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Movie Comments

Rainer75 10/05/2018
Great! And welcome Kris de Fabio!

markbind 10/05/2018
Very hot three way!! Love the chemistry and the suits on the whole time. Had some mouth covering and more of a forceful type scene.

Jon62 10/05/2018
Great one! Good scenario (Damon would make a good Bond villain, good acting !). Kris an excellent addition and looking very hot in the suit. Good they kept suits on whole time and that Kris took 2 guys' load all over his suit. Would have liked better shots of how he looked after being covered but otherwise very high standard. Another nice pervy one !

CutawayShirt 10/05/2018
This is already art, porn-art

shinysho 10/05/2018
Yessss, NOW we're talking …

robicart 10/05/2018
Dani's cum shot was magnificent. Damon's dick was beautiful. The sex was pretty good, but it lack a WOW factor.

mtmslg 10/06/2018
Well done! It's been a while since we've had a good threesome!

Suitman63 10/06/2018
Super, sleazy suited fun and the suits stay on and the storyline makes sense - this is what we want.

Suitsocks 10/07/2018
Really Really Hot! Wish we had some sock licking and sucking!

dshoes 10/07/2018
I shiny suit next movie can you show me?

dshoes 10/07/2018
i like shiny suit next movie can you show me?

robicart 10/10/2018
Great to have all three with dick and balls out through the fly. Great sucking, especially of Damon's big dick. Damon and Dani's cumshots were awesome.

RQUEST 10/14/2018
WOW! Kinda HOT! Can we have some more play with the suit, play with the TNT socks, play with the shoes video flix from MAP really soon? Thanks Again! Damon is hella cute by the way!

suitedcboy 10/14/2018
Great suited sex, the thing MAP is built on. Damon is great in this one!

robicart 10/18/2018
Would love to see more of Kris de Fabio.

robicart 10/18/2018
This is Damon's best movie of all he has done on the site. Really love his huge dick.

raven 11/06/2018
Interesting scenario with this nice looking threesome of Kris, Damon and Dani. Buckets of ejaculate produced at climaxes? Nice photography! Would Damon and Dani be able to pull off a double penetration with Kris? It has been years since you staged one on MAP. RAVEN

ROBICART 08/05/2019
Damon was great, and loved his dick and balls out his fly with Kris and Dani sucking, Good to see Dani fucking and he always looks great; and his cum shot. WOW!