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Movie Comments

Excellent kissing session (sound quality was awesome). The penetration act and clothing was average, nothing outstanding (compared to previous movies).

Rainer75 04/13/2012
A lot of erotic aspects! Isn't it funny- the french language is so sexy, Isaac could read the telephone-register for me and I wouldn't get bored!!! No wonder Michael acts like a gay professional getting treated from that outstanding "sex bomb". To get

masstiehemd 04/13/2012
trop vite tout nu! pour moi Men At Play c'est AVANT TOUT des hommes en costume cravate et qui baisent mais en restant la plupart du temps habillé ou partiellement dévêtu, pantalon qui tombe, vest aussi, chemise ouverte mais je vous en prie Matt reprene

Matt Jordan 04/13/2012
"The penetration act and clothing was average, nothing outstanding (compared to previous movies)." - is what youre really saying "they were wearing the wrong sock" ?

blaze 04/13/2012
Issac was great as usual but Michael at the end looked bored!

Thank you guys this was HOT!!! I love how Issac peels off Michael's shirt and tie and especially when Michael flex for him....THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

sparty 04/13/2012
Great movie Matt. Beautiful and sensual, went right to my favorites list. Only wish they would have talked to each other, this doesn't happen in real life!

Matt Jordan 04/13/2012
I know would have been great but ting is neither speaks much english or each others language.shame

Yeah, went right into my favs. Two smolderingly hot bodies, sizzling virile sensuality... Fully agree with Rainer75: The French language is the cream topping, regardless of what was being said. I am not too much into the suit and tie thing (would have bee

04/14/2012 true that I dont like those but I was the one that propose you to continue using gold toe socks to please other members. My comment about "average" is for the last 7 minutes of the video. The first 13 minutes of flirting and kissing were amazin

What are you doing here if you are "not much into the suit and tie thing"?

I have mixed feelings about this - the suits are hardly average, rather dressed to kill and they both look fantastic (if I read one more post about the socks I think I will scream). I also like the lingering and for a while the suited guy strips the othe

nice guys & the rimming quite sexy - otherwise rather predictable - get us something more imaginative!!

I enjoy the slow touching of the men and slowly removing suits is a sensual and sexy thing for me. Great Job ! the men are well matched.

ManEater 04/14/2012
Michael Troy has a GORGEOUS muscle butt. WOOF! Isaac sure knows how to open Michael's hole with his tongue. Troy's entire body is superb, including his awesome cock. Isaac is a great lover.

One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen, both photographically and erotically. Isaac and Michael are truly meant for each other, and it shows, in the melting tenderness of their foreplay and in the passionate heat of their climaxes. They are like

ManEater 04/15/2012
I notice how Michael Troy has really beefed up his body since Express Delivery. Wow! Troy has really transformed that body. Totally DEEElicious. YUM. GRRRR.

I called that to be versatile in any festish desire!

Hot, hot scene! Michael takes it like a pro! Isaac is so fucking sexy with his slight beard! Way to go Men at Play!

justin606 04/21/2012
Very Hot vid. Again loved the muscle on Michael and Isaac seducing him slowly was just really great directing. I would have loved to have a bit of dialogue as they were just meeting or as Isaac was seducing him. Isaacs accent is such a turn on. Bravo

That hot dog looked good. Too bad he dropped it! Oh well. LOL!! I want some orange juice now.

WHY??? is there a naked dude on the wall?......kills the whole mood right away. Keep it masculine MAP, what is up with that?

Suitsfan 04/29/2012
I can honestly say that I've never before cum at the sight of one guy licking another guy's biceps - but the sexual chemistry between these two is so hot that they brought me to climax barely eight minutes in. (Well, that and both guys' magnificent physi

hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Troy is a stunning god. Where do you find these gorgeous men? I came over and over again watching him cum as he bounced up and down on Issac's hot cock. Michael, please do more porn. You are beautiful from every angle. A dream come true...

oh this one is a hot one and Isaaac is one of the sexiest models you have- nothing hotter than watching two sexy men fuck in otc black nylon socks- NOTHING

Tell you what "mr i love to critcize"- i dont know what your agenda is but if we want to support MEN AT PLAY for their erotic use of men in otc black silky thin nylon socks that is our business- if you want to scream(which i have no doubt you do, quite f

Michael troy has a beautiful body, a lovely ass, a gorgeous asshole, and a beautiful bag of balls. No wonder he shoots such a nice load with Isaac's big cock inside him!

Well this film shows why MAP is at the top of the porn game!! Everything here is just so damn sexy!! From the suits to the settings: Mr. Jordan knows just how to tickle my G spot. Spot on Matt!! Michael Troy..what a handsome muscular un-tattood man you a

Why isn't there ever any cum in the mouth? Everybody knows homos want cum in their mouth. I don't consider a site at the top of the game unless it shows what really happens.

pantsfunk 10/06/2012
Michael is very gorgeous and Issac fits well with him.

more of those men

Okay 05/22/2013
He never got the tie on him, and the suts gets out of the picture

woodyalert 07/18/2014
Michael has the most gorgeous eyes and the directors take full advantage of them, having him give those sideward glances that just melt away any resistance.

robicart 11/14/2018
Nobody does it better than Isaac Jones.