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Suitman63 07/21/2017
So is there gonna be a bunch of these remastered classics?

Krawaguy 07/21/2017
15 Years, Happy Birthday :-) but then an old film?? not so fine :-( better would be a birthday party wih 3 men in Suits :-)

johnnyt43 07/21/2017
Happy 15th Birthday!

suitedcboy 07/21/2017
Not that crazy about it originally and I see nothing different to change my mind.

Gonzo 07/21/2017
I remember when this movie came out, I've been a member since close to inception. Never have I been so disappointed..

LORIS 07/21/2017
Great idea to remaster great classics and "Pool service" was certainly one of the best movies ever on this site - thanks MAP !!!

Tuxboy 07/21/2017
Nice idea. But why? Do the same movie 2.0 version. With new guys. But at this time in tux. Sure Logan Moore want do that.

Matt Jordan 07/21/2017
Why? because people always say what happened to the old MAP - so here it is - we brought it back!! It what people always ask for - the old days ...

tigersox 07/21/2017
That's right, Matt! And thank you so much for that!

tigersox 07/21/2017

tigersox 07/21/2017
What a great surprise! Thank you so much, Matt!

tigersox 07/21/2017
I couldn't agree more!

wolfioti 07/21/2017
Do you work for the site? Seems like everyone else feels ripped off.

sockswpb 07/21/2017
of course he works at MAP, tigersox is the only one cheering. this doesn't make sense.

actor117 07/21/2017
While this has never been a favorite video -- this idea is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actor117 07/21/2017
As someone who has been a member off and on I I love this Idea-- I think one remastered video a month if more than fair--Their put out 52 a year has got to be a challenge - and one remastered a month(especially as so many of those they don't even offer anymore or are not available for download)--is awesome ESPECIALLY for some of the newer members who have never had the opportunity to see what old school MAP was like.

actor117 07/21/2017
Also,please feel free to offer more of the classics remastered--and HEY about classic stuff with you and Matt Jordan---hmmmmmm?

skibutt 07/21/2017
I think it is a great idea Matt to bring back the oldies, but goodies. Pool Service was always one of my favorites. Thanks Matt! Andy

Jon62 07/21/2017
Not a good idea. In what way was it different from the original ? - if you're adding some substantial previously unseen content - taking it up to 30 mins or so, I can see that, for the really good movies you have done, that that could be a good idea from time to time. But just in effect reposting the old movies is not a good idea at all - unless it's an addition to the new ones we normally get weekly.

musclefucks 07/21/2017
!!! A pretty Top, but not really what I had in mind for my Friday treat from MAP. Nice to see a clean-shaven blond for a change, mind you

Matt Jordan 07/22/2017
Maybe take a look at some of the old videos and see how bad the quality was back then as footage had to be so heavily compressed to stream on slower connection speeds. Take a look at the movies on the final page and youll see how its been enhanced - not only in that its higher quality but also now in widescreen and including unseen footage.

Matt Jordan 07/22/2017
great! Im glad you get the idea. Having so many members ask for 'the old days' thats what we decided to bring now and again but with imporved quality that wasnt possible way back when it was released 07/22/2017
Was hoping for a new video...

everhard12321 07/22/2017
I agree. When you think about the challenge of finding models, suits, settings, and crew to film a new film each and every week, all of which costs money and time, it's a wonder Matt and Rico get to take a vacation. I don't mind remastered classics so long as they only come out every 5-7 weeks or so. It seems no matter what Matt and Rico do they get raked over the coals for their efforts. I would love to see some behind the scenes footage from the old films. And I am always, always requesting black men in MAP films. Bring 'em back!!!!

Nasanaz84 07/22/2017

joedoe1000 07/22/2017
Agree....a celebration with a new threesome will have been much better.

joedoe1000 07/22/2017
Me too.

Suitman63 07/22/2017
The sentiment is understandable and it is a nice idea but in an age of amateur and free porn consumers are greedy - this should have been bonus content not a substitute to avoid the outcry.

Suitman63 07/22/2017
my understanding has been that the old days means suits staying on, messy stuff, etc. not old movies though I guess if you resurrect the sleazy ones it is sort of both

Matt Jordan 07/22/2017
youve hit on it there. That greed cannot be met

myfyp2 07/23/2017
This video was originally from which year?

Tristram20 07/23/2017
Great video, where is the pool?

Cestrius 03/21/2020
Nice job with the wet submerged cuffs and soaked tie! Also appreciated watching him unknot and remove the necktie! Why, though, was the part of him removing his suit jacket cut out?