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Movie Comments

raven 04/25/2014
Kind of BORING. Woody does have a nice dick however. Raven

suitedattitude 04/25/2014
Boring, my arse... Been waiting for a movie like this for an age where a suited guy is forced to spunk and make a mess of himself and it's Woody, goody goody, no-one better. AND we get bonuses. Just wondering who had the enviable task of milking him (M

Craig65 04/25/2014
You managed to make Woody Fox boring. Make a real movie, with a real plot and chemistry. You are wasting my money with these half ass boring scenes. You need new ideas and more attention to detail. It bothers me that you are really the only site for suits

masstiehemd 04/25/2014
EXCELLENT, really SUUUUper. Last week I asked Fox and his beautiful suits, his magnificent ties and finally this week I am filled!!! The dick of Fox is magnificent. This Golden striped tie and Black is very sexy. In the bonus, the mauve tie is good also..

olderbutsexy 04/25/2014
VERY sexy arm and hand :) And Woody is very sensual

loosetie13 04/25/2014
That is the most perfect tie loosening yet seen! Very horny. I wonder where the tie was from? I want one!

georgeroundy 04/25/2014
Although my preference is to see Woody f*****g a suited guy, this trio will do very nicely thanks, guys! Woody's penis is indeed magnificent I'd love to get my tongue around it!! Is Mr. Jordan the lucky owner of the wandering arm and hand?

Matt Jordan 04/25/2014
thanks, love you too

Matt Jordan 04/25/2014
if youre dissapointed every friday why you paying to be a member?

hatetatoos-4-2 04/25/2014
I love Woody, and the three films cover all the bases. Congratulations on a clever way to satisfy the fetishes of most of your members. The suits and the tuxedo are beautiful like Woody. I thought the sock fetish was very sexy. I never tire of watching Wo

Okay 04/25/2014
Wow Hope that necktie is for sale Love his sexy pubes

luis2 04/25/2014
I love Woody and his accent but this vid is really boring

joe123 04/25/2014
Why sheer socks? I wish Woody Fox can wear men socks!

Robmanc 04/25/2014
Totally agree with Loosetie13

Robmanc 04/25/2014
I have that tie. Bought it in m&s

Robmanc 04/25/2014
I agree with you. Tie loosening one of my biggest turn ons. Shame there aren't more with this in.

johnnyt43 04/25/2014
love MEN at PLAY, not a woody FOX fan.

ScuffedShoes 04/26/2014
I really enjoyed the first scene but kept waiting at the end for the guy that bound Woody up to blow his load all over the suit and tie also. Seems that Woody loves that scene. The tux and sock parts were disappointing in that nothing really happened.

ken4cock 04/26/2014
Loosen his yoke, then stroke the bloke; his dick in your hand puts you in command. To jerk off is fun, when you hold his gun. Great shoot, guys.

NylonOTCs 04/26/2014
This was great!...Woody you are the perfect "Man"!!!....I think MAP is def. on the right track! You have a face that is perfect with the light beard and slick hair. And the cock is like, WOW!!!...The sock fetish is to die for. Don't ever stop wearing long

ronylh 04/26/2014
you may have your own taste... but you can't categorize a "sex" for socks. It is insulting to others .. just like insulting all homosexuals.

Rainer75 04/26/2014
For me a real pleasure of a suit-fetish-film! Sometimes in our circle in Hamburg we force a guy to get milked from us also. This play with dominance and submission is more erotic than a stupid gang-bang orgy! You did it very well - Woody has been the hap

TuxedUpStud 04/26/2014
I was really looking forward to seeing Woody spew while all tuxed up. *sad face*

luther5 04/26/2014
Force milking a suited guy like Woody is a dream come true. Wish I could have done the actual milking! I keep asking the folks at MAP to do a "job interview" video, in which a guy like Woody is forced to strip before the company boss in order to be "ins

Matt Jordan 04/26/2014
Well maybe our second Woody update on Tuesday will satisfy that forced stripping fantasy...

Happyfella 04/27/2014
Woody has such a beautiful uncut cock. Love to see his foreskin slide back and forth. I would love to wank and suck him off.

Swedetodd 04/27/2014
Absolut " GREAT" more,more,more.........

BlackTie2006 04/28/2014
This is perfect, no stripping at all he REMAINS SUITED THE WHOLE TIME. He wears a beautiful big knotted silk tie and then is rouged up - how horny is that. This one made me re-join thanks!

BlackTie2006 04/28/2014
NO STRIPPING please ruins the whole concept of being suited.

shawnx11 04/28/2014
PLEASE, ENOUGH WITH THE SHEER SOCKS!! Thin nylon socks should just be kept for women.

kendeezyx 04/29/2014
I love seeing a good suit torn to shreds though. I would have enjoyed it more if you tore all his clothes off. Still a good shoot though:)

joedoe1000 05/01/2014
The sheers are amazing (sheer socks has nothing to do with gender). Those must be so comfortable and look great with suit (better than cotton ones with gold toe section). All great clothing designer sell good sheer socks at prices over 100 euros.

luther5 05/02/2014
So do I. Would love seeing two suited guys get in a fight, both getting their suits ripped to shreds (perhaps with a crowd of other suited guys taunting them each to strip the other guy naked). What do you think?

suitedattitude 05/02/2014
How on earth can people complain about this and or the suit staying on - the whole set up is so horny, how it must feel to be smartly suited up but tied and jacked knowing you can't control cumming and that your spunk will mess up your outfit or to be the

Happyfella 05/03/2014
Wonderful. How I would love to have Woody powerless and wank that beautiful uncut cock till he shoots.. Great fantasy. what a cock and balls the man has .

ronylh 05/03/2014

wolfioti 05/08/2014
Maybe the name of the site should change to Menatplayinsheerhose, since it is so entirely focused on this particular fetish now. Then those of us with long-standing subscriptions who are annoyed and distracted by seeing those hose in every scene can know

gbbootguy 05/08/2014
Love, love, love this video!!! I like men in suits bound and gagged.....who hasn't had a boss or superior or just another guy thye work with, that you see all suited and wanted to do to him what Woody had done to him!! Helpless, stimulated forced to cu

frederickrayhon 05/13/2014
totally agree

bound2tie 05/18/2014
I also re-joined just to see this movie. Great to see bondage, with Windsor tie-knot, and the shirt and tie left on throughout. PLEASE do more bondage scenes like this. Thanks, Dan

bound2tie 05/18/2014
next time you do a suit-bondage vid, how about Marco Rubi as the bound guy; looks nice, looks good in shirt and tie, and says in his profile that he is into bondage.

Rickg 06/11/2014
I agree with you, joedoe. The nylon type are so much better looking, more classy that the cotton type socks.

Rickg 06/11/2014
He is wearing mens socks!

carjopi 09/08/2014
bondage & class: good mix

mapguys 09/22/2014
ken4cock wrote: Loosen his yoke, then stroke the bloke; his dick in your hand puts you in command. To jerk off is fun, when you hold his gun. Great shoot, guys. I agree. Let us see more of you (or anyone else) jerking a guy off in stead of him having to

abc375266731 12/03/2014
Oh gosh I miss Mr.Fox so much!

loosecollarntie 12/21/2014
Love the loosening of tie and how the 2nd topped button is ripped off. What a fantasy, woody is so hot!

loosetie13 01/05/2015
One of the hottest tie loosenings on this site, I think!

auhottie 03/01/2015
So hot all round. Offer Woody Fox anything to return MAP; this was fantastic.

limerick 03/25/2015
This is a very hot collection of Mr. Fox's fabulous assets!! The tuxedo is my favorite!

neilboi 05/15/2015
Woody Fox has such a beautiful cock. I don't know how that cameraman resisted the temptation to suck it. I don't think I could have!

Logan5 05/23/2015
Bring Woody Fox. A flip flop with Logan Moore would be a dream come true.

decodude57 09/26/2018
Too many closeups

The ribbed sheer socks are sensationally sexy!!! More ribbed sheer socks PLZ!!

cutawaycollar 11/26/2023
Surely one of the best shoots done by MAP, Woody in three different outfits and all well executed (by Matt I asssume) he has such an eye for detail. Certainly enough in these 3 short vignettes to get any suit lover hard and raring to go.