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Movie Comments

Rainer75 05/11/2012
Interesting that the two actors have largely be cleansed after the kindergarten-battle! They were probably too disgusting, so be anointed to continue. But maybe it's a better choice to slap British food on the wall than really to eat it.( lol ) - cool do

Not sure that this is really what one would call a full on WAM movie (that would have meant more prolonged and deliberate ruining of suits) but I don't mind - it's a very convincing hate-love argument with a food fight and it's got Harry in it so I am hap

Rainer75 05/11/2012
Suitedattitude: Remember not even socks! After the next sock comment I have really to puke! Just no sleeping dogs lie!

Harry Louis is the the beard...and his cumshots are the BEST !!!

Marre de ces hommes body buldés, couvert de tatouages! Absolument aucune classe! Vous voyez beaucoup de businessman reseemblant à ça? La coupe est pleine, j'arrête MAP!

klaus 05/11/2012
... hot ... super ... sexy ...

when Harry was a newcomer he wore underwear and now he never does - much prefer the new Harry

Suits come off WAY too early. Could be a lot hotter.

masstiehemd 05/11/2012
ok avec ce point de vue!

So, so good and I'm not talking about the food.

Rainer75 05/11/2012
Mon cher moicedric, je pense que le problème est d'optenir des modèles corrects. Même aujord'hui, il n'est pas propice á ca carrière à travailler dans le business de porno. Authentique prospectifs modèles sont rares - mais tout essayé MAP possibl

Jon62 05/11/2012
Good but messiness could have gone on for longer. Matt, why weren't you directing?

woof! a) harry has IMPORTANT hair b) both look amazing in their suits (even though that paisley tie is giving me 80's flashbacks) c) Marcus is adorable or, as the French say, adorable d) love the food fight e)...but in the end left a little worried


justin606 05/12/2012
Harry has put on muscle which is great and I love his hair too. Very good movie

Wow, Harry has always been goodlooking, but the longer hair and beard are so sexy - WOW! Great flick. Thanks Menatplay!

Paisley ties are very much back in fashion at the moment.

Great movie very sexy - but why do the ties have to be ripped off so early they are the best part!

ManEater 05/13/2012
Harry Louis is quite shooter. Such a handsome man. WOOF! Marco is HOT. What an ASS!!!

Sorry - this is a NO GO! The models are hot, they fuck well but throwing food like this is only disgusting! There have been better ideas here in the past!

tiedupsuit 05/15/2012
Beautiful suits and men. I'm a big fan of seeing suited men get wet and messy. Would have enjoyed seeing the suits messed up more. They were already soiled. Why not soil them further. Would have been hot seeing a full blown suited food fight, then se


Suitsfan 05/17/2012
Food Fight begins very well; two hot guys, great suits, turn-on scenario - and as the fight itself progresses, passions rise rapidly. It's just a pity that as the guys move from agression into love-making, the food, and the suits, are quickly forgotten.

Rainer75 05/17/2012
I have to smile. You can't imagine, Suitsfan, how happy I was, that the enormous waste of food was to be seen only a short time. Most of the film is saved for me - just two gorgeous guys having sex together. I have no sympathy for straight people who enjo

Rainer75 05/17/2012
Be honest guys! Who of you gets a boner at the thought to get a load of mashed potatoes thrown in the face? Please don't tell your mom. Mummy instantly mangles in self-blame, to have made something wrong in education!

You really don't give up do you Rainier? Thinking your way is the only way. Why don't you post a few more hundred pics of yourself only slightly altered? You are very good at that. I'm sorry but what a crashing bore.

I have to laugh at the continued irony of your antagonistic attitude here. So, you're flooding at least one website with hundreds of pics of yourself is something your mum would love? She done you right? Geez, man, when did you become God?

Rainer75 05/18/2012
Some address socks to death, for others the throwing of food is worth some comments. Cool down, have fun, do not take it all deadly serious. My mom would be indignant if she knew I'm a subscriber of MAP, but thankfully she made rather a devil than God of

There's addressing, and then there is throwing around judgments about fetishes (of all things here) and then BLAMING mom's (?!?) much wrong there. As for "not taking it seriously," reminds me of Ellen D.'s great line about "just kidding:"....."Well

Matt Jordan 05/18/2012
"Be honest guys! Who of you gets a boner at the thought to get a load of mashed potatoes thrown in the face?". You might as well say "Be honest guys! Who of you gets a boner at the thought of putting on a stuffy suit" If people didnt have their diverse f

Rainer75 05/18/2012
Let's become friends, jjwam! We will have a lot of fun and never it get's boring!

"Food Fight" was good BUT for someone who was hoping for a food FIGHT this was not it. A handful of mashed potatoes was a start, but there was SO much more "ammunition" on that table and it all went to waste. Pity. The thought of seeing a couple of goo

Rainer75 05/22/2012
I miss Marco Session at the model's list.

tweee 06/22/2012
I haven't watched a recent MAP movie in quite a while, life gets in the way. I downloaded a few vintage MAP movies as of late but this recent entry caught my eye, I enjoyed it from start to finish. No doubt this site has changed since it's inception bac

OMG, so funny!

Harry Louis! Why did you retire????

luis2 10/14/2013
very good would love to eat this cream from the body

luis2 10/14/2013
very good would love to eat this cream from the body

Sexyme 02/07/2014
Excellent one

woodyalert 07/17/2014
This is one of those rare occasions of two absolutely beautiful men paired together. Fantastic! An optic overload.

funintmud 08/06/2016
One of my fsvirites

MBigny 12/03/2016
I wanted them both to fuck me right now

vince31 04/26/2017
tres sex Harry Louis ;-)