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Movie Comments

Sex position in minute 16:01 was outstanding. Chocolate is a delicious flavor and the vanilla cream of Isaac was superb. That was great to keep Race with suit, shirt and socks all the time. Next more soft while editing...we will like to see smoo

Great video...but would love if you guys would go back to some classic black gold toe otc nylon socks once in a while,there seems to be a shift toward more sheer socks here lately in your movies. Otherwise, good job!

Great movie love suit and good socks on guys. But the video is not hot as you guys wear female socks. I would love if you guys would go back to some classic black goldtoe otc or midcalf nylon socks. Sheer socks turn of at once.

need more about fetish and shoes. Don't like the black guy.

Gold toe socks are great for blue collars, not for rich white collars which is MAP target. Matt and Nacho use gold toe socks in next solo to please joe123!

There are guys who don't like the sheer socks. I say in future, put one guy in sheers and the other in gold toes. That way, everybody is happy. I happen to like the sheer socks. They are not women's socks either. They're just classy.

Don't like the white guy. lol

I am a man of color. I would love to see more on this site. But Race Cooper is ugly. He is a turnoff. There are plenty of great looking black guys. Look harder. I also thought his use of "fuck" was unprofessional. He sounded like a thug- not a boss. Also

physiobryan 03/03/2012
I think that both guys on this video are hot! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Great job Men at Play.

I don't think he is ugly at's his voice, too fem....shut it off after 30 seconds. men who sound like men please.

Can't say much for RC, but Isaac is fuckin hot - I love how he sweats.

I have a suggestion which will probably be unpopular. I loathe socks so would love to see a video featuring a guy wearing suit and smart shoes on bare feet. Maybe a boss giving him a dressing down for coming to the office without socks could be the plot o

Great idea Jameslin....the boss will put socks on to his employee and then start dressing down him fron suit and pants only before the action begins.

Agree with you....the semi-sheer socks that MAP is using are not women's socks. I worked in the clothing industry for many years and know the difference. These are high quality men's dress socks used in formal attire including business. Great job MAP!

tiedupsuit 03/03/2012
Great cum shot by Issac. Had to look hard for Cooper's. I assume he came in the end. Maybe as a sequel, Issac could come in again, dressed "inappropriately", Cooper even more sharply dressed. Then as Cooper tried to dominate Issac, Issac would turn th

I loathe seeing bare feet. Most people have ugly feet...def. don't want to look at that.... Socks are hotter and more erotic.

Another great one! LOVE the ending with the tie!

Did Cooper have underwear on? That scene was a bit hurried? I like the contrast of his complaining about Isaac being sloppy when it's Isaac wearing underwear and Cooper commando

Great photography, Nacho, getting those super close-ups of their dicks in action. Isaac is a fantastic cum machine, and he really turns the tables on Race--definitely not a subordinate when it comes to anal pounding. I agree with other comments that Race

Matt/Nacho: The weekend is over... We enjoyed Race and Isaac. Will love to see next trailer...a threesome? That trailer will give us energy to work harder until Friday. Thanks

laruee 03/05/2012
Im very proud of the fact the you are starting to put black men in you movies black men in most movies are cast as thugs when in fact you haves tons of black guys in a Corp setting and please keep in the sheer dress socks its sexy as hell and more sexy bl

This was my ulitmate fantasy video.... I'm one that loves to see a man in Thick-N-Thins (aka; TNT's) or Sheer dress socks. and I love seeing a blk male in them as well. I thought that the plot was excellent, and would love to see more "Race Cooper" (whom

Is Tuesday...time for a new exciting action trailer! Mmmmm....a threesome?

I totally agree w/ you...... I too love a man in "Sheer Socks" it's a classy sock as well to wear w/ suits, dress pants etc.

There are many that still love & wear sheer dress socks. And there are many that wear Ultra Sheer Socks (Which I feel are a bit Fem) I enjoy men that wear the traditional Male Verison of sheer sock as you have Race Cooper in on this video. Some men are t

Rainer75 03/06/2012
So much drivel and theater for a couple of bloody socks! I must puke soon, no - not kidding. As punishment for the annoying discussion, in the next 5 movies all models should stuck barefoot in their shoes! Is there not one of those sock specialists who

stardusted 03/07/2012
the only thing is good about this flick is issac jones

showing and playing with the socks is as horny as hell WOOF WOOF

barefoot in their shoes? I never have seem business men wearing shoes without socks.

MAP can go back to threesomes and at least one of the performers can wear gold toe socks.

One of the best part of the movie is Race Cooper he is so deliciously handsome with that arrogant swagger to him and to have him humiliate Issac like that was very convincing!! I would like to see more of Race getting pounded by a more aggressive top (he

I love the TNT socks. So hot. Thanks for use nylon socks in your videos.

Any film with Issac Jones is a winner for me. But that guy can cum ...

Wow! Those nylon socks are HOT!!! Hope to see more films with nylon socks in other colors.

ManEater 04/22/2012
VERY HOT. I love watching a black guy taking white hole. And Isaac is one MASSIVE shooter. WOW! Both guys have awesome bodies. Grrr. WOOF!

Race, What did Isaac's cock feel like inside you? I loved watching you get fucked. You are so gorgeous!

Race, you are so gorgeous-wish my black boyfriend was you. mmmmm

I rate this four star, good the shared penetration with the usual quality MAP presentation. For me, Isacc is great. Really enjoyed, thanks guys and team.

Issac Jones is more than gorgeous in every sense of the word.

Probably good for us to have more chocolate and vanilla together. Issac was my reason for tuning in but Race is a good looking man torso, cock and anus. I thought his dialog as the dominating boss was a bit forced or stilted; he needs more practice and co

Lucky Isaac, to eat such a beautiful ass, suck such a huge cock, and get fucked so royally. Lucky Race, to fuck such a hard young guy. And what a fantastic load from Isaac!

I agree, Race feet in those nylon sock when he was up on the table was a big turn on, would have liked to be there licking the sole of those feet or having the around my cock

Race, you have an amazing arse...cant wait to see more of it!

77mojito 01/14/2013
very hot pair. beautiful cocks. both could fuck good. and a very yummy cum.

77mojito 01/14/2013
very hot pair. beautiful cocks. both could fuck good. and a very yummy cum.

Bensbox 10/19/2013

joedoe1000 06/14/2014
Where are Isaac Jones and Race Cooper....this movie is a classic from minute 15:25 thru 16:57...that is the way to suck dick and display sheer socks. Bring both back for a sweet interracial action. This was filmed with good taste!

dcbanjiboi 04/04/2015
Shame Race won't find some men of color like himself.......shame

LeoMap15 07/02/2015
what are sheer socks and how should they be displayed?

leroy194075 09/26/2015
I beat off this whole movie! I would have taken both loads down my throat! hot fucking movie if that black dude ever gets to ft myers I will show him how I suck black cock! and take his load!

leroy194075 09/26/2015
I beat off this whole movie! I would have taken both loads down my throat! hot fucking movie if that black dude ever gets to ft myers I will show him how I suck black cock! and take his load!

joedoe1000 02/10/2016
When Race Cooper will be back at Menatplay? He is a stunning black actor, amazing!