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Another winner! Congratulations Matt & Harry. Great twist with Harry stripping, dressing & then undressing. Oh yes, & going commando with fabulous cock play through suit trousers. Wish this happened in my office!!

klaus 01/13/2012
Ein potenter Bursche ist doch dieser Harry. Sehr sexy und rattengeil. Ich verstehe nur nicht, wieso man im Anzug sich einen runterholt. Das ist doch total unerotisch und außerdem unbequem. Ansonsten schöner fetter Scwanz.

Rainer75 01/13/2012
Lieber Klaus! Ich mach mich gar nicht über dich lustig, aber du bist auf dem falschen Dampfer! Genauso wie es Seiten im Internet gibt, die sich auf Leute in Lederkleidung spezialisiert haben oder auf Piss-Spiele oder wo nur ganz junge models gezeigt werd

I absolutely LOVE Harry, there's no way you can go wrong with him!!! However, I've noticed a trend with the models getting away from classic gold-toe OTC dress socks. I would love to see more movies incorporating more black gold-toes socks, especially whe

doof. dies ist doch DIE Anzug-Fetisch- Website im Netz.... Deshalb holt er sich im Anzug einen runter. Weil die meisten hier drin das geil finden!!!

Well done, Matt! Always good to see Harry in action. Awesome cum shot on the suit -- and the commando trend at MAP is most welcome.

Matt Jordan 01/13/2012
Maybe you'd like to fight it out with joedoe100 who insists gold toe socks are old hat and we should burn them all. Whos right?

Matt Jordan 01/13/2012
Yeah you kind of missed the point of the whole website Menatplay is about - its about how erotic a man in a suit is - you may notice all our videos include men in suits

otc_socks 01/14/2012
I must say that solid black otc socks are more sexy than gold-toe socks. I even told my boss to change his socks into solid black brands and he answered me that he would wear his god-toes out and then go for the sold black otc socks only. I now know that

tiedupsuit 01/14/2012
Great cum shot!!!

He needs a session with Kyle King.

Harry is SO F**KING hot. Let me at that hole, that cock and balls and then let him shoot that load down my hungry throat. Grrr Shoots like a freaking cannon. WOOF!

Harry love yr thick dick and big balls.. Take me Higher!!!

I totally agree, solid black otc are more sexy than gold toe. Seeing a man in socked feet with solid black otc is a real turn on. Did you see your boss in socked feet.

tiedupsuit 01/15/2012
That would be totally hot! Especially if both stayed suited

Agree....Louis riding Kyle is an awesome combination,

LOL....Matt...we can't be so drastic (will not be fair). Once in a while, you can use regular black OTC gold toe socks for solo movies (new ones only). Burn the old faded ones...takes away video production quality!

woof woof !! brilliant cum shot...and what a rare treat to see a cleanshaven actor again!!

Fuck Harry - love you man - such power in the orgasm ...Mmmmmm baby! Would prefer you hairy though boy.....don't do the female shave thing....your hairy crotch would be a bonus! Still my fave!

how do you vote on here? if you click on the stars nothing happens

Yes, fully agree, let schow the body hair

Matt Jordan 01/16/2012
are you on a mac? the red stars for some reason dont work on the film page but they should work fie if you mouse over them on the home page or the 'all movies' page matt

Harry is beautiful...the "you know you want it" look is HOT

Suitsfan 01/19/2012
GREAT splatter shot, Harry! You'd be welcome to do that over my best suit, shirt & silk tie anytime at all . . . ;)

tiedupsuit 01/19/2012
Love a big cum shot on a dark suit. Totally hot, especially when it involves a couple of guys. I am thrilled to see more cum shots on suits as of late. Some of these suits are beautiful and appear to be very fine, at least on film. How do you remove t

Harry is one of the few models to really carry a solo. As to his awesome cum shots, so slurping lovely to see him splatter his jacket - would be nice to see him splatter another guy's suit or indeed for these messy shots to look intentional (part of the k

Rainer75 01/19/2012
I just provocate people wearing a cum stained suit! It's stunning everybody seems to be electrified and often become nervous. Sexy!

tiedupsuit 01/20/2012
Nice! You have actually worn a cum stained suit in public? How much staining and where is the staining located, on the crotch or jacket or both? I have never tried that. Wonder if the guys who notice actually make a comment.

Is Friday since 12AM ....let us see Golden Payback!

so nice .and l like it very much!!!!

This dude really has the goods: forget looks, dress, even being totally ripped; it all comes down to the size of your load. Just look at the ratings. Always an ecstasy to watch him cum, even solo, but in Harry's Appraisal the camera angle when he shoots

Harry and Alex Marte, soo fucking hot, my favourite men on your fantastic site .... seeing them go at it together ... can you arrange it? Would be my ultimate fantasy .....

thanx Matt - I'm on a PC, but yes as you say the home page stars work fine

harry you're the best! I love for you to cum to me in Los Angeles!!

totally agree! it would be the superbowl of MAP

HARRY IS HOT...fucking beautiful eyes and body...but when he shoots his load...OMG

it would our dream fantasy!!

Harry is amazing. I enjoyed his cum shot so much that I didn't even have to touch myself and I immediately came. I would love to get on my knees and suck him dry till he blows his hot creamy load in my mouth. *Sigh*

Harry is sweet as ever,would loved to have seen Mat Jordan finger Harry's anus but I guess Harry did a bang up job himself.

THis guy is a walking geyser! i did not expect that hot hot cumshot at the end~~~ WOW !!


Harry Louis knows how to wear and show sheer socks...a shame he retired!

he did???

pamelanil 07/10/2015
Does anyone where to get his jeans?

Will 12/28/2022
Beautiful boy with big cock.