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Movie Comments

raven 07/22/2016
Sunny and Emir are hot and a pleasure to watch together in the theater! Both men are well dressed and groomed, and except for Sunny's tats, are great to behold. Thanks for the production!. RAVEN

robicart 07/22/2016
Sunny Colucci is really hot!

Rainer75 07/23/2016
I actually like the cine-x series. And a film with Emir Boscatto is always welcome. Nevertheless the film is widely produced among the possibilities - it is a banal porn product. Normally a cine-x is crowded - maybe not in London or Malaga but over the world at all. But more people make more erotic situations. The game between voyeurism and invitation to join a third ( or fourth ) goal has an enormous range of suit-sex issues. Cine-x is a nasty environment. Why MAP never becomes really dirty and sharp? We alway in every film see the actors ejaculate at their partners. Why nobody can ejaculate inside his partner and then pulling off the filled condom and sprinkles his spunk in the face or on the suit of his subordinate? Safe sex doesn't mean clean sex. It's a pity MAP became predictable and a bit monotonous. I ask for a bit fresh air in your Spanish finca and look forward to cine-x no.5!!!

suitboy116235 07/23/2016
good one map,yeh id like to sometimes see more dirty and filthy scenes too, and some group suited orgy,i like the cine about a security guard in uniform to join in, that would be hot,

admin 07/23/2016
You're in luck... the next one will feature more guys ;)

keoni 07/23/2016
Yeah, I agree except for the tats, Sunny is hot, but also ditch the Gold Toe Socks. It's so yesterday.

suitboy116235 07/24/2016
that's good to hear map, duos are great ,all the guys on here are so horny. threesomes,yes please.

Rainer75 07/25/2016
Please do not misunderstand. I loved just the solo movies MAP has produced several masterpieces ( David Handsome on satin sheets - divine! ) I'm concerned with more naturalness, authenticity and variety. Why, for example, one sees so little precum? Many of my partners run like oil dispenser and we have a lot of fun with this natural lubricant. With MAP, most men are bone dry. Too bad. Dare more lust, please!

robicart 07/26/2016
Summn Colucci is especially hot, and that suit is perfect!

masstiehemd 08/04/2016
Elegant handsome man who masturbates in the cinema then intervenes the very excited partner. The moment of sucks the cock is excellent. The one undresses - we wonder why. Then while being at it suck mutual insurance company and the elegant man undresses too. The end, bad for me to see 2 naked guys fucking together: without interest!!!! Nevertheless that had begun well

RQUEST 08/06/2016
I would top for Sunny while he is wearing that suit and socks/shoes in a heartbeat and make him keep most parts of that suit on and those socks/shoes on!! - Sunny really is packing hot sexiness and looking good.

robicart 08/21/2016
Sunny Colucci has been one of my favorites since his start with MAP. The first part of this movie is outstanding.

musclefucks 08/25/2016
Lovely stuff, great flip-flop; thanks gents! Emir is so magnificent in every way. But (pleeeeez), let's see the cock going in ;)

JoseM22 11/29/2016
Unable to watch any movie it takes for ever too many pause s

Tristram20 05/20/2017
Sunny is so hot

charestm 08/20/2017
I like Sunny - sexy - nice guy - always sexy in suit

robicart 03/01/2019
The first part with Sunny stroking his beautiful dick is awesome, just the best.

Trnka27 11/17/2019
I agree....the first 5 minutes are the the masculine watches