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Movie Comments

Angus 08/29/2014
Oh my god, you make me melted

suitstudda 08/29/2014
It is good to see Jay Roberts back. Hopeto see more of him in suit video.

sparty 08/29/2014
Welcome back Jay. Great scene and loved the kissing. Hey Jay if can't grow a decent beard, keep it clean. I am just sayin'!

Rainer75 08/29/2014
I was now all set to actors from the Iberian region and this has also enjoyed. The two men from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands can very well stand up. Love to see Jay again, most handsome than ever with his stubbled face and a body a bit bulkier. And love to see Logan again so soon - there is something in his attitude so unbelievable sexy and desirable. Chemistry between both hunks seems to be magnetic - Jay is rockhard from the beginning and Logan a passionate bottom with an thick amount of Holland cream - delicious!!! I love the movie, allthough it was not really a suit-film. Both guys will inspire me for many climaxes with their work. Thank you, MAP!

Rainer75 08/29/2014
Why? It's his ride on a wild side...

juanpadilla 08/29/2014
they are twinks... i don t like them

loosetie13 08/29/2014
Wow! What a fantastic video! Loved the super hot unbuttoning of the wet, white shirt. Got me all hot here - might need a shower to cool down!

loosetie13 08/29/2014
Also, can I just say how hot the white, spread collar shirts that have appeared in all the recent vids have been? Inspired me to get my own - and to get fucked in ;-)

Cooper62636 08/29/2014
Great wet suit and hot socks.

olderbutsexy 08/29/2014
Good sex, well done team, Jay knows what he's doing and Logan is a sweet bottom boy

Snickers69 08/29/2014
Great video lads very horny well done hugh

oikoik88 08/29/2014
Logan Moore is Hot!!! He looks spectacular in the cutaway collar and I love that he sucks cock with it done up and tie done up as well. Wish Jay would have used him hard ...kept him suited and ripped a hole in the dress pants and went to town. But that's my fantasy..not yours! Kudos to the first half of this video.

34mtwhy5 08/30/2014
damn such a hot scene. love that Jay is back. He was always a major hottie. What a pair

wallys13 08/30/2014
what a great scene, loved seeing Jay again , and how cute is logan.....those eyes, those lips, like I said I enjoyed the two of them , hot dicks and I almost came twice , once while they were in the shower kissing , and then when we see jay fucking logan and logan's beautifully shaped socked feet waving in the air .....lovely

protoskore 08/31/2014
THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU for doing another wet suit movie - i love it - it's exactly why i pay you guys ! please think about making more of those in the future - this is the best and most amazing way to get all hot and steamy - by wearing a suit and getting into the pool or shower - Your Friend :-)

Bensbox 08/31/2014
Luv those burgundy socks! How did they get dry so fast?!!

Suitsfan 09/01/2014
>"This is the best and most amazing way to get all hot and steamy - by wearing a suit and getting into the pool or shower"< I couldn't agree more! Wet (and/or messy) does it for me every time - especially when such handsome guys are involved! ;-)

protoskore 09/02/2014
They put on a new set between shots - that's what i hate about them - they replace to a dry suit between shots - leave the wet suit on ! that's what it's all about !! you can clearly see in the film - "Papi rules" that he gets into the pool fully suited and than when he go out to the bed with the other guy he is totaly dry.

Matt Jordan 09/02/2014
Errr. Sorry guys you're completely wrong. In Papi rules, edu got to of the pool then we moved in doors to film. He stayed the whole time in the wet suit. If he looks dry its because it was 32 degrees and he dried out quickly. I wish we had the time and the money to have duplicate suits and were able to 'replace the suits between shot' but we don't have 2 of everything. In this scene if the socks look drier after getting out of the shower thats because they got drier in real time.

1939skipper 09/02/2014
WUNDERBAR! Rates six stars out of five. DUTCHUNCLE

joedoe1000 09/03/2014
LOL...that is why I like sheer socks...dry super fast!

BlackTie2006 09/03/2014
I loved the tie, big sexy Windsor knot and horny cutaway collar. Nice he kept them on for longer, and very hot chemistry.

NYCfan 09/04/2014
Matt or Rico, Please let us know if this has become a site dedicated to men with facial hair? My observation is that there hasn't been a clean shaven man in a very very long time. If there are going to be few clean shaven men in the future, it would be great to know this. Thanks

suitedattitude 09/04/2014
I was similarly a bit baffled as to was this really a wet movie or not but liked the bits that were. Matt, can you sort the screencaps for 101 Things to do with a Straight Guy please.

NylonOTCs 09/05/2014
This was totally super cock tantalizing!, MAP. Jay you are too fucking hot for words love your style for fucking, man. Would love to meet up with you at 2:am sometime and have you give me a "backdoor" welcome call.. And speaking of fucking, Logan...I cannot say enough about that delicious "cupcake" ass you sport. Yes the eyes, lips, nips....but that ASS!!! Loved you in the blue briefs...Agree with "joedoe1000" sheers in that color or dark blue would of been sexier (my love for thin nylon OTC Socks and love'm wet also!). But the scene was awesome guys!...I want to find out what bars you hang out at?...I just cannot say enough on "Logan". Your are, by far, "The blue-eyed beauty"...Don't ever stop looking so innocent it adds to your character. Being brazen here, thought I had an ass from the heavens until I saw you!!!....Signed...(another)... "Your Fan and Friend" )-: NylonOTCs the military tats on the arm, buddy!

Suitsfan 09/05/2014
Few MAP videos get me shooting my load within the first 4 minutes - but this one did (does; it certainly bears repeated viewings!) Totally horny from the outset; I LOVE watching Logan's passion-driven drift into the shower fully suited. Both guys are hot, and it's definitely my kind of scene! Well done, guys - and thanks!

joedoe1000 09/07/2014
I like this scene with Logan Moore and Jay Roberts (besides the fact that actors are not wearing my type of socks). Jay as a top is always a pleasure to see. BTW....I noticed that Dr. Dani movie was closed for comments...but I want to say that Dani Robles is super elegant, I like that serie. Thanks Matt for adding diversity to MAP.

PornfanHH 09/19/2014
Super sexy! made me cum several times

jake2064 10/05/2014
Jay and Logan at their best

acdc1978 10/06/2014
i want to go to the gym!!! my goodness i would love to see a guy with a hard cock like that in the shower!!!!!!!!

Logan5 05/23/2015
Logan does it again. He is one super sexy man.

acapulco12 05/31/2015

Bull2016 10/14/2016

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
Those are cheap regular cotton socks

joedoe1000 02/05/2017 sheer creativity

Federico69 03/23/2017
Love Jay's Hardon!

Sherman 03/26/2017
Great video. Rating of 100....perfect. Jay has the best large long cock but he also has a good hairy bush. Sexy. Logan has a nice cock but not sexy likeJay with his great hairy bush. Jay a real man. Thanks Jay for a great cum. Shot.....enjoyed.

Sherman 08/23/2017
This video starting out quickly with Jay and his hairy hard on. Good cock. One of the best " cum shots ", Jay. Still go back to this video after several years. Great job men. 23 August 2017...................................................................

Sherman 08/30/2017
Logan, with that beautiful body, you have no hair around your cock to make you sexy. Is this the way it is? Or do you shave your cock area? You would be more sexy with a hairy cock. ...................... 30 August 2017................................................

Dormroom 12/30/2020
This video was very hot The guys look amazing and the suck cock like there’s no tomorrow

Blk436 02/24/2022
Love the socks