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Movie Comments

Suitsfan 11/22/2013
This is another winner from MAP! Tony & Scott are both hot guys, and I love the chemistry between them at the outset - especially the beer-swilling and spitting over Scott's face, suit & tie. Was a bit disappointed when Scott's trousers just disappeared

tiedupsuit 11/22/2013
Another great movie. Loved every aspect of this. Beautiful suit and lining. Where did you get it? The expression on Scott's face was perfect. You could tell he really wanted it, and Tony was definitely able to delivery. Keep up the great work!

lastofthewine 11/22/2013
You can almost taste the beer, the mansweat, the cum in this one. Scott is so fuckable - don't you just love him! Tony certainly can deliver the goods. Great movie. Thanks.

ManEater 11/23/2013
OMG! Tony Gys is drop dead gorgeous. Would love to be on the receiving end with Tony. Scott's ass is WOOF! This is an excellent scene. Hope to see more of Tony. Grr.

scott-hunter 11/23/2013
ManEater, Wow! Quick off the mark! I'm glad you like the scene and yes, I agree, Tony is stunning isn't he? Was a total pleasure satisfying his needs! Scott

scott-hunter 11/23/2013
Lastofthewine, Thank you so much! Yes, Tony delivered everything I needed from a filthy top. I can assure you the beer and sweat was real too so the taste was amazing! Thanks Scott

scott-hunter 11/23/2013
Hi Tiedupsuit, Im sure the guys at MAP can tell you where the suit came from but I just wanted to say yes, you're right, I did really want it. Tony and I had a great chemistry and he was exactly what I needed that day. I'm so happy you liked the sce

scott-hunter 11/23/2013
Suitsfan, Im glad you enjoyed it as much as I did… I have to say though I agree about the trousers but there was really no way for me to be in the sling with them as they were so fitted, I couldn't flex my legs. Sorry fella, forgive us? I'm please

tiedupsuit 11/24/2013
Scott, Thanks for the response. I think it is totally cool that you reply to the comments. Makes me want to watch you even more. It was very apparent that the chemistry was there. Did you know, prior to showing up on the set, that you were going to

suitedattitude 11/24/2013
I get the idea here and they are a hot pairing but I just end up feeling it's too timid. From Scott's comments (and various movies in the past) you could go a lot further here e.g. why not empty the beer over his head or better still spit it all over him

scott-hunter 11/25/2013
Suited, Have you been reading my mind again? :) I have asked MAP or rather told them that I would LOVE to be in a group scene so, I've sewn the seed for such a film but it's quite a niche theme. I can understand why it doesn't happen so often. Al

avm212 11/25/2013
Love the socks, Scott! You are a very luck man to have had Tony Gys' dick in your mouth. I am very envious! He's very quickly becoming my favourite new porn guy.

oikoik 11/25/2013
Um…that is so beyond hot I can't stand it. I'm in full agreement. Scott dressed impeccably..but face fucked, ripped pants and pounded hard by several and then each guy just unloading all over his beautiful suit while other piss all over him…tie still

sockscalze 11/26/2013
i love the suit guys socks too. glad to see that this site is moving away from the old man black otcs. would like to see the guys wearing more patterned or stripped socks. these are the socks hot guys are wearing these days

scott-hunter 11/26/2013
Hi Avm212, Glad you liked them fella..We spent a fair amount of time trying to choose which pair to wear so glad we got it right. As for Tony's dick…well, who wouldn't? He is HOT. Such a horny guy too, I was very lucky to be the one who got to wor

scott-hunter 11/26/2013
OikOik, You got the idea down to the ground! What you've just described is my idea of heaven!! A group of guys to abuse and use me, what more could I ask for!? :) Here's hoping MAP might find a new story line for me!!! hahaha Scott

scott-hunter 11/26/2013
Hi Tiedupsuit, It's a pleasure. Everyone is so nice to me on here and I feel its the least I could do to reply given that comments like yours help ensure MAP ask me back. With regard to knowing who I'm with, usually I get only a few days notice that

suitedattitude 11/26/2013
It's been done with other models in the past and Damien and the like would empty over you so here's to hoping!

aerograham 11/28/2013
Can not get this to play!!

aerograham 11/28/2013
Hey Like to watch a movie with you?? Get in touch [email protected]

suitedattitude 11/30/2013
Can we please have a download and save option for the screen caps please.

joedoe1000 12/01/2013
Both of you guys are gorgeous, great actors and full of sensuality. Will love to see a second part in which Tony take off Scott's shoes and play with his socked feet.Thanks guys for an excellent film!

sockscalze 12/01/2013
Scott: i see you responded to a previous thread about your socks. i am so glad to hear you took the time to select such a hot pair. i love this vid because those socks are what i expect to see on a hot guy who know style in a suit. maybe in your next

scott-hunter 12/04/2013
Hi Sockscalze, I will do my best to remember matey :) Scott

scott-hunter 12/04/2013
Hi Joedoe1000, Glad to hear you liked the scene fella…hope you keep coming back, theres more to come!! Scott

scott-hunter 12/04/2013
Hi Suited, That is an option or at least it is for me? Can you not see them? Thanks Scott

suitedattitude 12/07/2013
Nope there is just "download" and there needs to be gallery to see online plus download to save the zip file. It's not there.

bazildon 12/08/2013
Love scott hunter work never dissapoints

cricaz 12/09/2013
ERRR dude who gives a fuck what socks he wears...... i ain't looking at his feet

x981 12/12/2013
Some people like socks. I'm one of them. It's fucking hot!

suitedattitude 12/14/2013
Can we have the screencaps please

scott-hunter 12/21/2013
hi bazildon, Thank you so much matey, Im glad you liked the film…I loved recording it!! Scott

scott-hunter 12/21/2013
Hi cricaz, I'm hoping you liked the film as much as we enjoyed recording it matey, with or without socks :) Scott

scott-hunter 12/21/2013
The link shows for me: does that not work? Scott

dutchsuit 01/23/2014
very nice - pity that something is wrong with the link to the screen caps.

aTop4allSeasons 02/12/2014
Well Mr Scott Hunter if there is one fit bottom guy on this site I would love to get acquainted with it is definitely you. I really envy those top men fucking you. Great movie as are all the movies you bottom in. Looking mighty fine in your suit as always

georgeroundy 02/13/2014
Scott, I must have missed this's just GREAT. As always you take it like a man in a suit should and I'm very pleased to see it's Tony that servicing you. He is lovely, although I do prefer him fully clothed to start.. his sex on the sofa film was

kintyre 09/09/2014
Scott Hunter - still the best bottom on this site!!

kintyre 11/23/2015
Why don't we see more of Scott? He is such a HOT bottom!!

TomHHCity 01/04/2017
Would like to see Scott again on MAP....

TomHHCity 01/04/2017
Would like to see Scott again on MAP....

TomHHCity 01/04/2017
Would like to see Scott again on MAP....

Austindave 01/02/2019
Scott Hunter is the BOMB what a sexy man