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Movie Comments

Foot lover 04/17/2020
It's so good to see Miguel removing Dani's shoes. Dani's socks are the best. Please, show us, next video, a guy smelling for a long time your partner's nylon-dress-socked feet. Thank you!

sockswpb 04/17/2020
do not cut the video when the guy is going to sniff the socks.

nilxlin 04/17/2020
The video is good, but I have to admit the latest downsizing of pictures were truly disappointing. As someone who values high production value and avid collector of hi-res, super-sized pictures that can grace my iMac as stunning wallpapers, I think MAP's image size upgrade made last year really made it stand out from the sea of gay porn sites and was the biggest factor that drew me to become a member here. Pictures offer different sensations and arguably more space for imagination than videos and deserve much more attention. The current size is still bigger than those of competing brands, noted, but you did even better and the trend is disheartening. Please bring back bigger photos!!!

loosenmytie 04/17/2020
Love a suited trip to the barbers, but every time I've been in a suit before the first thing they've done is loosen my tie - would love to have seen that here, like happened to Dani Robles in Style & Blow!

masstiehemd 04/17/2020
it won't be one of my favorite videos. too fast the ties are removed and no jute on the face or on the tie it will be for another time

Loosetie26 04/19/2020
Agree with Lossenmytie. We need to see more tie loosening. Seeing a guy loosen another guy's tie is so sexy.

Sockguy71 01/23/2022
I agree with sockswpb, don't cut out the sock scene when they are sniffing the socks