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Movie Comments

he look nice but as I always say "lets see him in action" :-) (as bottom)

he definitely cums different from other people! and I loved it!

Great Scott !! Yup, he certainly does cum differently, its like an Icelandic geyser.

He seems rather bored with the whole situation to be honest. Where did u find this guy, at Tesco?

Keep shirts on specially when models have so many tatoos!

i think this guy has got 'loads' of potential.. like his cheekiness and the way he flexed his cock after cumming.. would like to see more of him.. Maybe as a bottom? MMmmmm

Rainer75 02/02/2011
Don't laugh! I'm not kidding - met my best british guy at Tesco's - we keep in touch for years now!!!

if his girlfriend doesnt wont him do anything!!! so whats he think hes doing then???


Andy Lee with the crafty eyes! "This fox! He has a strong body and cock! I want to see him in "action "! Good luck Andy Lee!

This is a very interesting solo. I like the suit rack in the background!

Cute, likeable, needs to engage with camera a bit more (and by MAP standards needs to get to gym), but nice cock and great spurter.

What a hot guy. And what a lovely cock too! Can't wait to see him suited up.

WeHoDad 02/04/2011
Cute, likeable personality - great smile - not crazy about the tattoos - but I can easily overlook them when distracted by the gorgeous cock. I would have liked to have seen his butt - I hope you put him in a film soon - would like to see the chemistry w

Andy does look cute !!

Too many tatoos I thnk. But a cheeky little guy and a lovely cock.

Andy has that Irish charm down to a very fine art - most Dubliners do tbh - an easy chatter, cheeky smile, and a very good looking lad. I like the naturalness of his body image - not over gym worked - he has a fabulous cock - I saw him on another site u

I want his big fat cock.