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Rainer75 02/14/2012
It doesn't needs a muscle mountain or to own a killer cock to be a handsome, sexy guy! Everything what counts is a personality, a charisma and a friendly smile! Scott has it all and much more! He isn't the tallest and not the most inked one - he is better

Hi Rainer!! Thanks fella...just seen your comment on here! :) Yeah...Ive only just seen it but man, I did cum a lot didnt I?! :) Thank you for being such a great fan!!

nice one Scott - it's got the feel of `a mate cummin for a mate` and it's great that you left your spooge untouched, rather than the reflex playing about/wiping away that normally happens. Loved the Camera Two slow motion. We've paid to see your cum hah

He is super perfect....I am speechless! I don't have any compain or constructive comments for Scott...because is so perfect. time dress him from head to toes with a tuxedo. Will like to see him in super formal clothes getting undress very slow

He has it all. How lucky could you be. Scott I'm proud of you. Thanks.

miguelpro 02/15/2012
Wow. Let's see more of this stud. Thanks.

Well Mr.Scotthun. great audition film ( obviously!) Can't wait to see you in a sexy pin-stripe. My fantasy would be Dr. Neil in the surgery giving you a physical and the thumbs-up! But in the mean time just be you!!!

never commented on a guy on here before but had to after this film! we need more of this guy on here! great from the start and then the trousers come off and........ cant beat a sexy guy with a great cock and then that load! keep it up!

Hi blondie, You get your wish! :) There's another 3 films coming your way, I hope you like them too!! Thanks for the amazing compliments too, thanks! Scott

Hi Jthomas, Thanks fella....I will do my best! You may be getting your wish soon, each film Ive done with MAP has had me in progressively more suited attire so, wait and see! :) As for being me, you got it!! Thanks for the support! Scott

Miguel, Thank you so much!! As long as you guys keep wanting me, hopefully, MAP will keep having me back!! Thanks Scott

Farmboy, Thank you!! I really appreciate the compliment. I am a lucky guy to be able to work with the amazing guys at MAP so hopefully things will only get better! Scott

Hi Joe, You flatter me so much, I cant believe it! Thank you!! I never know when I will get a call from MAP but Im always very happy to work with these guys, Im a lucky lad to get to be part of the team and hopefully, that thanks comes across in my

Thanks Centurion, I've only recently seen this myself actually but I didnt realise how much I came!! :) Im glad you liked it though, as for leaving it untouched, its very tempting to lap it up but Ill save that for another time :) Im really happy

Scott..the load of cum was 100% perfect! For next movie drink more water the day of shooting the will be in shock on how much will come out of those balls! Have a nice weekend!

klaus 02/17/2012
... dieser mann ist unwahrscheinlich sexy ... er gefällt mir ...

klaus 02/17/2012
... geile sau ...

klaus 02/18/2012
... wieder angeguckt ... dieser mann ist spitze ... sein arsch und die votze sowieso ... die behaarung ist seh männlich ...

oh my God -I love Scott! Finally a man who auditions without underwear! Hope there will be no underwear under the suits in the films? :)

klaus 02/19/2012
... scott gefällt mir ... er ist ein lieber ... der körper ist sehr ästhetisch ...

De grâce, vite, encore du Scott. C'est URGENT! Need a lot more of you, sexy male! Let's have you all with a few hungry friends of yours....

WOW!, I've never left a comment before on any video or guy on MAP.... But Scot is amazing....simply amazing, great smile, personality, eyes, and body. I don't know where to begin on telling you my favorite body parts on him....Definitely looking forwa

Rainer75 02/22/2012
Some underwear can be very sexy but in this case I agree totally with you. Most models shouldn't wear anything beneath their suitpants! I love to see the semi-swollen cock dangling around. It makes me cum at once...

Hi Andrew, Great to hear from you and hear the positive feedback. Im glad you enjoyed the casting, I have to say I was pretty nervous but the guys at MAP are great. You never know, you may be seeing more of me!

Hey Dick, Here's hoping you will do fella...Im glad you liked the casting, hopefully, Ill get a fw more chances to meet some more of the sexy MAP cast. Scott

Vielen Dank! Ich freue mich sehr Sie mochte den Film. Hoffentlich werde ich bekommen mehr Chancen, mit einigen erstaunlichen Männer auf Karte! Scott

Hi James, Im glad you liked it fella...MAP know I dont normally wear underwear and I think they kind of like me like that. So, hopefully, in the future, if I come back, I wont be wearing any :) Scott

Vielen Dank! Ich hoffe, ich kann Sie halten erfreulich!

Joe, I drink a lot as it is!! :) Ask the guys at MAP, Im forever running off to get rid of it! :) I will do my best next time! Scott

Rainer75 02/22/2012
Du sprichst deutsch?????? Immer für eine Überaschung gut - du geilster aller Kerle hier bei MAP!

So cude guy ! He seems so shy ! Lovely face, smile and beautiful body. Would love to see him fully clothed under shower or in swimming pool...

klaus 02/25/2012
... eine geile sau ...

Hi hugo.... Thank you!! :) Under a shower of any sort would be hot....MAP know what I like so you never know!!! Scott

klaus 02/26/2012
... hi scott ... ich mag dich sehr ... du bist sehr symphatisch und natürlich ... du bist und bleibst für mich ein ganz lieber ... sexy ... ich wichse mit dir zusammen ...

ich danke Ihnen! Ich hoffe, mehr Arbeit mit Men At Play zu tun und hoffen, dass Sie immer wieder kommen!

klaus 03/02/2012
... scott ist klasse ... i love him ...

Hi Klaus, Thanks!! I hope you come back for more when the next film is out!! Scott

Scott you're a very handsome man with a hot body...when you said you're a bottom i got so turned on...wish you had a dildo for your solo...maybe in your next pic. thanks

Hi Jonny, Sorry about the delay fella.... Im glad you liked the casting and that you think Im hot, I really appreciate hearing that! I didnt know I could take a dildo into my casting...there's a new film out today which should more than make up f

klaus 03/17/2012
Hi Scott, I have to really look at you again and again. You are an awesome clean. I like you very much. I would do to you sometimes like what.

Hi Klaus, I'm made up you like what you see...I must do more to try and keep you coming back!! Scott

klaus 03/18/2012
... hi scott, you are a dear ... I guess I just do not like you ... thy seed I lick you clean away ...

Jude 03/18/2012
Hi Scott - Man O Man you do it for me - Beautiful and sexy - you are what I dream off - love to be sub and let you do to me what you must and I will do the same in return - looking forward to see more of you bud - in my mind 24x7 . x

Hi Jude, Thanks!! I'm pleased you like me, I do try and give a good service :) Keep coming back to MAP and I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me! Scott

Jude 03/22/2012
Thanks bud ;-) will look forward to see you in action (wish it was with me ) - remember that you are sexy hot. x

I'll do my best Jude! :)

Rainer75 03/22/2012
Oh Scott! Often I watch your vids - sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. Best to get hard at once. What a fine defined body topped with the most handsome face ever. Seldom wished to fuck a guy so urgently and pamper his dreamlike ass anyway he wishes.... Yes -

Hi Rainer, Glad you still like what you see! :) I hope to keep creaming for some time yet :) Scott

Seeing this video has told me why I keep coming back to MAP - quality, quality, quality! Another scorchingly sexy vid!

Alex, Thanks, thanks, thanks!! Great to get such a compliment like that, thank you for coming and watching my casting fella. I really appreciate the boost!! Come back for more soon OK? Scott

Of course - try and keep me away!!! Also good to have interaction from the MAP guys . Keep up the good work!

Hi Alex, Its the least I can do!! Scott

You are a gorgeous god. I would love to eat your load.

Hi JMJM, Thanks fella... I needed that little pick me up today! I'm doing my best to look as good as I can and Ill come back as often as MAP will have me and you guys want to see me!! Thanks again, Scott

Jude 05/15/2012
Thanks Scott had a awesome j/o - man you are so fuckin sexy in my mind 24/7 and it's heaven, its good to have you at number one at MAP again thats says it all - you are one hot sexy fucker - CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE OF YOUR HOT BODY AND SEXY EYES. - Cheers

Hey Jude, Great to hear from you and with such fantastic words of support, thank you fella... It really means a lot to me to hear that you enjoy watching me and I'm made up to be at number one again, I never had any idea people would like me so much

Jude 05/16/2012
cheers bud.

Jude 05/27/2012
Hi bud, Forever in my heart - all the time I have a j/o thinking about you sexy - fuck love to shoot on you and you too me - fuck man am hard again - want pics of your sexy body in a suit with cum - wish MAP would do a pic. vid. can't wate - love you Scot

Thanks Jude, Always great to hear such awesome comments fella. Not sure when Im working with MAP again but keep checking my website for more details, as soon as I know something, itll be on there!! Scott

Jude 05/28/2012
Hi Scott it will be awesome to see you back at MAP - can't wate to see you mate - till then will miss you. all the best - Jude

klaus 05/30/2012
... hi scott ... i love you ... supersexy ... in love klaus ...

Hi Klaus, Thanks so much mate, I love the fact that you enjoyed watching me mate!!! Hope you keep coming back and checking my site, Scott

Thank you - for what you are and for what you are giviing to me.

Hi fella, You are more than welcome! Scott

Scott, I love your big, low-hanging balls, your lovely foreskin, your long cock, your prodigious load, and your sweet smile at the end. Keep it up!

hi buck, I will do my best fella, I'm glad you like what you far Scott

77mojito 08/22/2012
SCOTT .. i love what i saw ! very HOT. U R Awesome. i really enjoyed the show, though i would have loved to C ur ass .. Nevertheless i love ur balls and ur gorgeous cock.

77mojito 12/19/2012
Awesome Scott. very HOT ! luv that pubic hair AND that copious cum, man luv it. wish i could eat that creammy cum.

77mojito 02/24/2013
Scott ... lovely solo ! luv ur hangers and the copious creamy load. would luv to eat that load.

77mojito 05/06/2013
Have to view Mr. Scott Hunter again. Lovely man! i love his copious load AND body hair in the right places. Its a delight to see him again.

Jude 06/13/2013
Man I Love Scott Hunter - Love to fuck him and show who is boss in my office, want his throbbing hard cock deep down my throat pumping his cum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jude 06/28/2013
Scott Hunter I am going to fuck your hot ass then cum pumping deep down your throat - man o man scott you are fuckin hot x

Hey 77, I've got even more hair now fella! Scott

i adore Scott and how i wish i could fuck him now. He has very a sexy nice asshole !

curt11 04/10/2014
really enjoyed you cumming. wished i was there to lick it up and then kiss you!!!

cfnmsheff 11/08/2014
Scott - the tops