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actor117 08/03/2018
Seriously, have you lost all semblance of sensuality, style or class? Or do you just want to be a Lucas Entertainment, pig fuck, fest wannabe..That company is trashy, ok I guess if you want trashy, but why be copycat.

MANSMAN 08/03/2018
wow.....what a great flick......Logan looks great in a beard and Dante is hot hot hot....more DANTE please

colik 08/03/2018
Agreed. More like this. Love how you’re not like Lucas Entertainment. Great styling and it’s nice to see some aggression instead of the same old. A good ol’ pig fuck fest is hot to see. Thanks!!!

fordwong 08/03/2018
no more socks play ? don't like it

Macnbrd3 08/03/2018
The reason I have a a subscription to your site is for the class act, not the pig fest in a pool hall. I can get that anywhere on the net for free. Sexy underwear, dress socks, classy men. Logan Moore deserves so much more. Also, Logan, get rid of the mop head haircut.

Hausmannskost12 08/03/2018
Thanks for the good video, it was pretty hot. I would wish for my fantasies that they play for the suit and Massimo completely loses it to the other guy. In addition, I would like the other to put on the suit and then start the rest. I wish you could do something like that.

musclefucks 08/03/2018
Hot threesome, thanks guys. Logan so butch, then he takes the iron cock all the way up (look like he felt it too) and hello Dante :)

brisgay 08/04/2018
Would have been better if all three were suited.

Rainer75 08/04/2018
Nice! And "Welcome" Dante! Do you are man enough to wear a dapper suit? Show us! Logan - sexy as ever! Love your haircut. You will make the same career as Jay Roberts - starting as a powerful porngod and ending as a well requested model in fashion business because you are so overwhelming handsome ( and charismatic! ).

Sugarman06 08/04/2018
Pretty boring

Suitman63 08/04/2018
I don't know what the moaning is about. Personally I like the sleaze and rough stuff, it was only the wasted cum shot at the end that put me off, the rest was great.

kevdesu 08/05/2018
I like the roughness but I thought the cumshot was pretty weak.

pornboy1 08/05/2018
Masimo's cock piercing is outputting. Wish the guys had their black socks on.

RQUEST 08/05/2018
YUK! No socks! YUK!

algerp 08/09/2018
Thanks for leaving his suit on for at least part of the fucking. And thanks for the sandwich/chain-fuck (even if it was far too brief) - been waiting for M@P to have the guts to do that. Ignore the other commenters who don't appreciate combining "class" with pigplay. For many of us, that's the whole point of M@P - getting both. Way too many M@P videos are just pretentious fantasies about rich people, and all the clothes come off way too soon, rather than simple clothing fetish with hot sex with regular suit-wearing guys.

blotski 08/10/2018
Hot guys, nice idea. Cock ring is gross. Cumshot suffered from bad editing. Don't just do close up, do full body too.

Suitman63 08/10/2018
This actually plays out the rough meets smooth thing in a pretty believable way and it helps they are talking English and you don't need subtitles. I find the PA kind of kinky and these sock moaners need to realise it is a suit site not a bloody foot fetish club.

barneylincoln 09/23/2018
this a more a GO shot than a CUM shot and to me shows that three really is a crowd. Massimo looks really scrumptious in the gray suit and tie..but the piercing...Ugh! Logan's macho look is quite appealing but I prefer him in a tight suit and shiny shoes 5/10 for this one, regards, Barney.

jake2064 09/30/2018
Logan Moore looks amazing

colik 12/15/2018
Love it. More pig play with suit and tie left on.

csavedge 01/28/2019
Hot fucking video. More please

Marco Rivera 04/08/2021
I like that you only use two overused porn stars in this scene. I love Massimo Piano. He needs to do more videos.