. interesting from start to finish.

suitedcboy 05/23/2015
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Darius in a suit and let him top one of the beefy guys! That nice cock of his would make one of those muscle guys wimper.

coxnsox 05/23/2015
Dear MAP. Thank you!. I found this movie much more enjoyable with lots of MAP classic characteristics that differentiate you from the thousands of generic skin-flick producers out there.

fishnchips 05/24/2015
Great work men - more muscle threesomes would be great - would love to see a guy get double-timed by his muscular bodyguards

rontype 05/26/2015
All was fine until the older queen opened his mouth and a handbag fell out!!!

Albertochile69 05/29/2015
it's very hansome

loosetie13 06/05/2015
This is such a fucking hot movie, from Flex loosening his tie while being given a blowjob to Hugh adjusting his tie as he looks on from the sidelines, it's such a turn on even before they get fucking. Hugh looks super hot in his loose red tie too, and I want to be Darius in it so much. Being stripped by two such horny guys, mm mm. Loved it.

LeoMap15 06/19/2015
I can't get to the end of this without cumming. Darius is such a fit bottom in this scene. I love his other videos too.

blaze 06/21/2015
Just have to say one of the hottest and sexiest films that you have done on this site. No mean feat especially since being a member for over 4 years. Not usually a fan of threesomes, but all the people involved were on point and ready to go. Loved everything about this, so many sexy bits. Well done all!

fullleatherstud 02/29/2016
Love threesomes! The whole concept of servitude works well in this movie. One of my favorite movies so far!

cgrandrew 06/13/2016
hot video big dicks would have been fun to see the guy smoking a big cigar while enjoying his gin toniq and receiving a blow job ..grr

Bensbox 03/21/2017
My heart goes out to Darius. Don't you just hate "on the job training?" I loved the emotional tension at the beginning. (Hugh should have served the gin and tonic on a tray with a napkin.)

barneylincoln 07/11/2017
Flex in a pin stripe.....gorgeous....more please. Mr. Hunter seems to think he's in a bad '70's sit-com..butch up please..this is Men at Play!!!

intern2016 01/11/2018
If Darius Ferdynand is in a scene with a cock up his ass then it's a great scene.

Tom199319931993 03/17/2019
I love Darius Ferdynand.