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Movie Comments

olderbutsexy 09/19/2014
Good sex, Logan is wonderful as a bottom; he really feels every thrust of Danny's cock going into him. Hope you've pleased the suit fetishists this week ;)

hatetatoos-4-2 09/19/2014
BRAVO! This is a fabulous film. Two men in evening clothes making love is a dream. Logan Moore is so very handsome and the way he dressed Danny Starr was extremely sexy. Then Danny dressing Logan and their making love was perfect. This film is a classic like the film last week. I noticed the attractive decor, which added to the glory of the film. THANK YOU. I will be watching this over and over on the weekend. Congratulations.

NYCfan 09/19/2014
This is a great great video. On another subject. I think I've written twice very politely with the observation that menatplay no longer shows clean shaven men. I think it's fair to ask if this has become, without saying it, a site that will be showcasing primarily bearded men for now on.

ToddHH 09/19/2014
absolutely perfect! what about a flipflop?

tomjr65 09/19/2014
OMG! DANNY STARR!!! Welcome back! A few years ago I was FB friends with him and he was sweet enough to autograph some pics and dvd covers I had of him. I've actually met several MAP models throughout the years but never had the opportunity to meet Danny. I bet he's a nice in person as he was on instant messenger!

Rainer75 09/19/2014
5 years were not enough to make Danny a mature, sophisticated guy. For me he is a proletarian working class hunk doing some porn - always disguised in a suit or a tux. Not really a highlight in the row of magnificent men at MAP's. But that's my problem. I'm sure he will be loved by many other viewers. The film is saved by always georgeous Logan Moore. Such an overwhelming actor making my cock stiff at once - a nasty first class gentleman! Please make him one of your gallion figures! PS: Have you forgotten the voting in Scotland? In praise of the scotts I was sure you would publish a kilt-wearing scottish hunk riding a nice english banker pussy! Let's praise the scotts!

Matt Jordan 09/19/2014
Hi NYCfan, we try to showcase the best models we can find from around the world. With the general trend outside of porn for bearded men at the moment these are the guys we are getting right now. We dont decide on models facial hair or tatoos or piercings - thats their choice - and we dont think it would be a good idea to reject models who have facial hair - for one, many find it very sexy and highly masculine. Menatplay has always been about masculinity above all and natural facial hair accentuates this so we like it in our models. If a great model comes along who doesnt have facial hair then of course we will use him but as I said, with the trend for facial hair in general, its not always possible to find those without. Hope this explains the situation. Matt

Matt Jordan 09/19/2014
Great idea ! Its a long time since we did a film with a kilt - not since the early days of Steve Hooper - I'll get on to it with Scotland being so topical right now.

NYCfan 09/19/2014
Hi Matt, It does explain it. Thank you. But facial hair does not make a man. I really enjoy this site and I know that it must be unbelievably difficult to come up with something creative each week. I know that I could not do it. The fact that really every man has facial hair becomes a problem if one is attracted to other kinds of people. I myself used to find all of your men for the most part very attractive and kept my attention. It's only been with almost the complete absence of anyone who is clean shaven, that it's become a bit disappointing. A few years back, you guys had so many men who did not have facial hair. I wonder how this changed so radically. Thanks

johnnymuscle 09/20/2014
I love this website. But I would like to request a little more variety in your performers. The cast of men you have is great -- composed of some very hot men. But it's a long time since we've seen any men of color, of Asian descent or, for that matter, any clean-shaven guys. Variety is the spice of life. There are many sexy business types walking around London, which is one of the most international cities in the world! While I'm on the subject, I'd also like to see some Scottish guys! In light of recent political events, I think it's time they got a little representation too. Once again, I love this site, & I hate to sound critical but I hope you'll take my views into consideration.

stardusted 09/20/2014
Logan hot as always,sexy blue eyes, good to see Danny back, hot make over,that look suits u well. Movie made me cum twice

LORIS 09/20/2014
There are a lot of gorgeous men on MAP site, but are they all MAP men ? I do not think so. Many of them are want-to-be, but few of them really are and one of them and possibly the finest now is Logan Moore. In suit&tie without beard he was incredibly handsome but in tuxedo&bowtie and with beard he looks simply fantastic. The way how he moves... - a real classy man with panache. For sophisticated pleasures, more Logan, please !

moby17 09/20/2014
Matt, if you are an Englishman, your comment sounds a bit funny, a bit like how the Scots have been probably treated for centuries. But Steve's kilt pics are an all time high in your galleries (I guess there was never ever a movie). His "English" punk haircut is still a huge turn off, though. As a non-Brit I congratulate to your victory of direct democracy (of the Scottish vote and this forum)!

dark_leather_angel 09/20/2014
Love bearded men, they are the hottest!

Matt Jordan 09/21/2014
I am an English man. How does my comment sound funny?

louiscapet6 09/21/2014
Why to skip the face of Logan when he cum? Really, you were at 4 inches of it, with the right angle of the camera! It's like showing a candy to a toddler, and remove it at the very end....For why i gave for this scene 1/5. Grrrrrrr..........

Suitsfan 09/21/2014
Logan is GORGEOUS, the tuxes are splendid, and the setting is classy. I'm not sure Danny really fit the bill, though. (In particular, I was turned off by the sleazy coloured tat crawling out of the dress shirt collar and up his neck.) He performed well, although the tuxes were discarded all too soon and a standard naked fuck scene took over. Logan's cum shot over the glass table was great - but the sexy mess was immediately forgotten as the camera turned to watch Danny's less-impressive shot over his own naked belly. I'd love to have seen some of that cum sniffed, licked, smeared or otherwise played with; eg perhaps the table could have been wiped clean with one of the discarded dress shirts? Cinderfella started out on an enticing promise, but ended in a disappointing fashion for me. Oh, well - Logan is a pleasure to watch, whatever he's doing. ;-)

NylonOTCs 09/22/2014
Great once again, MAP!...Very erotic and HOT!...would of loved to have seen more of those HOT nylon OTCs. (Logan, take off your shoes next time!) but, was just so sexy in the tuxedos. Logan is so fucking hot with the ass from another world! Danny is wonderful and the cum shots perfect!...More!, More! and show those legs and HOT sexy nylon feet next time, men! Yes, I will watch this a few more times, for sure!!!

mapguys 09/22/2014
Let us see more of you (or anyone else) jerking a guy off in stead of him always having to do it himself.

mapguys 09/22/2014
Let us see more of you (or anyone else) jerking a guy off in stead of him always having to do it himself. Like you milked Woody Fox

yanshengxiang 09/22/2014
why i can't down?

moby17 09/25/2014
It's the "right now" that sounds a bit funny, because 7 days after the vote, nobody talks about Scotland any more. Maybe that's different in England but somehow nobody told me that over the 10 years past of MAP two PMs having ruled the UK were Scots.

joedoe1000 09/26/2014
Matt, where can I find the high quality pics of MAP movies? The ones in the web are low quality

tweee 10/02/2014
OK this movie got me so hot and bothered a third of the way through I shot a load in my pants so I'll have to watch the entire film at a later date! LOVE that the handsome gents were suited for the duration and for some reason found the distant rumble of the tube (I think that's what it was?) while the guys were going at it to be a real turn on. This is why I've stayed a MAP member since 2002, for suit sex to me, there's nothing better!

joedoe1000 10/11/2014
LOVE THE TUXEDO AND SHEER time shoes off , film full body action (from head toes) and take more shots of sheer socked legs. BEAUTIFUL!

Logan5 05/23/2015
Logan Moore is the best man on your site. I hope to see more of him in scenes to come.