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Movie Comments

Good to see a new movie with the scrummy Dean Monroe..... in a beautiful suit too!!

That's hot!! Great guys, sizzling scenario AND ripped clothes and model going commando underneath. It's got it all. Well done to all.

aljuarez6 03/26/2010
This was pretty hot but let's not ever have Mr. Brooks appear without a suit here again!

Yes, I agree with Ekdyso. This hot film has a little bit of everything: domination, ripped clothing, a great cum shot at the end, and--my favorite!--big dicks! And was that an all-leather business suit that Dean Monroe was wearing?? Very macho! Maybe

Wow, nothing to critisize, well done - one of the best clips ever. Congratulations once more for discovering Axel Brooks - he is really a superstar - have you ever mentioned his hands - veiny, hairy - absolutlly sexy. Also he acts like a pro, will be nev

I agree with you - in a suit Axel is unbeatible!

This is a classic MAP movie. I was delighted to see Dean Monroe again, although I wish he would remove his facial hair. Axel is very sexy to say the least, but why those unattractive tattooes? In the United States it is considered declasse for a man to ha

otc_socks 03/26/2010
Don´t understand why they take the otc socks off?

really want Axel fucking rape me wild!

aribes 03/26/2010
wonderful clip, axel is so gorgeous...I prefer them in barefoot

mmmmm Love the shiny suit.. shame you ripped it now we wont be able to see it in future movies :(

okay this movie is amazingly hot but something has been bugging me ever since I logged on to MAP.... Who is the devilishly handsome man at the bottom of the page? The one sitting on the chair looking as hot as anyone can get?

perry 03/26/2010
This was one hot movie indeed. Axel Brooks can break into my place anytime if he treats me rough. Dean is a great looking guy. Axel is interesting in any and every way. Great stuff MAP. Keep it up. Perry Who is the guy Ted is asking about?

If you scroll down to the bottom of this webpage you're on, you'll see a guy in a black suit with an unbuttoned white shirt sitting on a chair..... that guy

admin 03/26/2010
Thats David Barthory.. hes one of our models from a couple of years back. Hes Hungarian Rico

You gotta be joking, loved seeing it ripped (and would have been ever hotter if the jacket shirt tie had all got ripped too!)

who cares, not quite what this movie is about is it?

I haven't watched this movie fully yet (saving it for a special time, haha) but I love the idea of it and the rough stuff, never knew Dean was such a bad boy but hardly complaining...

This movie is hotter than hell. Dean Monroe always seems like he's having a good time. No body can cum like this guy!!!

yeah it was horny to see just gutted its now ruined

thanks a million =^]

Fantastic Movie!! Best ass play in many months, But With Dean's ass who wouldn't want a go at that!. Thanks for a creative new theme. Great combo team, everybody looks like they are enjoying the moment. Keep up the good work.

Dean Monroe have been in this industry for many years. His movies are amazing. I like the way he was before..more hair on his legs/ass, rough look, no shaved other word a MENATPLAY look. Also, he looks hotter wearing OTC sheer socks all the time

lemonline2 03/27/2010
Nice, but we need a sequel -- Forced Entry II: Imprisoned. In which a big beefy guard bangs Axel.

wow... so many good reviews. i thoguth it was really bad. for the last few months all the movies fall short of what you ues to do. can't see this site win any awards this year.... you guys have hit a wall in good film making. time for me to leave your sit

Matt Jordan 03/27/2010
We actually just won Best Fetish Site in the Cybersocket awards so we're doing something right!

admin 03/27/2010
Allow me to make it easier for you. You membership has been now been cancelled, good bye. Rico

zurcherart 03/28/2010
Although every single film isn't to my taste (I mean you're not going to please everyone, every time), I think the movies have been getting better and better. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right MAP. Keep it up.

tiedupsuit 03/27/2010
Great idea. The movie could start with Axel in a beautiful suit, trying to sway the jury, but he fails and is taken away by a big beefy guard. In part two, that guard bangs Axel and is later joined by other guards, each taking his turn. Would love to s

Hearty congratulations!

Albert12345 03/27/2010
That's some nice oppression right there.

Some folk are never pleased, what do they want Ben Hur ? for crying out loud. My favourite bit was the way Matt and Rico positioned the MenatPlay book with Levi on the front cover on the sofa. A nice touch , very sublety done. Its always good to get

Loved it! More forced entry scenes please

i wish he would have kept him tied up the whole time.

HOT,HOT,HOT. Great to see Dean back one my all time favourites. And Axel the best.Thank you Matt and Rico

tux_man 03/27/2010
Dean is one of my favorites. And ripping off the pants was really hot. Too bad a great looking suit had to give up its life. But of course you can't have a rip movie without ripping. What do you plan to do with the jacket? Perhaps put it up for sale

stubbleandsuit 03/28/2010
Absolutely love it. Dean is one of my favourites too. Axel was great too. Great, the way he was overpowering and sucking Dean's face at the beginning, before getting down to hard business!!!. (I would love to have been in Dean's position throughout!!!!) E

stubbleandsuit 03/28/2010
Excellent. Congratulations!!!!

Because they don't want to slip on the kitchen floor, Honey!

Total perfection. Aggressive and Hot. The contrast between a suited man and man in leather is such a turn on. Dean, you are on lucky man! Would love to see what happens when the police show up. Maybe that can be part 2? Can't wait. Thanks Men at Play, y

that was a hot movie...and i agree with another guy on here that you guys should do a suit/tie and police uniform scene where they do it in the cell without removing their clothes would love to see someone get pounded in their suit and the other guy fucki

scottfin 03/29/2010
Boring as can be.

Pretty hot. I liked how he got his pants ripped open. I like what the other guy said, leaving him tied up the whole time would have been super hot!!!!

Dean is super hot in black suit, it matches his sexy hair. Axel has a hot body that I always dream of. I like the story but it is missing some kind of seduction like the others recently. The beginning part just took off too fast. I would like to see

nycsexyitalian 03/30/2010
One of my all time favorites, Dean & Axel. If you are ever in NYC and want to replay the scene in person I am yours. XO

HOT FLIX....just right, the suit came off at the right time....having sex with all your clothes on just seems strange. Part 11 should be when the cops arrive and f..k the s..t out of Axel.

Scott1979 04/09/2010
Great vid, loving the leather gloves too! HOT

Suitsfan 04/10/2010
>....having sex with all your clothes on just seems strange.< It could be described as a 'clothes fetish' - which is what I'd assumed most MAP members share, to a greater or lesser degree? (OK - it can be pretty difficult to have sex with ALL your cloth

WeHoDad 04/10/2010
Great production!

dracuscalico 04/16/2010
This site is about high quality suits...How well made is a suit if a man can rip apart the trousers with his bare hands? First thing I thought was, "what a cheap suit!" :))))

dracuscalico 04/16/2010
The sex was hot but the video would have been better if he had a more believable level of resistance. It didn't make sense that he would not put up a fight when he saw the intruder had no weapon. Men are too territorial to become enamored with someone wh

admin 04/16/2010
Well if we're going for realism, maybe they shoud have fought, and Dean manages to restrain the burglar, call the police and get him arrested? Then we see Dean give a police statement for the next hour. End of movie. ;)

Matt Jordan 04/16/2010
well obviously we had to cut if first.

You do a great job on the site! it has developed to a level you can be really proud of! As me beeing proud of taking pat of it! been following MenAtPlay since the early days ;) Well done Matt and Rico!

well actually it doesn't take much to rip an ass seam, yank on flies, rip vents or tear out inside pockets...

dracuscalico 04/18/2010
The most important thing that people want to know is "what happenned next?", after all they have to get back to the reality that this was a robbery and the police are on the way. Did he give him his stuff back and leave? Did the guy say, "you can keep t

tweee 04/18/2010
Loved it!

axelbrooks 04/22/2010
Thank you from the inside of the Soul, is a very beautiful gift, which they often fail we express in our own words, so it is necessary talent who can write the sentiment emerged from the depths of heart, and say "THANKS" to the mother. a father, teacher,

dracuscalico 04/23/2010
Now we don't have to be THAT real :))) But will he be giving oral 'statements" to multiple officers for the next hour? And can WE pick who the officers are? >;0 ....and when was that Members casting call again? :))

dracuscalico 04/27/2010
Got an idea....what about shooting multiple different endings, to a movie like this one that has so many plot possibilities, and have Members vote on which ending they liked best? And then shoot sequels forward from the most popular ending?

great pic

Guys this was fantastic but please please please we need more forced entry , what about Ted colunga gets it next or Steve Hunt mmmmmmmmmmm

wow--shit---best site on the net---

fucking wow

Thse men are all hot.... I love the clothes on and off during sex. Would love to see more bare feet,; maybe having the socks peeled off while thier fucking?

this is fantastic. how i wish a burglar would do that to me too. wow

hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!!!! I love men and the story. please more!

this was so hot....I think with this one you hit a lot of our fantasy's...thank guys got the best site...

Dean Monroe is perfection. Bring him back to your site as much as possible. He is one sexy man

love it

Great movie, great men, too. But I do not believe, that any burglar would take off his pants. How will he get out the flat?. Jump out of the window? I wonder. But to be honest, I would drop my pant too.

It was fine until they got completely least should keep OTC sheer socks. Both actors are excellent but the director failed about keeping clothes on.

Latin46 07/21/2010
When am I going to see these movies on my iPhone? I want to see these hunky men in action.

hornyjohnny 07/30/2010
horny love it to be me

bernaro 08/04/2010
Axel is hot . He is my man. Wish I'm the other guy. With Axel my life is perfect.

very nice the news movies are extra I like

very nice the news movies are extra I like

royhaynesjr 08/29/2010
love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sparty 09/14/2010
That Axel - ever notice that little smirk on his every so often. Seems like he really enjoys what he's doing .Gotta love it.

Rainer75 09/14/2010
One can't act like him. Sure he loves it - I'm a bit envious to that. Sometimes doing porn must be more fun than beeing a manager!

I love Axel in everything, but this is my favorite. He drips with arrogance, and Dean Monroe looks so fascinated and turned on. They are both excellent sexual actors.

This is Axel at his most sublime. V Sexually aggressive in leather pants. One hot man who knows how to please and tease. The way he treats Dean like a toy is slightly amusing and very steamy,I guess exactly how we all would like Axel to behave to us. Shee

It turns me on!

WOOF WOOF!! Two very hot and sexy actors. That cock and that ass! Grr. LOVE the part where the dress trousers get ripped open exposing that totally awesome ass. Dan and Axel pair up superbly in this film.

I agree.This is one of the hottest MAP films for a long time. You can tell there is real chemistry between the two guys. Really hot once the robber has gotten bare ass naked and is drilling the receiver like there is no tomorrow. Real hot fantasy too, the

man... not ever real lovers can make love like that!! this is really a fantasy cum true!!!!!

I dnt get the story.