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Movie Comments

HOT guy, lets put him in some nice suits! :-)

Hot man. Almost makes up for the fact that we haven't been getting two vids a week lately.

Something about those Hungarian boy that are soooo hot!!! Let's see how well this guy cleans up!!!!

This fellow is VERY attractive, from the hairy legs, handsome features and my favourite, a mole on the cheek. But the actual film does nothing for me. I feel Lukas in a more suited enviornment, the closet perhaps, would have generated the heat I like to f

What a stallion! Bring him back for more fun!

Great natural guy - and no tattoos or piercings - so please give us more of him!! But something else: I downloaded this casting video, but it has no sound, at least not on my computer. Is there something wrong with the download file??

A handsome young guy, who, for a change is not overmuscled or have tatoos or piercings, but not much personality came out in the casting film. Perhaps once he finds his scene and gets dressed up he may be more exciting. Good potential though!

Rainer75 04/06/2011
Why should we know this? Be happy to consume fine porn by MAP's, it doesn't matter someone is gay or not, a man is a man is a man!!! Be happy your neighbors don't want to know wonder you like the rough way wether prefer vanilla sex. Don't go too private.

Well, Mr.Rainer75 they usually ask that question in the interview, and of course if they are straight there are some things these sexy lads will NOT do. I remember being v.disapointed with Northern David on that one. But as you say, he's a handsome man an

i love your hairy legs dam your hot i wish i could suck your dick

Rainer75 04/06/2011
Dear jthomas! I have no illusions. For money nearly every straight man will do everything! For me that causes all these boring films where they have problems to get a hard on, beside nervousness. Let's enjoy every horny guy who likes to show off not askin

bonkers131 04/06/2011
Paper bag it, nice body and nice cock.

Be nice bonkers. I like Lucas. ;)

no reaction on my first posting - does that mean that I'm the only one having a sound problem with the download of this video?

Marox 04/08/2011
the WMV file has sound now

nachosilva 04/08/2011
Hello, it seems there was a problem with the sound of the video in the wmv format, but is just fixed.

I think it's a good video, but it's upside down?????? Is there some way to adjust that?

Marox 04/12/2011
the wmv issue has been soted now

It's right side up today, thanks! Hot young stud ... hope you use him well ... maybe bound, teased and milked??

Hot stud - he has a beautiful neck - like to have seen him relax more with his head back on the back og the sofa - chill dude!

i hate it when people wank with one finger

Lucas is: Lusty Unique Charming Awesome Sexy! Bring him back and have him fuck a fleshlight, fuck himself with a nice glass dildo, and shoot his load into a mirror or atop a glass topped table!

I`d love to see this hunk in leather and/or with another man. He is gorgeous. Lets get more of him.

Lucas is a handsome devil with a fabulous body and great muscle definition - love his hairy legs. Some make-up and a suit and he'd look great. Got me rock hard watching him - so much so that I had to hook the Aussiebums waistband under my balls and wanks

another one spoilt because you don't show their face when they cum.

77mojito 02/07/2013
Lucas i think is a bit shy. He didnt show much but in due time he will shine. He has the potential to be a very good porn star.

albert 06/29/2013
Very hot guy!

robicart 12/03/2014
Great face! Great body! Great cock! Where is he now?

limerick 09/08/2016
Where is this guy now! He is wonderful!