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Movie Comments

You guys can NEVER GO WRONG with Alex Marte!!!!! He's just f@#$% AMAZING!!! I'm almost to the point where I get excited just reading his name!!! And Pablo, well he's just the perfect fit for Alex. Pablo does an AMAZING JOB bottoming, simply INCREDIBLE!!!

Marox 06/10/2011
amazing!!! one of the best!!! loved it.

Don't know which I like more, Alex's awesome butt or his delicious cum-flowing cock. WOOF! Pablo is very good looking. Dare I say "pretty" as pretty for a man, not a woman. Would like to see his hole before, during and after a hard fuck session.

Another one with Alex Marte...? Please can we have someone a bit different - he's too groomed and 'pretty'.

It's nice to see Alex in his tight grey pants AGAIN, what's with the cock ring though? Pablo, of course was lovely. I think Id'd like to adopt him! But all in all this was a pretty perfunctory 17 mins, the sudden cut to Pablo naked was very odd. Pair him

Sick of Alex. Would like to have seen what was in the texts. That said, liked the movie otherwise. And at least the suits were on for most of it.

There was no conection between these two guys........sorry

Rainer75 06/11/2011
Wouldn't say sick of him but other guys are totally neglected. Most "midweek updates" are never seen again even when they have a positive feed back; superstars never seen after their debut again like R. Bellagio, D. Handsome etc. Sometimes MAP acts curiou

llewmike 06/12/2011
Another Alex Marte topping failure...................................................................

why didn't the other guy cum?

businessguy1 06/12/2011
Matt/Rico, I generally love your work. The problem that I have with this movie is that it is too quiet. There is no dialogue and almost no moaning. Sound adds so much to the ambiance and the absence of it in this movie left me wanting. Contrast this m

You guys from MAP have certainly the hardest job in the world, pleasing all tastes out there. To me, your 'early' years appeal much more to me with guys that really connected to each other. It looks, as if the 'future' years will be dictated by the favour

I never read so much whining in all my life!!!!! What is WRONG with everyone????? Instead of complaiing ALL THE TIME, start appreciating the quality of this website's work!!! If you like montonous twink-like work, there's plenty of other websites out ther

SHUT THe F#$% UP !!! So what exactly do you want??? Some hillbillly with a 20 inch beard and gut to match??? There's other websites out there for that!!! Start apprecitating well-GROOMED MEN who happen to care about their appearance!!!

Calm down, dear!

I'm inclined to agree Mr. Rainer, It really does seem a shame that we shall never see Franco D, Carlos R or the lovely Glen Mapp again. I'm sure there some stunners to come, but for my tastes It's been a leanish year so far. And if anybody says I'm whingi

um, yum

Yum, yum

Rainer75 06/12/2011
A "gentleman" has to be groomed and pretty. This is no arena for wilderness rangers or hulks - this side is devoted to wearers of suits!

Matt Jordan 06/12/2011
Ben Brown, Hugo Martin, Samuel Colt, Alex Marte, Dean Monroe, Patrik, Neil Stevens, Paddy O'Brian, Bruno Knight, Steven Daigle, Carl Wylde, Harry Louis, Damien Crosse, Gianluigi, Francesco D’Macho, Issac Jones 'a leanish year' .....seriously? or just

I loved the 3 Steven Daigle films as my comments showed also "Homeless" with the lovely Pablo was excellent. Not over keen on Samuel Colt but Rob was in that one, so it was v. watchable. Isaac's debut was a disappointment ( for me, not erotic enough) but

Is it possible to post some of your earlier films? It's difficult for me to rationalize all these buff tattooed dudes in suits.

Matt Jordan 06/13/2011
all our earlier films from 2004 onwards are all on the website unless they were taken off at model request. Matt

Pots and kettles from some unverified user. The whines about the suits coming off and too much Alex Marte are justified in the opinion of many. The fact that it is not yours is, well, just yours.

Great! love his tattoos n two men in grey suits n fucking thankx love it!

I love MAP. I love men in suits. Alex Marte is so sexy and hot and him in a suit makes me extremely hot and Pablo is goodlooking. I will take this site over any of the other sites. I love the socks with garters wish they would show more of them. They real

Both guys are so hot - great man sex!!

What's up with all the Alex Marte haters? The man is a god! IMO, there is no such thing as too much Marte... Love him!

I love Alex Marte when he tops. He is just so amazingly hot!!!

please make a movie where Alex gets his socks and feet worshipped

Each to their own. You like him, fair enough, there are others that do not and that is fair enough too.

Totally agree Brandonn. Alex has some mighty awesome feet! Love them!

Yes I agree too, let's put some action and get his awesome feet and socks worshipped!

i want to worship alex's feet

pamelanil 02/11/2015
Does anyone know suit worn by Pablo?

pamelanil 10/10/2016
Been asking around .. does anyone know the suit worn by Pablo???

musclefucks 04/28/2018
Alex! Young and slim, great glutes, hot cock, loads of cum ... sexy boy

robicart 09/19/2018
I wish Alex had sucked Pablo's dick, also.