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Movie Comments

bear990 03/18/2016
holy fuck! this was hot this what i call menatplay! since fuel and the score! fuck i love hector de silva sexy fucker when he kept his suit on dam that made me squirt real hard.

muscleguy 03/18/2016
Very hot. A flip between Emir Boscatto and Enzo Riminez would be terrific.

masstiehemd 03/18/2016
Très bien, tres bon film! je trouve seulement que le sperme se perd sur un corps nu, mon choix aurait été l'inverse.... le partenaire nu aurait inondé de sperme le prof en costume cravate.... quel symbole! mais c'est un détail Very well, very good movie! I find only that the sperm gets lost on a naked body. My choice would have been the opposite the naked partner would have flooded with sperm the Prof. in suit and tie which symbol! But it is a detail

coxnsox 03/18/2016
BRILLIANT! Hot men, hot scene, hot action... and a little something to appease all types of suit fetishes. Many thanks!

alexwag5 03/18/2016
Great scene MOP the more of Emir we see the better!!

DesertMan 03/18/2016
Hector's stunning looks are a real grabber. Emir's craggy good looks would be hugely enhanced if he'd ditch the 'mountain boy' hair cut for a more professional adult look. I'm in Europe & the U.K. at least once or twice every year and I can't remember ever seeing a professional wearing a suit & tie sporting an earring like Hector's or a geek's haircut like Emir's. Details like that can spoil the illusion. The hot sex at the end of the video was truly orgasmic and having them hold hands while Hector shot his load was a great touch. Was that spontaneous or directed? Loved it that Hector was fully clothed and Emir was not. And, congrats to both men for their fine bodies and succulent meat.

sparty 03/18/2016
Great movie one of your best. Loved the nipple and chest action. Great kissing too.

Thick85 03/18/2016
This is such a sexy video!!! Two beautiful men enjoying each other is the best thing. Amazing job MAP!

olderbutsexy 03/19/2016
Wonderful sex gents, muchas gracias. Great to see big butch "total top" Emir fucked by beautiful Hector. The chemistry between the guys is great

Keith_Lincs 03/19/2016
This must be one of the best videos - lots of white shirt foreplay,armpit licking and nipple sucking not to mention the horny fuck position in the chair with Hector giving his all - well done guys - let's have more like this !

Suitman63 03/19/2016
I like anything with Hector in it really... and he seems happy keeping his suit on. I'd like to see him do a solo movie fully suited and enjoying the suit all the way till he cums if that is possible.

bear990 03/19/2016
OMG i second that vote 100% fuck that would be sooo hot to watch until he cums wearing a suit!

Moonfire500 03/20/2016

Ncr788 03/20/2016

everhard12321 03/20/2016
One of the reasons this film gets five stars from me--aside from the amazing sex and the chance to see Emir Boscatto bottom--is the fact that it allows me to construct my own narrative, which enhances my horny enjoyment of the film. So many questions arise for me: Is this a business course? A creative writing course? Is it some sort of professional development class? Under what circumstances would both the instructor and the student be dressed in smart attire? Really, none of this matters. What does matter, and what powers this film, is the awesome sensuality generated by Emir and Hector. "The Book Buff" ranks among Menatplay's finest.

NylonOTCs 03/20/2016
This was super HOT, guys!!! doubt about it!....Hector is def. so beautiful and very savvy. The pecs and abs on Emir are totally over the top!...Love it, MAP!....I would love to see Hector loose the shoes (keeping the suit on is perfect!) to find some HOT nylon TnT;s on those sexy feet!."Get comfortable, Hector, when your about to plow a nice set of buns like, "Emir's!....And sexy Nylon OTC's on Emir would of been great to see, so erotic and so sensual to some of us!...Just "food for thought" in the next set of events. Really liked it, guys!...Thanks! You made my night!!!

Suitman63 03/21/2016
he routinely keeps his suit on in his videos so cum on let's see him show off for the camera!

raven 03/22/2016
I loved the way Hector seized the moment and came onto Emir. Hector looked great in his three piece suit which he managed not to soil; Emir looked great in his birthday suit with his chest and abdomen bathed in ejaculate. Beautiful looking men enjoying each other; great chemistry; no cutaneous distractions. Thank you! RAVEN

troy_nelson 03/23/2016
super hot thanks menatplay more of that for sure please

troy_nelson 03/23/2016
de silva delivers like he should and Emir wow dude what a great looking arse..sure seems like you enjoyed getting fucked…

stardusted 03/25/2016
would like to see hector de silva, getting rimmed and bottom at map,

suitedcboy 06/21/2016
Hector never disappoints. He is SO masculine and handsome and he can keep a suit on fully for sex (something so few seem to be able to do). PLEASE MORE!!!!!!

barneylincoln 06/20/2017
I really love emir, a sexy masculine, not to perfect guy that likes to please. out of all of his films i think this one gets me off the most, but you have to agree he is a bit of a moaner. I think next time I'd like to see him in the three-piece suit. barneyX.