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Movie Comments

Matt Jordan 10/25/2013
So happy to have Rogan back !!

stardusted 10/25/2013
loved it, about the put a new hot stud.

luis2 10/25/2013
great video master is beautiful and the boy obedient good good good

masstiehemd 10/26/2013
I do not like this session; too fast the partners find themselves naked and it becomes a classic porn. But I understand many MAP has to please various fetishists. More suit and more ties it will be for a next video.... But as idea of scenario to punish th

ManEater 10/26/2013
This is one VERY HOT scene. Rogan and Marco are a perfect match. Marco Rubi has one of the hottest, sexiest most delicious stallion bodies to come along in a very long time. I could only fantasize a day with Marco, devouring him in every way imaginable

olderbutsexy 10/26/2013
Wildly sexy guys, congrats to cast and crew. Marco is the new star, for sure. Superb Bottom, so responsive, great compact body. Rogan never disappoints; butch, muscled, ace fucker ... this is a keeper :)

miguelpro 10/26/2013
Perfect bods, perfect action. Perfect video. Keep them and us cumming. Hot!

Matt Jordan 10/26/2013
MMMmmm sexy ideas - yes would love to see your idea for a script we can make it come true! Matt

Suitsfan 10/26/2013
I certainly second that! Having the guy's smart clothes abused as part of the scenario would be much more arousing to suit & tie fans than simply removing the clothes to move into the kind of naked gay porn action available all over the web.

ken4cock 10/30/2013
Machismo fantastico! Perfect pair of dudes, fit hand-in-glove for the fucking of a lifetime. Eros is burning molten hot and hard as Hades between them.

luther5 11/01/2013
Not sure about the scissors scenario (cutting off Marco Rubi's clothes). I've always found it a lot more erotic when a fully-dressed guy like Rubi is ordered to strip. After Rubi got naked, I would have liked Rogan to play with the naked body before him

olderbutsexy 11/01/2013
Wow, gets better and better - the harder and rougher Rogan fucks Marco, the more he enjoys it, the more vocal he gets. Superb performers - my thanks and congrats to them both :)

masstiehemd 11/01/2013
Hi Matt, Yes, I can write a series of ideas to complete what I said. But for me, it's difficult to write all the subtleties of a scenario in English.... But if the idea pleases you I can write it in French and you adapt him to your style. Thank you for yo

vibolson 11/20/2013
Wanting to see more of Marco pairing up with two hot daddies or a gangbang.

hatetatoos-4-2 12/14/2013
Marco Rubio is magnificent. He makes this movie remarkable. I would love to see him with Pau Casserras, Landon Conrad, Woody Fox and some of your really beautiful models.

lsolnicki 02/01/2014
After Rogan has been fucking Marco for quite a while, he pulls out his dick which is wearing a condom. He then puts this very same dick with a condom into Marco's mouth. This is really awful hygiene and could transmit viruses, bacteria etc I've seen the s

Manier 02/02/2014
Marco Rubi is a very hot & cute sweet guy. Love to watch !

Inked_Mark 02/15/2014
These guys are FUCKING HOT! I never knew who Rogan Richards was until I joined this site and now he is my favourite porn star and I cannot wait until I see his next video. I would love to see the MAP guys do poppers on camera, get into more rough play a

Swedetodd 03/21/2014
This was a hot video.

Swedetodd 04/05/2014

Erickbruin 05/04/2014
What an amazing scene :)

Juraguy 07/31/2014
Not nearly enough sucking of these lovely cocks. The table would have been ideal for some 69ing!

NylonOTCs 08/19/2014
Marco Rubi has the ass from heaven!!!....He must never get stranded on a dirt road late at night with a few rednecks around closing a bar. Or!, maybe he should! Thanks! as always MAP!...I keep coming back to this one just to see that cupcake ass on Marco!

rickis75 10/30/2015
none better than this one

76aristophanes 11/13/2015
Marco Rubi is HOT! His chest, arms, ass, lips... it all makes me cum. Glad he's a bottom. AWWWSOME! Would love to see him sub for a real DOM. He wants it.