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Movie Comments

charles 05/27/2011
the tie is off a third of the way in.... what a pity.

Tres sexy!

Suitsfan 05/27/2011
Yes; despite a promising start, the bulk of the film is (again) of two naked guys with tatoos screwing - rather like 98% of the gay porn on offer elsewhere . . . (Note: I don't count one of them retaining his over-the-calf socks as constituting 'suit & t

Lovely to see sexy Isaac suited and booted on this site. What a handsome fellow in Dr. Stephens suit and tie. The specs were sublime as were the shiny black shoes, although I would have liked to see them on him a little longer! I cant't warm to Harry at a

I would like to see a guy being fucked with one sock on after having the other sock torn off. I love feet.

Isaac is so handsome and looks so completely amazing in those socks that I can even forgive the tattoo!

mansniff 05/28/2011
I love feet too. I'd like to see both socks torn off . . .

tiedupsuit 05/28/2011
Love the pounding that Harry gave Issac. Being the suit and tie guy that I am, I only wish Issac's suit had stayed on longer, through the entire movie would have been preferable. He looks so amazing in a suit, it is a shame to have him take it all off.

Suitsfan 05/28/2011
>Being the suit and tie guy that I am, I only wish Issac's suit had stayed on longer . . < Tiedupsuit, I've always assumed this applies to most subscribers to MAP. Why, I wonder, do the directors of so many MAP videos seem overlook this? :-(

Harry Louis is one of the best guys on this site. He is SO cute and so hot and I LOVE the way he COMES AND COMES AND COMES...and he shoots pretty far! Such a hot boy...mmmmmmph!

tiedupsuit 05/28/2011
Good question. I guess they are trying to cater to all the members as much as possible, which is commendable. No other porn site offers the quality of models and the beautiful suit, which makes it worthwhile to belong. Unfortunately, for me, being the

One of the least exciting MAP clips, you can do so better than this. You did better in the early days. Really had it with the tattoo guys. What happened to the good looking guy next door? look forward to next week. ;)

socks are hotter than feet........the vast majority of people, men and women have nasty feet....besides if you want to keep the scene realistic there would be no reason to take the socks off, they are not in bed.

I actually liked this scene, but agree...totally had it with the tatoo's and overly muscular guys...not sexy.

i thought they were both cute and i like tattoos i likedtheir kissing i thought it was hot and high class iliked the suits too

fed up with tattoos I feel I will resign my suscrption quite soon if tit continues like that What we look on MAP is the guy next door properly shaved with suit and tie and not that beefcake we can see everywhere else

Matt Jordan 05/29/2011
as Ive said before we can not surgically remove tattoos from models.

MAP Bravo! Quelle performance. Deux beautés, des corps d'Adonis. À revoir et à revoir. En ce qui concerne les tatouages, j'adore! De toute façon, lorsque la testostérone pointe son nez, l'encre on ne la voit plus. You're the best.

Then get different models without tattoos!

Matt Jordan 05/30/2011
easy as that is it.

Well you would solve the problem a bit if you kept their suits on longer!

Rainer75 05/30/2011
Or better to keep them all the time!

tiedupsuit 05/30/2011
Would love it if the guys kept them on all the time. Personally, I still get the whole tattoo thing. Issac is gorgeous, especially in a suit. In the casting, when I saw his amazing body with all those large tattoos, I thought "What a total shame". And

Why are these called movies when they are knitted together jumpy screen caps? The men are beautiful, etc. but I thought a 'movie' meant a movie? Not these crappy jumpy images.

Rainer75 05/31/2011
No my dear - it has nothing to do with our age. Tattoes have been always proletaric! In earlier times ethnic status symbols where shown, in the early 19th century sailers used it like a secret language, nowadays in red-light-districts the staff know their

Agree with the vast majority here, in that the suits, shirt and ties need to stay on longer ... this is supposed to be a suit fetish site. But otherwise as ever, Rico and Matt, you're doing a fine job ....

Always like Harry !!

nachosilva 05/31/2011
the thing is that in the last years mostly everyone has a tatoo on and its really difficult to find models free of tatoos, society is evolving and we need to be opened to all those changes.

I am not too bothered by the tattooes, Harry is always lovely. What I AM bothered by is the suits flying off all the time - people keep ON complaining about this and still they are off. You seem to be operating under the illusion that people subscribe t

Well, call me "easy to please" if you want to, but I loved this film. I think Harry and Issac are a good match. The sex scenes were nice--very passionate and believable. I loved the setting; I've always had a fantasy about making out with one of my tea

Rainer75 06/02/2011
Me Harvey, me and with me all the crowd of suit fetish lovers! That's the point, the suits - and we get a hard one at once touching each others cock through a shimmering silky suit-fabric. It's called suit sex and there is nothing unrealistc with it. And

What a pity that Harry Louis has a sunk in chest, otherwise he would be sexy.

Yeah - that's a whole other fetish site! ;-)

loved the movie ,,would of liked a bit more leaqd up as per teacher student !! I think the best pairing for harry has been with the very masculine Christian Alexander !! the two of them had a great movie with lots of biuld up ,,pity Mr. Alexander wasnt

Very hot, did any of you catch the dried on cum, on edge of the teachers jacket? Before he took it off way to fast!

You have to keep in mind, Matt is the main one with the suit fetish, and these days he is not the director that often, many of the staff , do not have a suit fetish. They know of it, but its just not there. Still the best site on the web for suit enthusia

My dream career would be to be the director, the suits would never come off! Atleast one needs to have the suit on, blue collar men, are also a hot mix into it. Outdoor scenes would also be hot, like when Matt did that one years ago, what I am assuming wa

Hehehe well it sure would be lovely if Matt in the fantasy world, could just go out into the city of London, and pick suited blokes off the streets and put them in a suit sex movie, but the real world doesn't work like that.......

So very hot, easily 5 star if not more! Harry is hot stuff and that cum shot was another amazing one!! Issac is sexy too :-)

This is rubbish. For a start they're both the same age. and what teachers/students have tattoos like that? Yawn.

Rainer75 06/21/2011
It's porn, Rick, not a serious report from the BBC. Porn has to do with fantasy, maybe fairy tales, not with political correctness! We all have to pay attention with words like "rubbish" - there is "troubled water" at MAP's!

Damn! Now I want to learn French...

Scenario works for me. Plenty of adults attend language classes, some in groups, some privately like Harry. And it would be a joy to attend classes run by Issac, who seems to have been made for this site. More please. I'd love to see this scenario revi

I think Harry Louis is more handsome in "Harry's Appraisal", perhaps because in that scene he has longer hair. I marvel at what an incredible shooter hairy is. Isaac is a hot partner. One can tell he was being challenged by Harry's 11 inches. Ouch.

I wish I had a teacher as hot as Isaac. Would make the lesson more pleasurable..

fucking hot men

nice real nice

Very hot film, would be better if there was some more dirty talking in French mmmmm

couldn't agree more: more dirty talk! love the rimmimg...

Harry's a big boy for Isaac to take, but take him he does.... nice cock slapping on Isaac's handsome face and forcing him to deep throat it all the way down to the balls til he chokes, and some hot rimming. But oh boy, when he thrusts that thick juicy co

les français les dieux du sexeeeee ! Marseille yeeeeah

harry is the best one,i love him

i love him !!!!!yeah ,very much

harry is a fucking machine.. and a shooter! love him. more of him too and Alex marte. both of them together is a must!

Oh how very nice. Love seeing the wedding ring, nothing so hot as a married man sucking a man's ass. Boy Harry shoots far!

Like Harriy's new hair style. also now growing chest hair, thats nice also. I dont believe I have seen Harry ever suck someone else of play with their goods, he always does the fucking.

Harry a le zizi formidable. Isaac, que cela te serve de leçon.

rabelais 04/15/2012
I want a english lesson idem

when will Harry bottom,Issac is perfection

olderbutsexy 09/08/2012
THIS IS really HOT, a favourite film. Zak is so sweet and sexy, a great lover, and Harry is a wild fucker, maybe the best at MAP, even better than Alex M. He also has a touch of sadism about him, which makes him even more exciting. Such great cocks

juicer 11/04/2012
Issac is such a hot hunk and Harry shoots such a load, sexy and erotic

I can't believe Harry retired! He was the hottest guy on here.

I can't believe Harry retired! He was the hottest guy on here.

Manier 02/04/2014
Amazing ! :)

Waystrange 02/23/2021
WOW! Two very hot men--Harry and Isaac are amazing together! Issac is both lucky and brave!!