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Movie Comments

RQUEST 11/15/2013
I swear - Johnny is so hot when he is groomed, trimmed, and styled on MAP for these flicks. I think I have a boycrush on Johnny Hazzard

masstiehemd 11/15/2013
Very curious to see the continuation of the diary of Fox! Good performance between the thoughts of Fox and the life of the office. Sometimes we fantasize over a handsome guy who works with us! Disappointed by the end Fox is naked and his colleague does

sidevents 11/15/2013
Haha nice, is the X stitch on the cuff of the jacket supposed to be removed?

luis2 11/15/2013
wow very good and I love FOX accent

Matt Jordan 11/15/2013
supposed to be yes - just shows how hot of the peg this one was, woody was the first to wear it . Amazing suit from

Sabypierre 11/16/2013
"Johnny, Johnny come home..." as used to say the group Avalanche a few years ago! I'm fond of that man and I hope he'll continue to colaborate with Men at play.

rickyboy1000 11/16/2013
I dont usually comment, but this was great and so good to see a fellow Aussie on here too. Great work Woody! :)

oikoik 11/16/2013
This one had great potential. Loved the story, loved the shirts (contrast and eyelet collar always welcomed!!!), loved the scenes where each man was blowing with their tie done up tight. The downfall, TO ME, is when the get naked. I literally turn the vid

Okay 11/16/2013
Love the suits, but not the neckties. Love it when he gropes his Cock outside the pants in the beginning. THey are both good cocksukers, Enjoy the Brown nosing. Seriously! It is NOT suitsex withiout the suits. Great to see him put the condom on, but still

Okay 11/16/2013
I really agree With you!

brisgay 11/17/2013
I was hoping to finally see a cum in suit trousers in a MAP video. The précis states " Woody can’t help but discreetly touch himself under his desk, squirting his load inside his suit trousers at the exact moment he imagines giving his smart colleague

raven 11/18/2013
Great filming and acting.Fox and Hazzard show us great sex. JH is wonderfully handsome in a suit but has so inked up his torso that I find him much more desirable dressed in a shirt and tie even though the tats are only skin deep. It's more my problem t

hatetatoos-4-2 11/18/2013
Woody Fox makes any movie perfect. I would love to see him with Adam Whirthmore and Pau Casserras. It is sensual when the suits are on, and I was disappointed to see Woody with a tatoo. I enjoyed the movie - GOOD WORK. Thank you to your technical staff

masstiehemd 11/22/2013
But it is a very good idea it to see in the pants of Fox appearing her oozes juice....

tweee 11/24/2013
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! One of your best, cheers!

limerick 03/25/2015
This beautiful scene is very similar to an earlier MAP scene with Axel and Ron, which was also very HOT! Woody is so handsome in his suit--he is such a sexy man! Johnny is the perfect gentleman!! This is a wonderfully hot scene! Thank you Woody, Johnn