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Movie Comments

LORIS 10/31/2014
Wow, yessss - this is the masterpiece of hot and hard sex + double penetration rarely seen on this site. Or was it the very first time now ? Jesse Ares is totally "déchainé" in this movie and Logan Moore, oh dear, he is simply incredible. He doesn't stop surprising us - this DP today confirms his No. 1 position. Loved also his yellow tie matching with his yellow underwear - very chic !

Loganmoore 10/31/2014
Thanks Loris, Im really gladd you like this scene. I hope I and MAP can surprise you Moore ;-)

LORIS 10/31/2014
Thanks Logan, one more big plus for you - you read our comments. So rewarding !

giovapo 10/31/2014
ouuu wowwwww :)

giovapo 10/31/2014

kintyre 10/31/2014
Double penetration! Amazing - so horny! And the hard, rough sex from Jesse - hot!!

olderbutsexy 10/31/2014
! Lucky Logan ... Jessy superb in this film, and Caleb is a FuckMachine ... thanks guys, all of you

DFWTailor 10/31/2014
Very hot I wish they had ripped your whole suit off

Bluedog 10/31/2014
Cracken stuff guys ... Would've liked to have seen the 2 'fighters' get into a bit of a jealous tussle over Logan ... anyhow ... great movie. Have to say that Caleb Roca was excellent and v horny in ALPHA as well ....

Rainer75 11/01/2014
Imagine the consequences when double-fucked by Jessy Ares and Caleb Roca! One penis is well shaped and cock and flexes upward. The other makes a remarkable, large bow down. Caleb is laying down - his cock streches inside Logans ass right direction rump. Jessy fucks in standing position - his cock goes the other way direction navel! Only the middle-parts of both men meet and rub against each other - their cockheads diverge! That means that Logans hole is stretched to the extreme! Obviously he has enjoyed and is rightly your sex-god No.1!!! I dream to fuck that guy....

tiedupsuit 11/01/2014
Logan, love the fact that your respond to your emails. Brings you to a totally new level. Looking forward to seeing you in more scenes. Love the way you look in a suit. For me, you are the ultimate "businessan I want to fuck" or "get fucked by". Keep you the great work!

Hamilton1970 11/01/2014
Logan Moore is pure sex in every sense of the word. Whatever movie he is in - whether it be one half of a loving couple, a guy after some fun, or a cocky lad that needs to be taught a very hard lesson - he never fails to disappoint. He depicts the perfect fantasy: either to spend hours making love to, or a good, hard, rough session with. If I passed him on the street and he was dressed in a suit, there is no knowing what I would like to do with him :-) I would love to see him in a scene, where he is used and abused alongside Leo Domenico, Landon Conrad, Paul Wagner, Dan Broughton and Isaac Jones. Now, that would be heaven!! Logan, you are my number 1 fantasy xx

Cltguy2 11/02/2014
Jessy Ares's intensity, passion, incredible body, and his dedication to great hot sex are the best part of every scene that we are lucky enough to see him in!

NylonOTCs 11/02/2014
all 3 of you guys went way out there on this one! ...WOW!...How absolutely fucking HOT!...Loved everything about it. From Logan's hot feet getting rub fucked to the great double fuck in that cute ass!...Left me breathless on this one and will def. watch this a few times more!...Thanks! MAP, Caleb, Jessy and Logan. PS. Logan keep wearing those HOT OTC's!...make it a pair of TNT's next time, would love to see those on you!...(Man!, what a pair of sweet cheeks!)...Touche' guys!

ken4cock 11/03/2014
That's what I'd call great sportsmanship, in the rough. Total body workouts for the two super-jocks, Jessy and Caleb, at the expense of the smart-assed wimp faggot, Logan. A lesson well-taught is a lesson never forgotten.

loosecollarntie 11/03/2014
Loved the shirt ripping! love seeing those buttons flying off, more of that!!!

loosetie13 11/04/2014
Logan Moore is super hot in every movie he's been in, and here's no exception. Would love to see him loosen that lovely yellow tie of his as he's getting fucked though, before they rip that shirt right off him.

Loganmoore 11/05/2014
hmm that was my wish aswell :-P

Loganmoore 11/05/2014
Hehe I can say it was to short :-P They fucked amazing ;-)

Loganmoore 11/05/2014
Hey Mister Hamilton, thanks for your fantastic comment. Yeah I just love suits and wish i could wear them more often. Hmm you can read my mind, a few names on definitly on my wish list to work with :-P Big kiss and wish you all the best xx

Loganmoore 11/05/2014
Hèhè yes I will do my best ;-)

Loganmoore 11/05/2014
Thanks for all these comments guys. It makes me happy and horny to know you like this scene to.. Horny wet kisses to all of you :-)

Swede4fun 11/05/2014
Yeah! More thresome and groupsex please!

Rainer75 11/06/2014
Recently I "discoverd" Craig Daniel. He is a handsome, talented, well-endowed guy with less tattoes and compares fine to Logan Moore. Is there a chance to hire him for MAP's? Wearing a dark shimmering suit he must be the ultimative bomb-shell!!!

raven 11/08/2014
While Jessy,Caleb and Logan each has a beautiful physique,Jessy has spoiled his body since he began working with MAP with the elaborate inking of his shoulder, which disappoints me.Do you counsel your stable of models, who pay a great deal of attention to their muscular definition, six packs, etc to limit their inking? That being said, it is a joy to see your mature,hirsuite well endowed men perform. Double penetration is generally a bonus. The variety of your scenarios, the costuming and grooming of your models,the sweaty workouts your men give each other and the quality of your photography make MAP exceptional in the realm of gay pornography!. Raven

abc375266731 11/11/2014
I don't know if you will notice this comment, but Matt, I do think you should have Logan as an exclusive model! IMO he's most handsome porn star.

olderbutsexy 11/12/2014
Great sex guys - these men know what to do ;) Congrats to cast and crew

Darko37 11/28/2014
Fajnie chciałbym być tak brany

PornfanHH 03/06/2015
I have just viewed and enjoyed this incredibly hot scene again and only wanted to say a big thank you to the three guys! The action is so passionate and aggressive and oversexed! Also Camerawork is excellent. Makes me feel to be present in that action. Please more of this Kind of stuff. Thanks, Matt and Rico!

pamelanil 06/28/2016
I cant stand them torturing suit..pls its not nice to see it...

kerlefaktor 11/08/2016
Great fucking threesome

jjjlover30 05/21/2017