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Movie Comments

robicart 11/30/2018
Why does MAP have so many where one is tied up? Borders on rape.

jeremy_hunk 11/30/2018
Great to see Dato (and his foreskin back). He looks good as ever. Good to see new comer to MAP, Tyler. Very hot. Wish to see more of his sexy chest

johnnyt43 11/30/2018
SO great to see Dato back. really like the new guy Tyler. Dato is always so hot and passionate. Good job MAP..

musclefucks 11/30/2018
Mmmmm, what a sexy film, amigos, gracias! Tyler is a great new find, elegant and classy and so earthy as he gets fucked ... such a cool culo too us MORE of him please! As for Dato, his allure never wanes. Cute face, good body, great cock and balls. And a serious fucker!

otc_socks 12/01/2018
So boring, not a glimps of otc socks.

raven 12/01/2018
Handsome,well groomed models. Good photography. Boring scenario with bondage, etc. I know you can be more creative... RAVEN

Phaerim 12/01/2018
Love it! A shame the tied up guy ain't suited though.

mtmslg 12/01/2018
Tyler is a handsome addition and Data is a god. Love to see them in a 3 way with Logan or Dani. Love to see more 3 ways PERIOD.

treex2hk 12/02/2018
I wished the guy who got tied up was still in suits while laying on the bed, maybe without his dress shoes showing his feet in OTC socks, and with his cock pulled out of his pants. For the suited guy though, it's a shame that there is no scene showing his dress socks. I would love to see his dress shoes got unlaced and pulled off, his socked feet got worshipped, see him wiggle his toes while getting fucked, and see his OTC socks being pulled off... instead of the cutting those scenes and go straight to scenes showing his bare feet

Rainer75 12/03/2018
Dear MAP management! I need tutoring. There are two possibilities for a bondage for me. The 1 st is: The "victim" is involuntarily disabled and can now be "abused". It is helpless. You can do things with the tied up that would not be possible when you're in the state - a rape as it were. The 2 st is: the tied up wants to be helpless and enjoys submission and humilitation as a fetish. He feels that being abandoned is a satisfaction. Here in this movie, after a few minutes, the bondage is released and the helpless guy is allowed to fuck the "master". This is not a masturbation template for me and completely illogical - so the whole bondage is useless and superfluous. For me this is a perfect example of inconsistend and spoiled movies as so often in the past. When will finally something change - or am I on the wrong track???

Macnbrd3 12/06/2018
I agree with Rainer75. This is the farthest thing from a bondage scene I have ever watched. It's just a joke. The victim is no more a victim than the master is a master.

icewheel 12/08/2018

alexwag5 12/11/2018
Was expecting the worst reading some the comments. Instead I loved it, both players are super sexy and the movie was really well shot. Thanis MAP.

RQUEST 12/16/2018
I love Dato but this movie stinks - YUK

musclefucks 03/12/2019
Great work gents. Tyler is so vocal and responsive to being fucked. Dato is so good, one tends to take him for granted, but he always delivers big time. And what a treat he is for the eye - that slightly wild face, excellent body and great cock. One forgets how hard these performers work, and how convincing they are

hyper80 04/28/2019
Dato is by far the hottest man on MAP

MuscleDude 06/15/2019
Loved the intensity and unbridled passion by both these dudes. One small regret. Like to have seen more of Dato’s back and butt as the tempo increased and the butt takes on a life of it’s own.