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Movie Comments

tiedupsuit 01/18/2013
Rogan looks very hot in a suit. Wish he had kept it on. "special guest Neil Stevens"? Does that mean the good doctor will be in the next installment?

Rogan and Dani acting was hot! Thanks for this not easy to keep producing high quality scenes every week...but MAP knows how to rock the house! Again, performers should keep shirts on and both will look better wearing tnt or plain long sheer so

Minute 17:11 was the perfect snapshot for Rogan to have long plain sheer socks (maybe gray or blue) and put his feet over sofa and shows more aggressive action with Dani. Please consider that for future a Part 2. I am sure you have some plain

all i can say is finally see bare feet!!

excellent more dani demon please!

olderbutsexy 01/18/2013
This is SO hot. Slow and sensual, then FIREWORKS! Rogan sure knows how to f***! Whew!!!

blaze 01/18/2013
Rogan can tell me what to do anytime...

raven 01/18/2013
Nicely paced piece. White hot sex ! Fun to watch. Let us have more of soft spoken Dani. How about a threesome with "Dr " Stevens, Rogan and Dani? Raven

ManEater 01/19/2013
AWESOME. Rogan is a manimal for sure. NICE thick cock. Dani's body is HOT. LOVE his ass. WOOF!!

Dr Stevens is a classic at MAP. Bring it!

Suitsfan 01/20/2013
Nice kissing and foreplay between the guys in this - but it's somewhat ironic that Dani, who is endowed with the kind of svelte, fit physique that looks GREAT in a well-cut suit, (briefly) wears just T-shirt & jeans, whereas the somewhat over-pumped Rogan

ronylh 01/20/2013
sorry for redundance due to bad connection!

ronylh 01/20/2013
Again Mr. joedoe, in addition to expressing my thoughts and surely many others, your comment is enriched with accurate details hope they’ll be considered and well executed later. Many thanks.

Rainer75 01/20/2013
I totally agree! The best erotic vids in MAP did not follow a stereotyped pattern. Long shots on venous hands, shiny shoes, greedy eyes, shimmering silk-ties at 3-day-beards spoke a very different, much better and most nastier language. Rogan Richards i

There's barely any point of a suit-sex video if nobody's still wearing any of the suit by the time they're fucking. Not MAP's best work, definitely.

Matt/Nacho: What's up for this Friday? A hot threesone?

I completely agree with ManEater...Rogan is a MAMMAL!! When it comes to sex he's a total animal - a glorious savage beast. But importantly he's a very actor and in gay porn that's pretty impressive. This scene with Dani Demon - I love his passive eagernes

How about a biop on Rogan. WHere is he from & what's his ethnic background? He looks partly negroid, Indian or aboriginal.

OMFG!!!!!!!! wanna be fucked like that controlling me shiiiiit

LORIS 01/26/2013
That was hot (Dani's body - awesome); that was hard (Rogan's fucking); nevertheless the most intensely arousing part for me was the beginning when they started kissing each other - sexual attraction at its best!

masstiehemd 01/28/2013
BRAVO!The beginning of the sequence is excellent, The very elegant guy, beautiful pink shirt and nice stiped blue tie... The play of the partner to loosen the tie with the mouth is very very good for the end for me it is more commonplace, because they are

edward78 02/13/2013
Rogan was good at being the master in charge, but Dani was pulling Rogan's strings. Bottoms rule ! ed

joedoe1000 05/08/2013
Rogan is wearing beautiful time he needs to bottom to show those sheer socked legs without shoes. HE had beautiful strong legs for men's sheer socks.

I want to f--- Rogan myself. I am a TOP, but with the right coaxing I could change my mind

dianchenhan 10/13/2013
this Dani guy is so fucking for this anus is so pretty

jannebanan 12/28/2013
great episode, these guys kissing make me explode!

kintyre 01/04/2014
Amazing! It had me gagging from start to finish!

Edgington 04/22/2014
Terrible wooden acting from Danu kind of ruined the fantasy.

coxnsox 01/04/2015
Rogan was hot as usual, but Dani was disappointing - he should have kept his socks on.

coxnsox 01/04/2015
Rogan was hot as usual, but Dani was disappointing - he should have kept his socks on.

vdane77 10/23/2015
â–¼No! Socks should COME OFF while fucking!â–¼

myfyp2 06/21/2016
Hmm... so what is the sequence of them cumming?

Bull2016 01/05/2017
Rogan is fucking hot!