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Movie Comments

woodyalert 12/05/2014
What a Great movie! What a Great pairing! What Great action! What a Great adventure! Truly Great! Flex and Axel did a Great job! I would not have believed that Axel Brooks could look any better than he has but, damned if he doesn't.

olderbutsexy 12/05/2014
Great work gents. Axel as sweet and passionate as ever, Flex so imposing, and he knows how to suck a cock, for sure! Bravo, folks

raniesuit 12/05/2014
Ehhh, where did this come from? The new MAP? No passion, no style, no charisma..... (Nice bike)

colik555 12/05/2014
Absolutely awful. opinion.

Jon62 12/05/2014
Another potentially interesting "garage" scenario with 2 of MAP's top models BUT all a bit unexciting, I am afraid. Pretty standard fare. Always good to see Flex - can you give him more interesting storylines if he is up for them ? And am pleased to see Axel back but, Axel, prefer you with the short haircut.....

sparty 12/05/2014
Loved the movie. Great kissing, great bodies. Like the smirk you see once in awhile on Axel's face looking like he loves what he's doing. Great job guys.

seriouslysuited 12/06/2014
Dreadful. The shirt and tie were removed at the first opportunity. I thought this was supposed to be a web site for guys who enjoyed suited seem to have completely changed the raison d'etre of the site. It used to be SO much better. barely worth the subscription fee now......

Craig65 12/06/2014
Below par. In fact I thought nothing was worst than last week's scene but now I know you can do much worst. My membership is not being respected with such uninteresting scene. If in the next two scenes you have not improved- I will terminate my membership. I feel like this site has gone way downhill. Even the love the suit is gone . The stores are sloppy . The models have no chemistry. And the suit appears as an after thought.

Craig65 12/06/2014
Sorry about my misspelled words: stories, love of the suit

abc375266731 12/06/2014
Am I visiting the wrong site? Is this MenAtPlay?

johnnymuscle 12/06/2014
Sexy scene. The guys are well-paired. Nice to see Axel Brooks back in action too!

roenne 12/06/2014
the clothes are comming off to fast and how about english for a change instead of babble with subtitles its getting rediculas to say the least makes me wonder why i have a membership still with this site

louiscapet6 12/06/2014
great...thousands of great....wowwwww!

Suitsocks 12/06/2014
Hey Great ! WOW hot scene hot men! Just like to see more shoes and socks touching or licking :) , Keep up the OTC socks amazing!

masstiehemd 12/06/2014
c'est de plus en plus nul ! de moins en moins de gars en costume cravate.... en un rien de temps les gars sont à poil..... pas du tout bandant... On voit bien que vous avez fait un effort louable pour des tournages de qualité.... mais pour moi ce n'est pas le bon site costume cravate que j'aime.... It is useless more and more! Less and less guys in suit and tie...In next to no time the guys are naked .....not being strained. We see good that you made a praiseworthy effort for quality shootings but for me it is not the good site os suit and tie which I like.... I'm not ready to play like that!!!!!

Rainer75 12/06/2014
It's a mystery! Axel Brooks looks better and better the older he gets. His body is in a geogeous shape ( and not popped up like Jesse's! ), his cock stands harder at attention like a youngster and his new hair-style makes him a real London-gentleman! Would be more than happy to see him once more in a one-to-one-show! Rest of the story is already bespoken: It has nothing to do with suit-porn! Most guys maybe become a strong heart beating seeing a motorbike because of it's masculinity. My heart gets quicker and harder seeing a handsome business-hunk wearing a well fitting suit because of it's masculinity. Please dear MAT-team: Produce twio porn-websides. One with your interesrs - a side full of leather, blue-collar-guys, motorbikes and that stuff, The other just remember the good old City of London with masses of god-like suited studs!

Bensbox 12/06/2014
At first, I really thought Flex would dominate this guy (Alex), take his money and fuck him, too! But it played out nicely, with Alex (the suit), owning both Flex and the cash in his wallet. I love the psychology and emotion in these movies. Great job!!!

everhard12321 12/07/2014
For once I'm inclined to agree with the critics of this site. I'm all in favor of reinterpretations of the suit fetish and more diversity in terms of plot and the talent cast in films on this site (Will black men ever be cast again?), but more and more it seems Menatplay is betraying the brand that made it so successful. Perhaps this is due to a cultural shift: as our culture becomes less and less formal, men attend fewer occasions where they are obligated to wear a suit. Nevertheless, I think the site needs to revisit corporate, academic, medical, and political settings--spaces where men do indeed where suits--and spend more time arousing subscribers with the suit fetish we lust for. Axel Brooks and Flex are scorching hot porn stars, and I thank you for pairing them, but I think I speak for many men on this site when I say who you cast in your films and the sex the models have isn't as important to us as integrating the apparel--and all the sensory experiences that accompany it--into the films. Get back to basics, guys.

loosecollarntie 12/07/2014
Didn't enjoy this one, sorry, not enough suit or shirt and tie action.

Fuckboot 12/07/2014
Fucking magic. Wd have luvd to have had the engine turned on as they climaxed

masstiehemd 12/07/2014
I'm OK with you

jptowers 12/08/2014
Great !!!!fucking men in suits and boots, good comb

karlcocksuit 12/10/2014
Not enough auit n tie but hot.

karlcocksuit 12/10/2014
Much rather the suits stay on the model & see a nice uncut cock hanging out of a suit.. These days the suits are removed compleatly not like the older movies. The sites changed so much since i first saw it in 2004.

jalfong 12/12/2014
I love you Flex Xtremmo...and Axel Brooks where have you been lately? Just keep it up Axel we don't see enough of you these days, and we need to see you more often if Menatplay is the only place is where we're going to see you! And Flex keep it up in the gym! You have one of the most stunning bodies in the biz! My god! Deep down inside I just wish there was more screwing on the motorcycle, hell it's the prop of the hour isn't it? Why not utilize it? Just would have loved to have seen Flex and Axel's naked feet on the gears of the cycle screwing like can't get enough of each other and is if they could care less if they were gonna break the damn thing they negotiating over in the first place. Okay well all love shoes and socks, and this is a garage which bare feet would be gross with all that garbage and motor oil on the floor. But hey let's think out of the box shall we? C'mon if there's anything but animal lust going on in this scene then we're all seriously missing something here.

BlackTie2006 12/13/2014
I totally agree - not enough suit and tie and it all comes off,

trevor37 12/16/2014
Love Flex!!!

ilst 12/23/2014
Flex with Rogan Richards - that would be my dream pairing.

academy74 12/30/2014
Love Flex!!!

olderbutsexy 02/06/2015
Second viewing. Axel is sweet and such a hot fucker :) Flex knows all about it and what a great body ... great pairing

Albertochile69 04/01/2015
i love that huge ass!!!

martyjal 12/22/2017
Flex is amazing hot and hung. His strong muscle chest and body, his huge cock and man boobs are all so hot. Love to see him sucking off that huge boner of Axel Brooks who is also so hot. Flex love you and hope you come back soon on stage !!

Gregel.7 01/04/2019
First Of All I Would like To declare, M.A.P. Is The absolute gay adult Site. Just Classy And Beautiful . Please Release , Perhaps 3 A month, Then guys, Like myself Would Gladly Stay.......G.L.R.