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Movie Comments

Rainer75 06/29/2012
That's what I call a sexy man with a real bang! ( He has a South american origin? ) These furry chest, hairy armpits, the dark brown boner with fat cream at the end! With this striking face, Rogan certainly has a great career ahead of him - and MAP is sma

hirvi7 06/29/2012
Really hot, but the stripping off of the suit was in fast forward. For many of us that's the best part! Why cut all that great stuff out?

He has his appeal - the fur, good looks, etc. - but aside from the fact that suit flies off I do not understand why so many of the models being used are "unsuited" to wearing suits: too muscled, tattoes, or other elements such as piercings etc. There are

Matt Jordan 06/29/2012
"There are plenty of toned, fit guys out there " LOL LOL LOL

WOW! Rogan...what a 5 STAR find. Beyond hot, the eyes, the mouth, the body, the fur...i think i'm in love. I disagree about the speedy removal of the suit, he removed the clothing at a steady controlled pace, enough for me anyway. I really hope we'll be

ashishlucifer 06/29/2012
would love to see a news anchor stripping down to his birthday suit .wow.

justin606 06/29/2012
Wow, loved Rogan. The camera work was outstanding, Matt. He is very muscled but not over done and the hair grrrr! He has an incredible body and it was a total self worship scene. Even his groans at the end were off the charts for me. MAP is on a roll wi

WOW!!!What a way to celebrate 10 years by signing up Rogan Richards one of the hottest Aussie to come from down under since a young Mel Gibson!! Guys all I ask is to put him to work and make them count!! I believe you can and will!!

The Hotest guy on your site!!!

Maddog123 06/29/2012
Amazing guy!!

I agree TOTALLY, what a way to celebrate 10 years... Rogan...yum!!! Congratulations on the 10 guys!

WOW! Rogan looks a hunky younger brother version of Harry Hamlin, an american actor that was in a 30 year old movie about a guy coming to terms with being gay. Hamlin was the closeted guy's first male sex partner. The movie is "Making Love" by the way.

sidevents 06/29/2012
YAWN, sorry suit was on 44 seconds, then its just like every other porn site, oh well maybe next week.

hot new guy- he has promise- he looked so hot and complete in his otc black nylon ribbed socks- give him a chance with another model for some hardcore

wolfrolf 06/29/2012
that is the third or fourth film with the theme "man in mirror". for that i give 5 stars. well, ok. but! i dont like the facial hair (beard). for that only one, so i make the middle: 3 stars.

Beard, like everything about this guy is H-O-T!

F###in HOT!

Jon62 06/29/2012
Suit came off too quickly - in first few minutes. Not very fetishy, really. Nice guy though.

a sexy beast

I don't usually watch solo videos, but this guy is so easy on the eyes.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? ME!! Double nipple rings, cock ring, tattoos, hair, thick load: he's got it all. And i love a man who wears a jock-strap under a chalk-stripe suit. More!

ilst 06/30/2012
I TOTALLY agree with you. This solo is unlike what I normally expect from such a clip. I watched the entire length of it - with pleasure!

ilst 06/30/2012
LOVED everything about this man: face, including the beard, hairy torso, muscular legs, perfect cock and adorable ass. Plus, what a hot, tight suit. Hope this was an introduction to a lot more of action with Rogan!

Gorgeous man! Everything about him is HOT!! More please... How about a double?? Keep him coming. I'm ready...

Very nice! Great to see a man with hair on his body, pubes, and ass! Looking forward to seeing that butt licked!

Bluedog 06/30/2012
Yep - have to agree with all the others - this man is a great package: looks great suited, strips down to reveal an awesome body, and yeah I usually find the solos boring - but this guy's solo is up there with Alex Marte. Let's see much more please gents

justin606 07/01/2012
Saw a clip of this guy from the US. He is Ausralian. Hot as hell.

I don't see why finding fit toned types as opposed to muscled bear types should be any more difficult and you have found plenty of them in the past.

Totally agree.

Needs to work on his cum face....put me right off!

Incredible! More of Rogan, please.

rbirch 07/02/2012
This man is HOT - would like to see him with Alex Marte!! You guys at Men at Play keep bringing us the best!!

eroz1965 07/02/2012
He is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suitsfan 07/04/2012
Yes, Rogan is certainly hot; he's got a ruggedly handsome face, and his hairy chest & abs are to die for! They more or less make up for his excess of body ink - including a wrist design that, unfortunately, was even visible before he removed his double-c

Hey guys, Rogan has personality, sensuality plus msculinity, woow, very handsome.

I didnt find any fualt with this at all , loved him with the mirror it was like two of him !! and the way he teased nearly kissing and touching was very well done . this man is totraly hot !! cant wait to see him with ben brown or kyle king or harry loius

klaus 07/06/2012
geile drecksau ist das

rabelais 07/06/2012
Encore Encore donnez nous des beaux mecs comme ça viril poilu bien montés que du bonheur !!! je le mate tous les jours et je me branle avec !!

This guy is a total fricken MAN! WOW.... get himwith one of your masculine guys and let's see them go at each other hard! phew.... my head is pulsating.

Totally hot and one of your best yet!!! His cumming put me over the edge!!!! What a load. Damn, my head is still reeling!!!

Very hot stud! GIVE US a LOT move with him in it!

Absolutely Amazing guy, I hope he's up for more than solo's, fabulous body and hair-style. I think the black pin stripe always brings out the sex appeal of the models!!

fuck yeah!

Great looking, hairy, and built.................but a ring????? Is he really and truly gay? Definitely want to see him again...................BUT without the ring.

MAP....we are ready to see Rogan Richards in an action movie, wearing exquisite suit, white shirt and otc black sheer socks. Release that movie this Friday :-)

wow super hunk!

Holy shit I had to comment again on this superstar. Wow I love that yellow jock strap. Man o man what a stud! More please! I'll be a member for life! mmmmmm nice find..lovin it

I can always count on MAP to feature some of the most beautiful men in the world and Rogan Richards is definitely one of them. His beautiful dark eyes, the sensual shape of his lips, that hairy chest, not to even mention his other below-the-waist feature

hirvi7 09/15/2012
Grr, I'm frustrated. It's like you fast-forwarded through the best parts where he's loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt, which seems to have been filmed, but not featured. He has a great body. but you kind of skip over the parts that give some o

Tired of "the suit came off too fast"!! The man's hot in a suit but even hotter without. The man is one hell of a beast. Love everything about him including the nipple ring. Love the muscles, the hair, the face, the legs, cock and ass. Nothing wrong in my

pinkhelmut 01/07/2013
I love the overcranked camera work.. I love his how he cups his butt in those trousers for the first time.. and OH YES, GOD, this man has a CHEST to be lingered on... well, hell, this man hat got ALL parts!! A Spaniard, no doubt?? pinhelmut in the USA. T

Bull2016 10/19/2016
He is my dream!