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Movie Comments

stripedtie13 02/22/2019
I'm always reluctant to complain. I know that you have to do a variety of situations to satisfy a variety of tastes. And we know that you often use a suit or tie in more than one video, BUT the same tie two weeks in a row???? It is a very attractive tie, but...... I was also disappointed that in the cover picture the guy was in a three piece but not in the video. I enjoyed last week's video and this one, just a different tie, please!

Jo2chris4 02/22/2019
I think it is al very attractive tie - and I want to know where I can buy it. ??? :-)))

Rainer75 02/23/2019
Love this french/columbian pairing. Love the suits not throwing away. Love the plot. But best is this incredible steelmelting smile of Enzo! What a man...

admin 02/23/2019
Hi stripedtie13, you're totally right. This is an unfortunate error in the timing of our releases. Heads will roll! ;) Still we're glad you enjoyed the scene nonetheless. Rico

Suitman63 02/23/2019
Trying to make a constructive suggestion, whether suits on or off or whatever can you vary the story line more - less of the suck rim fuck, maybe just fucks, sucks or whatever.

hollandsuit 02/24/2019
Same question here - one of these ties (well, I guess you bought more than one) has been used quiet often now, it in a way has become a real MAP-tie and that makes me want to buy one as weel... So please TC: where can we purchase it??

brian74 02/24/2019
Love Salvador. Let's see more of him. Can we see more executivo or sheer socks too?

eiswirth821 02/25/2019
Loved the scene; great pairing. Fantastic cumshot from Salvador.

hcamacho 02/28/2019
Enzo is Amazing!! 5-star star :)

musclefucks 03/05/2019
Enzo is, as always, sheer perfection and Salvador does such a great job of fucking him. First class work gents

CharlyRey 12/27/2022
OMG, so many complains just for a damn tie! that was the last thing to see with those studs playing one of the hottest scene i've seen

Marco 02/24/2023
One of my favorite movies!! Both actors are so gorgeous and sexy and suits and ties are great on both of them!