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Movie Comments

stardusted 03/22/2019
Nice to see jj knight join menatplay. Jonas hot af.

Phaerim 03/22/2019
Nice video. Also: Really love the HD resolution screen caps coming alonside the movies. Hope this will be a feature with all of your future films!

jeremy_hunk 03/22/2019
Great to see Jonas again. I wish we can see him finally naked at the end like in the previous scene at Hypnotica.

masstiehemd 03/22/2019
For this week MAP gives for all tastes. a partner who keeps shirt, tie and jacket to the end. The other who goes naked, keeping only his tie! and there is what we like on this site "specialized" the partner who explodes his sperm on the tie of his teammate. What more? see again Hector de Silva who has powerful jets of sperm and who is so elegant?

pornboy1 03/22/2019
JJ is a great addition! Keep him around.

musclefucks 03/22/2019
A great fuck guys, thank you! JJ a big butch boy (and so full of cum!) and Jonas such a sweetie, huge smile as he gets fucked and that juicy big bum :)

kevdesu 03/22/2019
Very nice this week!

rickdick 03/23/2019

Rainer75 03/23/2019
Hi dear masstiehemd! I've heard from several sources Hector da Silva has retired from porn business. In Germany we say : Leave a party when it's best. For me a wise decision of this georgeous hunk - so he will remain as one of the most stunning elegant gentleman of porn ever!

Rainer75 03/23/2019
Screen caps in HD in that large scale are a big and welcomed addition servicing the subscribers. I hope this will be a standard in future. Long time as a payer for this side I felt neglected in my needs and wishes, so this is a step to the right direction. New face is also great ( a pity Mr. Knight has awful nails! ), but plots needs still and urgently a maker over and new ideas!

tiedupsuit 03/23/2019
Amazing cum shot! Perfect against a dark suit.

collarmehorny 03/24/2019
Always love it when a model who has done other suit scenes comes to Menatplay. Just cant compare to MAP's style.

Jo2chris4 03/26/2019
This week is a good ManAtPlay week. This film is very nice. In the last times I was very disapointed about MAP. I think WE are the Members of ManAtPlay. And WE can say what WE want to see at "our" best Suit and Tie Pornsite. Mr. Jackson and Mr Knight are very well suited. Mr. Jacksons Suit and beautifull tie are very suitabel to his beard and haircolor. You did a good choice with this. I like it - and get a hard one - when Mr. Jackson strokes Mr. Knights dick with his tie and pocket handkerchief. PLEASE MORE of those ideas. It is this what we want to see. ... A "little" thing by the way: It would be nice, when Mr. Jackson wears long socks, maybe in the same red-color like the tie. Short black socks in a MAP film are not so nice. I know, other members have other opinions to the socks in MAP films. And at second: Why did Mr. Knight not rip the Suit-Trouser from Mr. Jackson? It would be even hotter to see. The two cumshots are beautifull, splendid, marvellous!!! I love it, when Suit and Tie are drenched in cum. And Mr. Jackson looks satisfied at the end and I am too. :-)))) Jo