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Movie Comments

RAINER75 07/23/2021
Apolo is young but not a twinky and he fucks the bigger, more thick-tailed and more experienced Argentine stallion very confidently. Welcome to MAP! And both guys delight me with a big, fat portion of man's cream - presumably collected for at least 3 days! Bravo!

Wow 07/23/2021
Both guys are so handsome and sexy. Loved the sock workship. Would have liked to have seen more of the patent leather shoes.

everhard12321 07/23/2021
I won't ask why Emir is taking a bath with his socks on. Let's just chalk that up to fantasy. Anyway, it works. This is a hot vid and Emir's looking really lean now. Glad to see him back.

Suitsfan 07/23/2021
Well done on a video that delivers on its title, guys! Emir is a genuine hunk, and newcomer Apolo is both handsome and sexy. He certainly looks great in a suit & tie, most of which thankfully remained in place throughout - even if the suit jacket disappeared partway through, never to be seen again, and we were offered only the briefest assurance later in the film that he still had his shoes on in the shower. (As Wow says, it would have been nice to see a bit more of them getting soaked.) Whatever, Apolo's cum-load all over Emir's face provided a fulsome climax, which became all the more arousing when Apolo leaned down to kiss and lick Emir's cummy face. Definitely a man after my own heart! More like this, please. ;-)

RAINER75 07/25/2021
Would like to see Apolo with a more grown beard for more masculine mature attitude...

RedT 11/09/2021
Apolo is very handsome in this video. Very hot in the wet white shirt. Also love the stand-up cumming.