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Movie Comments

loosetie13 10/10/2014
Logan is definitely one of your hottest models right now. Can't wait to see more of him (especially in a loose tie, like in the DJ or On the Tiles!)!!!

hatetatoos-4-2 10/10/2014
A film with Logan Moore is always a "HIT." It is a terrific film. I was pleased to see Logan wear his suit when he entered Nick. I would love to see Logan in a film with Adam Wirthmore or Landon Campbell where they both wear suits and make love one on top of the other and then slowly undress. This film made me recall a film you made several years ago called "Don't Wake The Boss." with the handsome Lucas Knowles and Curt Wilde. Lucas Knowles was one of the best models in your history. Where is he now? Thank you for a perfect film to begin the weekend.

Rainer75 10/11/2014
Allthough not really spectacular - he is still the nice neighbor next door - Logan Moore immediately faszinates and casts a spell. Jeez - this guy is cool! His innocent smile, well groomed hands and his way to fuck like a rattle snake, his heavy creamy jizz and everything makes him to that top actor he is in porn industry! Jesus - I would like to see him dance! This god is a dancer. Nick North gives his best but for me he feels better at home at a leather-fetish-side. All the film reminds me at a wonderful film with Axel and Angel. This has been a masterpiece of porn and will be never forgotten - very, very sad it's retired. A shame. But please give Logan a warm familiar home in London - he is one of the very few who can replace Axel. Next to Scott Hunter he should become an "anchor" of MAP!

stardusted 10/11/2014
Wtf no socks, Logan still hot.

yonno 10/11/2014
Looks like fun

joedoe1000 10/11/2014 time Logan shold jump on Nick (let Logan take off shoes and pants only) and penetrate Nic' ass while Logan sheer socked legs spread widely Nic's legs to faciliate penetration over that white linen bed. Thanks

olderbutsexy 10/11/2014
Good sex guys, thanks. Just get a make-up artist who can dab some foundation on those little red pimples please :)

raven 10/13/2014
As Logan Moore and Misha Dante are both very much morning people in your productions at least, I would love to see you pair Logan and Misha in a morning scenario, both having showered and suited up etc. in preparation for the office.The depth of Nick's somnolescense is a bit incredible i n this scene; Logan's climax was inspiring! Raven

Loganmoore 11/05/2014
Haha Thanks Rainer, it feels amazing if people says things like this. I do my best to please you all xx

Loganmoore 11/05/2014
thanks thanks :-P xx