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Movie Comments

Another brilliant concept from you guys! Breaking the language barrier MAP style! The scene was white hot and the models have perfect chemistry! I especially like Marco's arrogance playing against Alex's supposed innocence!! Great job you guys keep them c

Marco and Alex couldnt wait till the end once the rimming started i shot my load HOT HOT HOT!!

por lo que mas quieran en la vida.... necesitamos un video de ALEX MARTE con CARLOS CABALLERO... les aseguro que las computadoras van a explotar con tanto calor...... podría ser un regalito de navidad..

Two absolutely gorgeous guys in a smoking scene! Thanks MAP.

Very hot scene!! MAP is on fire. :-)

wolfrolf 10/15/2010
why must the men so often 3-day-facial hair or beards be have? i don't like that. i missed the smooth men like mark from "mirrorman I" or "the stalker"

Hot! Hot! Hot! Good to see the sexy Marco back again and partnered with Alex a match made in heaven!!! One suited and one naked such a sexually charged encounter... more please!!!! Think both guys looked great with the facial hair just mirrors the loo

Almost perfect except for gold toe socks (outdated)....come on guys....wear OTC Black Sheer socks!

Yuk No - Hate sheer socks.......

Alex Marte is one hot fuckin' piece of to see more of him...hotest guy on the site so far I thyink...mmmmmmm. Thanks MAP!

otc_socks 10/16/2010
Yes but at least we got to see some long black otc socks and that was hot more sock adminiration.

Nice pairing and nice ass! Great to see MAP back on form.

This is one HOT movie!! Well done MAP. A pairing made in heaven, and the cmnm aspect is so horny, I hope we get more clothed male nude male action!! 20 out of 10 for this one!!!!! Ted

Your story plots are always excellent, but I feel the models make the story wonderful to watch or not so interesting. Here you have two terrific models and a good plot. I liked the way that Marte stripped while Marco left the room, and was in a sexy posi

Je n'arrive pas à bien retrouver MAP dans les dernières productions. Trop de nu, pas assez de costume chemise cravate. Même si dans le dernier opus Marco rest vêtu assez longtemps, et même s'il joue avec sa cravate autout de la bite d'Alex, je ne sui

justin606 10/29/2010
Hot, scorching, heart racing...OMG You guys are creating the best videos around. The vids are so good I wish they were much longer. Alex and Marco were perfect even in the differences between their body shapes and weights. Alex just oozes sexuality.

2010dude 10/17/2010
Absolutley love the dialoge in this movie very funny at the begining...

One of the biggest turn ons for me that was displayed was Alex's gorgeous body. We've seen him before but i found him just irresistable here. And one of the most attractive things about him (and by no means the not the only one) was the size of this man's

The models should keep their suits for longer . I do not understand why they strip at the beginning of the production. I want them to stay fully dressed and suited all through the movie

Great to see Marco back and he will be sorely missed. Well acted movie, the start was huge fun. Only shame was Marco's suit came off at the end as well know he can go the distance with it on.

xavierdh 10/17/2010
the beginning was so funny LOL

I agree, these guys should keep their suits longer, that's why "suit fetish" it's called so...

Keep the suits along the action, please, we want to see these guys having fun while they're dressed up, it hasn't to be nude or fully dressed all the time, you got to get the right balance.

I agree with this we want Carlos and Alex together having suited good time, come on this will be a wonderful holidays treat!

tiedupsuit 10/18/2010
Was hoping this weekend movie would have included Ben, but I'll take Alex. Great movie. Always good to see Marco. Only with they had kept their suits on longer. Would have been great to see the back of Alex's suit coverd with Marco's cum in the end.

I agree this is a hot and excellent movie. You guys are becoming true masters of this art form. Some comments. I would love to see the bottom without a beard. I also thought that he was not horny enough, but then I thought that was a good thing -- fantasi

don't agree with comments about suits not on long enough. Marco's is on the entire time. As long as the socks stay on, I'm good. These guys are a great pair and I love seeing someone as big as Alex bottom.

Alex is the best EVER. He true hard passion. Please release more videos with him. ciao Alex

vooi 10/20/2010
wow i love the way they kiss ... its fucking hot !!

SuitSexChi 10/21/2010
Suck. Rim. Fuck. What a surprise. I realize it's porn and a fetish site, but don't you have more than one formula?

Alex Marte is a triple threat, he's got the face, body and his best feature his massive awesome bubblebutt. I loved his acting performance when he pretended not to understand English. It was very amusing, Marte comes across as a very likeable and sweet na

Do you want them to perform magic tricks while they have sex ? Alex Marte could juggle or pull a rabbit out of a top hat while Marco rimmed and plowed his ass. Give Matt and Rico a break, this is the classiest porn site on the internet.

hector 10/21/2010
hot hot hot! fucking!!!!! woooooooooooooooow

Albert12345 10/21/2010
good fucking!

visifranco 10/21/2010
Great. Alex is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope there's a back stage movie of this ? I always find them more interesting, erotic and arousing. The way Matt Jordan meticulously grooms and dresses the models, putting on their crisp white dress shirts, buttoning their cufflinks, checking their trou

so slow!!!!!!!!!!!1

luke1106 10/27/2010
too slow!!

TJLubbe 10/29/2010

mabelnorman 11/07/2010
just a great film alex marte was a bottem and a half in fact double that love to see hom as a top

best new italian stud!i wish i was marco!

Assman69er 11/13/2010
Wicked ass...wicked sex.

I agree... The socks staying on and high up the calves is the what makes this site for me! Such a good selection of models with great legs... Alex Marte, Ben Brown, Marco Wilson, Brocky Brown, Marvin... Mmmm!

vidmaz 11/22/2010
please more videos with Alex Marte where he talks more - his way of talking is veeeery sexy, it turns me on!!!! more of his vioce please

vidmaz 11/22/2010
i think it's balanced just fine, i wouldn't like them to have more suits on

ssilkyj 12/03/2010
I could hardly get through half without milking my hand... I had to watch seven times to see end! Damn Alex too hot

The moment when Marco walks in to find Alex in only tight briefs, a tie, and great-looking otc socks is the stuff that wet dreams are made of, and while Alex may be a hot man, Marco is downright scorching!

I want Alex to shoot his hot load all over my face and then come down on my face slowly so I can enjoy seeing his fuck hole ready to slide and grind all that delicious load down my fuckin throat.

02/13/2011 what a great ass and body..more more

Need to get out of the suite.Alex great looks Marco need to see more of.

he is actually your best actor please product much more items with him

very enjoyable, two of our best men acting out our fantisies, very commendable , thank you.

Alex is so sexy, not surprised he won an award!!!

agreed, this is one of the best, thanks. highlight for me is when alex bucks up and down while being rimmed and Marco's well aimed manly spits right on to his hole. marco was hot in his suit - sure it would be good to see more of him but i like the sight

damn thes two guys really rock the screen !!! how could one like alex have such a damn fucking hot ass and be such a great fucker ...woof. my compliments !

Very good.. but I would have let the suit up till the end.. seeing tie moves with differents position would be very fetish and new!but however it's a good movie

olderbutsexy 09/11/2012
Alex is definitely the hottest man on MAP - especially when in such great physical shape. And so responsive! Marco does a good job - fucks and sucks like a demon. Alex coming while riding Marco's cock is a great turn-on. Bravo, bel vittelone!

Alex Marte and all performers at MAP deserve high quality long sheer socks or garters with sheer socks. Gold toe socks are so cheap. MAP is at a higher level. ill love to see Alex on nice Spanish executive sheer socks. Ask you Spanish actors to bring th

Okay 05/04/2013
I hate the spoiler in the beginning! Dont like the yellow tie so much. Love the sextalk in the beginning, rude and sexy. More swearing would be Nice. FANTASTIC when he sits there in the underwar, and hes got the tie, fantastic! The licking of the face is


everhard12321 03/21/2015
Without a doubt this is the finest film Menatplay has ever produced. As the film that made Alex Marte a star, I can't fault anything in this production. Outstanding in every regard.