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Movie Comments

Dan1762 03/31/2017
Nice sock action -- and excellent flip-fuck surprise at the end. Well done, guys. (My requests: More shirt ripping and suit trashing! More cum on clothing! xo)

markbind 03/31/2017
Wow, this is the hottest scene I've seen in a while. Very nice action, hot guys, love the flip fuck and watching a guy actually cum while still in the other one's ass. Very hot!! These two had chemistry and really appeared to be enjoying every delicious minute.

hugo2014 03/31/2017
yes sir that is so fucking hot. The intensity and sheer beauty of the two of them together. Beautifully shot Thank you! please sirs may we have some more????

Nasanaz84 04/01/2017

blaze 04/01/2017
I have to agree with other members that this has to be one of your hottest if not best films that you have done in awhile. Some of your videos have just lacked chemistry and this video just shows how important it is. Massimo and Alex are a great pairing and made this effortlessly so sexy. The kissing, the stroking, the looks were spot on. The sock play was very hot, as well as the suits and accessories. Lovedo the plot and the ending was just so hot. Keep the standard to this please.

musclefucks 04/01/2017
Woooow! Exotic and erotic, great sex from hot performers. Alex is the new star bottom but also a beast on top ... gracias, muchachos!

stardusted 04/01/2017
Bring Alex back with better socks

505map 04/01/2017
More cum on clothing please

brisgay 04/01/2017
Very very hot!!!! A rare video from MAP in that Alex actually cums in Massimo's Arse! I haven't seen that since Maxx in 9 to 5 Friday! This was hot and passionate! Again my only gripe is not enough suited butt in the movie.

raven 04/01/2017
A superb pairing gents! Massimo and Alex were white hot, looked great together, were literal into each other with their surprise flip, and climaxed convincingly. Both men showed their beautiful, svelte, un-inked, smoothe and unblemished bodies and were dressed as legitimate professionals. I wish Massimo would allow his hair grow out on the sides of his head, however. It was kind of fun seeing Alex sporting braces, which I haven't worn in a very long time! Hopefully, you will give your appreciative audience more of Alex and Massimo in the coming weeks as you play with the story line. More like this, please. RAVEN

tiedupsuit 04/01/2017
Totally hot! Alex fills out the suit beautifully and he is not all inked. Loved the facial expressions on Alex, and seeing the suit jacket all wrinkled from Massimo's grip. My only disappointment is that the suit and tie came off. Love seeing the suit remain on and be the recipient of a hot load.

Sherman 04/01/2017
Alex, you have a great large, long, thick cock and enjoyed your presentation of your motor. Missed your cum shot.........Massimo, you have a sexy body as always and a nice long cock. Your communication with each other was excellent. Alex loved being fucked, He could hardly wait until you gave it to him. Missed the hairy cocks as several men at Men At Play have like Mike, Jean and Dario. Nice I said before, needed to see Alex, your cum shot from that large, long, thick cock of yours. That was disappointing at the end.

NylonOTCs 04/02/2017
Truly a good one, MAP!!!...Alex is very HOT!!!...Loved the sock play. Massimo was excellent as always. Alex seems to have not only a nice big long THICK!, cock, but a really nice ass too!!!...They were great together. Loved the garters but yes!, use those on some OTC's TnT ribbed!!! Really good chemistry and sex, Gents!!!...Thanks!!!

LORIS 04/03/2017
Very, very hot - Alex seems a real sex beast, wow, very intense performance from the beginning as bottom to the end as top. Both guys have fantastic bodies but are also totally convincing MAP men, looking very handsome in shirt&tie. Both of them are not at all inked which is a big, big plus - tattoo can be fine with leather for those who are into it but has nothing to do with suit&tie style for sure. Liked also that both of them kept ties nicely tied up most of the movie as well as beautiful settings - a great andalusian villa in moorish style.

everhard12321 04/04/2017
Talk about a scorching hot debut. Two weeks ago we were graced with Gabriel Lunna, now Alex Mecum. I'm horned to the max now that he has joined Menatplay's roster of studs. He is all-American beef. This film is nothing short of excellent. Sock play, gaping butt holes, and no tattoos. Keep making films like this, Matt, and you'll never hear another complaint out of us. I'm ready to jerk off again!

Sherman 04/04/2017
Alex.......your cum shot was disappointing. You should have shot your cum on Massimo's face instead of your rubber. Next time, let it loose. Let's see how much cum you can show us that we can enjoy...........

Rainer75 04/04/2017
Dear Sherman! Why always the same? It's seldom to see a guy ejaculating inside his buddy - even the imagination makes me hard! ( In private my partner and me are changing the condom to feel the natural lube of the partner's spunk while riding our newest "capture". Very often this bottom wants to slurp the double-filling. We know thats not possible in these HIV-times, but only to bite out on the belly was a little lame, indeed.)

dguysx 04/06/2017
Very hot performance, both of them. And I actually liked the cumming inside the condom thing, at least for a change (still prefer a hot facial though), but very hot nonetheless.

Sherman 04/07/2017
Alex & Massimo, Enjoyed you. Long thick cocks, especially the head of Alex cock. (Large). Alex wanted to get fucked and Massimo did a good job on him. Sorry about the codom, did not like Alex cumming in his condom. Would have enjoyed his shot on Massimo face. Good luck nest time.......Alex, you were a horns man and you were able to get fucked and in turn you were able to fuck Massimo. You were a lucky man.

ormond32 04/13/2017
Boring cumshots

Sherman 04/15/2017
Alex, you know better than cum in a rubber. Not exciting from your large cock. No excitement from you at the end. You have a beautiful body and cock, BUT, poor "Cum Shhot"..........

stevenh83 04/26/2017
one of the best cumshots this cumming inside and when you have someone suck the cum you of you alex more please!

Tristram20 05/19/2017
totally awesome video

blaze 06/20/2017
Very sexy and hot. The chemistry is amazing between these two. More like this please.

Sherman 07/07/2017
Alex has a beautiful large long cock that we enjoyed. Prefer more hair around his cock to be sexy. Maximmo is always the best with his large cock. " Great chemistry" between the two of them. Both shared their asshole and etched pounded each other was the best. Good job men.

barneylincoln 07/19/2017
very passionate..Alex is wonderful.. I like to see a guy come in his condom. we all do, so enjoy the realisim! Barney.

Sherman 09/13/2017
Alex, you have a large, thick cock that we all enjoyed. What a beauty. Thanks for sharing your large cock.

Sherman 09/25/2017
Alex and Massimo both have large long cocks and enjoyed both men. Good video. Much better video than the last eight which were poor scenes. 25 Sepember 2017.

robicart 03/21/2018
One of menatatplay 's alltime very very best. Both men really know how to suck big cock, and oh such beautiful cocks.

RQUEST 07/04/2018
Doing Piano films tonight BUT Mecum's TNT sheer socks are so hot! Dayum! Dayum! Dayum! Would be nice to see some tnt and formal shoe play in these vids, even to cumming. Go MAP!

robicart 03/13/2019
.Loved Massimo sucking Alex's beautiful dick pulled out through his fly and then Alex sucking Massimo's beautiful dick as he sits there with it also out through his fly. THOSE ARE THE BEST MOMENTS.

robicart 03/13/2019
Also loved Alex riding Massimo's dick while his own big dick is jumping around in the air; then he passionately fucks Massimo and kisses him intensively. Just awesome.