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Movie Comments

abc375266731 11/21/2014
I am the first (๑´ㅂ`๑)

olderbutsexy 11/21/2014
Well done guys, great chemistry, very real sex. Jessy gives a hot fuck, all right ... he's growing on me ;) And Gabriel is a dish

Rainer75 11/21/2014
Break point for Mr.Ares is now: Eating less!!! He became a little fat to be really an eyecatcher.

hugo2014 11/22/2014
lol Heavy Jessy is still probably more fit than most of the guys checking out this site...I think he looks damn fine

joedoe1000 11/22/2014
Matt / Rico .....AWESOME SCENE! I will give write more later.

joedoe1000 11/22/2014
I forgive to Jessy any additional pounds (which in this case are muscle), his acting is one of the best in industry

Rainer75 11/22/2014
Don't get excited, Joedoe1000! You may like the beefier ones, I like the slimmer ones. They need not to be muscled like terminators, this fact even turns me down, but look average - like Logan Moore for instance. Just look to one of the most handsome guys in porn business - Rogan Richards. His body is well in shape but his face , his awesome beautiful face, is dawn on like a moon. One has to pay attention - when it's too late it is nearly impossible to become slimmer again. Even most of Hollywood-actors are not allowed to get some more pounds...

Rainer75 11/22/2014
I agree with you, hugo2014! But most of guys checking out this site are not salaried as a porn actor!

mtmslg 11/22/2014
Strike one: beards. Strike two: tattoos. Strike three: chubby model. You're OUT!

hypertorus 11/23/2014
Great scene. Jesse is as hot as ever.

everhard12321 11/23/2014
Agreed. I love a thick man.

everhard12321 11/23/2014
Though any serious attention to men's fashion is disregarded in this feature, the atmosphere created by the setting and by Jessy Ares and Gabriel Vanderloo power this film. The films Menatplay is offering this season are striving to rebound from the hit-or-miss films of the summer, which seldom appealed to me in terms of the actors, the settings, and the scenarios. The last eight to ten weeks, however, have seen a boost in the content of the films on this site and the talent it employs. Over the summer Mentaplay made some questionable pairings and casting choices in its film, to say nothing of its divergence from its suit sex brand that made it so popular, but I am glad to see these problems have been remedied. The prize in "Break Point", for me, is Jessy Ares, who has clearly reached his physical prime. Jessy, a sexy and savvy porn vet, has successfully made the physical transformation from sleek, refined athlete to earthy, robust daddy. To hear him grunt and snort his pleasure and to watch his meaty rump flex while he fucks Gabriel atop the pool table gives me much to be thankful for this holiday season. His thick, burly build commands sustained, lustful attention, and I hope you will cast him in more features.

joedoe1000 11/23/2014
Hollywood actors are asked to gain or loose pounds. I am sure that Jessy Ares will go back to the slim days of his life.

joedoe1000 11/23/2014
I love this movie...Jessy and Gabriel did a fantastic job as actors and Matt-Rico as directors. The scenography, act, sound, sex positions, clothing, theme, everything is a perfect 10. I am sure that Jessy will go back to those slim days..everyone has ups and downs, but Jessy's sex action is always in the top of industry. Thanks MAP...this was a great gift before Thanksgiving (Thursday Nov 27th).

Rainer75 11/24/2014
Dear joedoe1000! It doesn't matter that one of the models is a bit "beefy" or not - I just mentioned it because there is a lot of proud at MAP's about only working with the best and famous actors one can get. Map is classy and overweight isn't. Every third comment is about ( mostly wrong ) socks! I'm so bored with the socks and believed to have the right to review the weight problem of Mr.Ares. Don't let's make such a sensation about it. Maybe I had a bad day and I alway had "problems" with Mr. Ares, he never was one of my favourites. So please excuse me MAP and also friendly greetings to Mr. Ares - he probably will be one of the nicest guys at MAP's!

loosetie13 11/24/2014
Wow! What a hot pairing and a sexy movie. Good to see some horny loose tie action too - especially loved the bit where Jessy yanks on Gabriel's tie to force his tongue up his arse! It's nice to see the ties actually used for their intended purpose - to pull another guy about ;-)

suitedattitude 11/26/2014
Sorry but I don't understand what is going on with communications on this site. Sending emails produces no response and now the blog has suddenly disappeared. The screencaps on 101 things to do with a straight guy don't work and Matt/Rico seem to have all but disappeared. It would be helpful to have an announcement and some communication about what is happening.

dtj9009 11/28/2014

suitstudda 11/28/2014
Please explain why the changes, I would like to know. I have been with MenatPlay for many years and now changes are being made without notice. I agree with suitedattitude and all members need an explanation, as soon as possible. I await your response!

abc375266731 11/28/2014
Yeah, I wonder what happened to the blog as well.

NylonOTCs 09/24/2015
Matt and Rico...I remember watching this when it came out last year!...I meant to comment back then. This has to be one of the most HOTTEST flicks you men have done. The scene is totally awesome!..Jessy is fine! the muscle on him. The sex this man drools is beyond fantasy here!...I love when Jessy "mounts" Gabriel on the pool table. How fucking better can you get!!!...(He can fuck me anytime!) They both have on beautiful dark brown "sexy as hell" OTC nylon socks that Jessy takes a few licks at Gabriel's "hosiery". WOW...I have watched this one over and over and NEVER!, get bored!...I know it's after the fact, but, MAP!!!...These two are so good together!...Do more like this in a pool hall! for us ....x0x0x0x0'd it !!!...Thanks!......"Nylon OTC's"...

Sherman 05/16/2016
Gabriel has great hairy. Body and good dick. Jessie has the longest dick all all men. Sexy

Sherman 05/16/2016
Gabriel has great hairy. Body and good dick. Jessie has the longest dick all all men. Sexy

jeremy_hunk 05/27/2017
So HOT. Two masculine men. Raw Masculinity at its best. Absolutely one of the best.

Sherman 11/28/2017
Gabriel enjoyed having Jessy large “hairy” cock rubbing his asshole and has a work out. Good chemistry between the two of them. Gabriel, you have a large thick long cock, a pleasure to enjoy. Good job gentlemen.