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bailey02 12/03/2010
hi, when mr conner habib will show his hot hairy chest in a good way?! you know we wanna see that? ty

WOW! THIS IS THE SEXIEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. I loved the fact that Connor Habib left his clothes on during the entire movie. My only one comment is: I wish Alex Marte had left on his OTC socks. Congratulations on a really "hot" film.

Rainer75 12/03/2010
Bravo - the suit on up to the messy end!!! A suit-fetish-side as it should be! Thank you.

WOW !wow! WOW!!! Alex is a giant with enormous dick and Habib seem little it's very exciting moment, because one of them keep his suit and tie along the session and because alex play with the habis's tie very very good . But there is a sort of moral at th

Alex Marte is awesome. I could be totally happy just looking at this gorgeous hunk!

alex marte is the sexiest man let him do anything to me=)

What a big cock and great foreskin on the one and a great cock on the other. We need more of them

tiedupsuit 12/04/2010
WOW!! This is why I am a member of this site. Loved it!

I'm not a 100% on this Master/Slave stuff; I think Axel did a better job on "Forced Entry" BUT having read the comments lot's of people like it. So Alex looks and acts like a porn star, the production is extremley well directed and Connor, well he is a h

effectivement tres "chaud" de se finir en costume

otc_socks 12/04/2010
I must say this is a disaster. Not sexy at all. Why take off the long black otc socks. This is just like an ordinary slut movie.

businessguy1 12/04/2010
Fabulous once again gentlemen! Alex could read the phone book naked and I'd cum. Love that man.

rood1200 12/04/2010
WOW!! The best!

tiedupsuit 12/04/2010
A "disaster"? That's pretty harsh.

otc_socks 12/04/2010
You are right that is maybe a too strong word.

Alex, Alex, Alex....wanna watch you, touch you, smell you.....mmmmmm baby boy what a beautiful man!

Love it when Alex says, "No touch", pushes him away and smiles. WOW!

If you think this is a disaster then I think your opinion is rubbish.

MAP's masterpiece - the best ever

Very Sexual ,Conner is very verbal i liked that, but at the end when Alex is standing there glistening with sweat i'd of had to put my hands on him then .

WOW!!! Finally, a screamer !! Verbal adds so much but I would scream, too if I had that big cock up my ass. Great - one of Top Ten

OMG Thank you! I've been waiting for a movie like this - a proper sub dom suit movie! And all praise to Conner - he keeps his suit on, he even straightens his tie, he whimpers, he begs, he moans and gets it hard everywhere and then shoots all over his s

Disaster, get your eyes tested! And as to slut movies, yes please!

Wish the shoes would come off!

Pulpbrat97 12/04/2010
Alex Marte is the best looking model I have ever seen! Handsome, hairy, and muscular...the perfect combination, he's the reason I actually joined. If I hadn't seen this trailer, I wouldn't have gave "Men At Play" a chance..hehe!

Pulpbrat97 12/04/2010
Disaster? Who spit on your cereal this morning?

savant 12/04/2010
Wow!!! The best scene when Cobie licks his feet ...

Great sub-dom suit film. Marte fucking Habib hard with his big hand over Habib's mouth and his other hand pressing down on his back was the hottest part. Best handgagging done on the site (check out Habib's eyes during that part too--great performance)

nice real fuck.. i like it

love the tease and you can see conner's desperate expression! love conner, more of him please!!! :P

roberthouston 12/04/2010
best pairing I've seen in ages--Marte the magnificent with the one of the hottest distracted bottoms around--luved his desperation.

alex108 12/05/2010
What a great video too hot, please you both are fully clothed throughout the scene, sex with clothing that is more exciting, I want more of Alex pants and laying down more on his ass so rich, I am very hot.

alex108 12/05/2010
That the two have sex with clothes and recorded more Alex's ass, so good you have it please. Thanks

alex108 12/05/2010
Alex Please enter the Fully Clothed and brutal rape, That excite me please Alex violating Their clothes on, That I'm hot Alex flown

A really hot sexy movie, Alex is awesome in his suit and silver pocket square. loved the nipple play and dom role. Excellent "acting" from both guys. A winner!

really enjoyed this. Love that fact that Conner's shoes stayed on. Thank you!

The foot licking was disgusting...don't know why it went there. gross.

I haven't watch the full video yet, it is downloading, but I just joined because of Alex Marte...that guy is a real God. I love everything about him....Watching his ass being eaten out made me join this site again after several months. The fact that h

Suitsfan 12/06/2010
This is a hot video - largely down to Conner's good looks and passionate sexuality, his stylish dress sense and the horny clothes ripping, coupled with those explosive cum shots! Seeing Conner's face and mouth being creamed, followed by his own cum-erupt

alex marte the BEST OF THE BEST...DREAM MEN!!!!!

Agree 100% - I guess it is just a matter of taste but I fail to understand the appeal of Alex Marte - he just doesn't seem "suited" to this site and there is too much emphasis for me on macho bodies at present but that will probably change. Power in a su

Finally a sex movie with the suit staying on the whole time!

jbthickone 12/07/2010
Conner Habib can eat my ass any day!

I love Alex (he bottoms and tops great and has an amazing body and face), but the ideal scenario for him looks-wise would be as some kind of Conan character in a loincloth, captured and bound by some decadent emperor. Which is not this site! In gene

great film. BTW I can't download it on my computer.

WeHoDad 12/09/2010
I love this film - probably my most favorite. Connor does a great job - I love his vocalizing and his great cum shot. Would love to see more like this and move of Connor. Thanks for a great job by all concerned.

Distracted is nothing short of GRAND! MAP has done it all. Although there's no senuous kissing, Conner makes up for it with his dirty talk. There should be more dirty talk in all the clips. I'm sure most men verbalize while making love. It's not a q

I love this scene. Connor is great playing the submissive role & begging Alex to let him suck him. I nearly blew my load with excitement when Alex ripped open Connors trousers. I love your site because mostly the actors keep their clothes on & still have

This video was Outstanding, both guys are extremely hot, especially Connor. His vocals was what really made this vid. Loved it! Want to see more of Connor....

suit or not Alex is a wet dream. He can bottom with the best and a convincing top. Connor is the perfect sub...GREAT VID!!!!!

almost the best in here....

I must admit that Conner Habib is not my cup of tea, generally speaking, but here he SHINES THANK TO THE DIVINE ALEX MARTE WHO IS SO MAGNIFICENT IN ALL!!! ALL THAT HE GIVES AND TAKES- kisses full of LOVE, sucking marvelous dicks with RAPTURE filling

Alex Marte is a dream. Handsome, beautiful body and sexy voice. I can't get enough of him.

I want Alex to sit on my face showing no mercy while he grinds away. Best film yet. Shot a double load. I would never fist Alex because my whole face would be far up his fuck hole.

hot, hot, should be more.

You have done some movies with guys getting suits totally ripped or arses split open pre-fucking as here. Can I request you do one sometime where a fully suited guy with no underwear (preferably well hung) gets his flies torn open and his cock exposed.

Conner is quite hungry! He sucks/eats well! Lucky Bastard! With Alex as the main course!

Connor takes it well! Alex is a forceful fucker!

tiedupsuit 02/11/2011
Would love to see Christian Alexander forced to submit to Alex as Connor did. Keep Christian suited through the entire movie, as he tends to like to strip down midway through.

alex has his wayand performwith powerful trust.someone to fantasise hours.

I ♥ Conner! His very verbal yet ultra passive nature sets him apart. More Conner!

I just can't get enough of Alex!!!

verry hot

What a man, he knows how to do it, thanks for another good movie.

dat the hottest game

Alex Marte is quickly becoming a favourite of mine! Thought Conner was really hot too though :-)

Loved Alex in this. This has to be one of my favorite porn scenes ever. It is just so hot! Love the way Alex takes charge and dominates Conner! Would love to see a followup where they continue the action, but this time have Conner wear a suit and Alex wea

alex Marte is a demi god

I don't just want to WATCH this movie -- I want it to happen to me. I want it to happen to me. Downto and including ripping the pants open to get to his hole. There should have been underwear, but other than that -- even the webcam was HOT!

this is so ..MMM

HOT...Alex uses Conner in every face fucking I've seen on map.

Jude 12/24/2011
Just love conner - man he is what I dream off - would love his cum - Hot Hot Hot. x

It's a pity Alex Marte wasn't with tie..very good video e original!!

77mojito 08/23/2012
Love Alex Marte ... every inch a man and how. Beautiful man to make love to !All i do for now is just dreaming to have him in bed w/ me !

Alex Marte, whar a dream of a real man, love to lick his ass

wow two hot guys alex has such a nice ass love to fuck it now lucky conner he is totally hot also love these guys

beefn925 09/01/2013
yes, that's right. licking feet is disgusting. licking a sweaty hole, though, that's not disgusting at all. ignoramus.

vdane77 10/23/2015
The Foot Worship of Alex should've been LONGER

davidjohntorres 01/06/2016
Would love to suck, fuck, and cum on Alex's feet.