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Movie Comments

jeremy_hunk 12/11/2015
HOT ! HOT ! HOT ! This is certainly one of the best this year. Always love Flex. Marco is an absolute hunk.

joedoe1001 12/11/2015
I prefer scenes with 2 well dressed executives (from head to toes). Keeping shirt, tie and sheer socks on from beginning to end. I will wait for next scene.

klaus 12/11/2015
I love these men. They are awesome and so muscular.

ScuffedShoes 12/12/2015
I really liked the premise of this movie.... Guy in suit, white shirt, shiny shoes meets blue collar guy, they go out into the country on a dusty dirt road to get it on. Guy in the suit takes his turn on his knees servicing the blue collar guy and the suit guy gets his suit fucked up, his white shirt gets dirty, and the shiny shoes get all scuffed up in the process. Nope, not going to happen in this one. Turns out to be just a run of the mill suck and fuck film like we've seen over and over again. Once the clothes come off there is nothing to distinguish between the two men and they just turn into porn actors. So disappointing. I had such hope that this one would finally lead to a little suit/blue collar romp.

robicart 12/12/2015
Such a disappointment. Very, very predictable. Such a waste of two nice hunks.

SILIGATO4 12/12/2015
Great movie. I want to see more business men taking their clothes off-and I mean all the clothes, even the socks. Also exploding in the mouth is good to see.

LeoMap15 12/12/2015
bottoms make the hottest tops

Dan1762 12/12/2015
Oh hell yeah -- I always knew Flex had it in him. An awesome top. But would like to see the suit get more messed up in that gravel... And I'd love to see Flex or Denis Vega, or maybe both, top Enzo Rimenez.

LORIS 12/12/2015
Predictable, but so HOT with Flex this time as a fantastic top !! What a rear view - both asses are to die for and Marco's armpits drove me totally wild !

Timmaness 12/12/2015
More Marco Rubi please! So fucking hot!

olderbutsexy 12/12/2015
Flex is a hot top, Marco, controlling bottom, sexy off the planet :) Thanks to all concerned

joedoe1001 12/12/2015
Agree 100%

joedoe1001 12/12/2015
In other words...more of the same.

joedoe1001 12/12/2015
This is a site of gentlemen wearing exquisite suit, shirt and sheer socks. Not a mediocre website where everybody gets completely naked which is boring and more of the same boring stuff.

everhard12321 12/13/2015
"Rear View" requires viewers to pay close attention to its finer details. The camera focuses its gaze on Flex's shoes (apparently the filmmakers are listening to our requests about shoes), the gloves on Marco Rubi's hands, and the van as a site of happenstance sex between blue collar men and white collar men who want to fuck and cum quickly, hotly, and get back to work. Flex, having more than earned his stripes as one of the industry's best bottoms, is beginning to enhance his reputation as a top. Marco Rubi's and Flex's asses are the stars here, so plump, globular, and firm. Butts like that could make any powerbottom hop the fence. My one wish for this film is that Marco Rubi and Flex had flip fucked or gone ass-to-ass on a double dildo. Hope springs eternal.

jonberis 12/13/2015
Have to admit. Downloaded it , watched it and immediately deleted it--not a keeper at all.

masstiehemd 12/13/2015
I m Ok and I préfere when a partner keeps his shirt on and his tie till the end when his partner cum on the mouth but also the tie and the shirt

masstiehemd 12/13/2015
I'm ok to this comment and for the imagination of the end of the meeting

masstiehemd 12/13/2015
me too

NylonOTCs 12/14/2015
Marco has an ass from the heavens, no doubt about it! Round, plump, like two melons ready to be popped!!! Flex is a HOT top!...The sex is fantastic but will have to agree with, "jodoe1001" He read mind and he says it all, can't make it any better, man! Use the sheer socks to entice us! But the as pumping fucking with the beat!, is just totally awesome here! Watched it several times and will again!

raven 12/14/2015
Flex and Marco are really awesome models who don't disappoint their audience. Nice photography and interesting use of the rearview mirror. Would enjoy seeing Marco in a suit again. RAVEN

HighlandLeatherStud 12/24/2015
Smoking is a real turn off, not attractive at all.

cumchum 12/26/2015
This video is fucking hot!! Both guys have great bodies. Both are put to full effect. We get a great rear shot of Flex's ass pounding away! And Marco tenses his muscles to add to the tension. Absolutely loved it. Took a couple of times to get to the end as came before I got there! Rear views of guys fucking always turn me on. More of the same please.

confranfan 01/03/2016
More on this guy Marci Rubi...............he's stuck in my head for ever now!

confranfan 01/03/2016
More on this guy Marci Rubi...............he's stuck in my head for ever now!

ilst 01/16/2016
I love men having sex in suits and I understand the requests for porn scences with fully dressed models. But as everhard appropriately put it, Marco's and Flex's asses are the stars here, and at some point the cloths have to come off. Sex in suits is hot, as is watching those two round and firm asses from the rear as they pound away (well expressed by cumchum). Besides both models muscled body must not go unnoticed. I'm delighted how talented Flex is as a top.

ilst 01/16/2016
I agree, in particular with the wish concluding the comment.

DesertMan 02/08/2016
Yup....I have to agree. The smoking detracted from Flex. You want elegance? That ain't it. Otherwise the video was excellent.

marcantony2 09/10/2020
Readng all of the current comments, I'd say M.A.P.will have their work to do as each and everyone requires. I'd say, sit back,relax and let the guys do what the guys do,best. Thanks again M.A.P.