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Movie Comments

ysmccool 04/23/2010
Excellent. I would have loved it if Nathan had kept Lucky's arms trapped in his pristine white shirt for a nice long pounding. This is one full-service barbershop. "What'll you have, Sir? A trim, a shave, a nice thick dick?"


Rainer75 04/23/2010
I think I need a haircut, too!

Really liked it! The chemistry between Nathan and Lucky was very energetic and very obvious! It's like they weren't "acting" at all. I also liked the split-screen shot near the end which showed both of them cumming at the same time. Really good, MAP!

Lucky - oh baby - u r somethin'!

I HAVE Already expressed how I've felt about lucky!! To see him in action is a joy and a privilege!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Tux action! Yay! lol. This was indeed one very hot video. Thank you.

KevinJ 04/24/2010
That barber knows exactly what he's doing. The Barber series is my favourite because of him. The things he does. The way he makes the guy feel what he's doing to them. Now he is one hot man!

suitstudda 04/24/2010
Five thumbs up. Again an outstanding video Matt and Rico.


tiedupsuit 04/24/2010
Totally hot movie. Got a hardon almost immediately. Love the tux action. Wish Lucky had left it on. One question though. What was the stuff Nathan put in his mouth and, I believe, on his dick early in the movie?

steve872079 04/24/2010
great film as allways but id like to see maybe two men waiting to have haircut one have done and one waiting or see two barbers with one customers and see the horny action start?

SUPER HOT MOVIE....when we will see sheer socks on these guys? Gold toe socks look cheap/inexpensive.

Enjoyed this movie, especially the tuxedo. Seeing more tuxedos would be most welcome, so thank you gentlemen! I agree with the comments that say it would be more erotic if Lucky kept the tuxedo on, but with the bodies on your models, do undertand th

Suitsfan 04/25/2010
>The fantasy that he was attending a formal affair wearing Nathan's cum, would be very erotic. Just a thought, though do wonder if others would like the concept.< That concept would certainly get my vote! Any mixing of cum and clothes turns me on; if th

I LOVE this Concept! The idea of going to a formal with this beautiful Tx and the WHOLE AURA of sex hanging over him! Man, that is very hot.

Rainer75 04/25/2010
Great concept! Highly erotic and in an elegant way also nasty!

WeHoDad 04/26/2010
Although the concept is great - I was disappointed that they could not keep hard. I think Lucky got short changed. He should have been the top. I don't think either of them had any chemistry for the other. I am still a great Lucky fan though. The guy

Lucky Daniels is very handsome and looks classy in his tuxedo , but the barber scares me, he really does. He looks like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. It would be better if the barber was say Jean Franko or Patrick from Prague.

Matt Jordan 04/26/2010
Patrik was the Barber in the first Barber film but due to the amount of comments on his 'passion' we changed for Nathan

I had high hopes of this series after the last one with Marco tied up but I'm afraid I don't get this and the suits (well, one tux) just seem irrelevant. Pity as LD is lovely the new barber has a certain rough appeal so why not get him to get off on power

Matt Although Patrik's '' passion '' was a bit low, he had great pecs and his face didnt look like the back end of a camel.

Forget Lucky...who is the Barber???He's a fuckin is he hot PLEASE more of HIM!

WoW ! That brought back hot memories of my youth. I was an escortbfor one of the Debs. Tux and all with a hand tied tie, only I didn't know how to tie it. Went into the barber shop to have it tied in the Brown Palace - Denver. These two were the hottest

snooks 04/30/2010
great split screen cum shot...I like the instant replay of cum shots in slow motion or different!

Too bad the link to download the video does not work.

LORIS 05/02/2010
Hot, hot, hot ! I felt immediately barber's very strong physical attraction to Lucky Daniels !

love how barber eats lucky's cum! For my taste the tux, shirt and tie could've stayed on 'til the end....

MORE NATHAN ...please!!!

love the barber series

I LOVE Lucky Daniels and Nathan Price is awesome in this video!!!

What a happy end !!! I didn't expect the barber swallowed the cream.

What a happy end !!! I didn't expect the barber swallowed the cream.

DaveJ 07/19/2010
Link to open work 50% of the time. Very frustrating. Need clothes off faster and more dr/coach/pool boy scenes.

bernaro 08/04/2010
Lucky Daniels is very sweet. Inside Lucky's physical attractiveness is a gentle and affectionate soul. I like him not only his beautiful and cut cock but his interior personality. In my travel to Asian nations, I see in him an Oriental soul.

tmr1307 08/30/2010
this was a very good vid. good intensity and some dirty talk. love that. it's also hot the way lucky stares into the eyes of the barber. i've seen him do that in other scenes. very erotic. good hard pounding into lucky's willing ass.

julio.zermeno 08/30/2010
que delicia

jeremyensolo 08/30/2010
Wow that an amazing scene I love the barber and this one is my favourite. As a barber myself it 's exactly what i'm thinking about when i'm giving an haircut to a cute cliente ^^

HD.. Hot Dudes! The best Barber show yet. Love the erotic build up and the sexy talk. Nathan you're a great mover with a fab cock. Ready for the next one maybe with Dr. Neil?

beautiful....exactly what I dream of when getting my hair cut by a sexy barber

Where can I find this barber? He is so fuckin hottttttttt!

It's great to see their unclothed bodies while they're at it!

the barber is really amazing, I love him

WOW! Nathan is the horniest aggressive, cock & ball sucking, ass rimming, ass fucking & cum eating barber I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. Makes me wonder what he could do with a pair of scissors.

ba1966 11/05/2012
Two very hot men!!!

pantsfunk 03/24/2013
Nathan is so fucking hot barber! what a well dressed barber !

77mojito 03/30/2013
Yes, Nathan is one fucking HOT barber w/ a gorgeous cock AND an excellent fucker. Lucky Daniel is an excellent receiver, very good bottom. an outstanding duo ! its a delight to see these 2 together ... beautiful man2man sex. LOVED IT !!!

bootjack 08/31/2016
That barber knows how to fuck!!