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Movie Comments

abc375266731 01/30/2015

joedoe1000 01/31/2015
A fully suited straight man having fun with a gay man...many MAP members must be very happy with this scene.

joedoe1000 01/31/2015
I like the background...Andalucia is beautiful!

jalfong 01/31/2015
Flex you sexy bitch you have done it again! Those tight thighs, that beautiful body hair, those stunning feet more please! I want more!!!! It would have been nice had the sun not gone down, darn you foreplay and exposition! So the two of them could have stayed on the steps by the chaise lounge chair and fucked their hearts out out in the blistering sunlight. It would have been nice if Ronnie peeled away more of his suit as the screwing continued and the less "straight" he got while fucking but hey what can I complain about. The sequel needs to be Ronnie getting blackmailed by someone who saw this tryst and then bottomed!

everhard12321 01/31/2015
Flex is incapable of making a bad movie. He's a rare find. I wonder what the chances are of paring him with Rocco Steele?

martinez69 01/31/2015
i missing the old models

coltonford 01/31/2015
I want Rogan Richards to fuck Flex. When will that happen?

skibutt 01/31/2015
Great movie. Kept waiting for the action to go into the pool. Would have been hot to see the suited guy get pulled in by his tie.

olderbutsexy 01/31/2015
Dios mios, hot sex! Flex knows it all, and which one of us hasn't fancied a straight stud with a huge cock fucking is hard? Congrats gents, to all concerend

olderbutsexy 01/31/2015
fucking US

southerngent29 01/31/2015
Major disappointment and a missed opportunity for MAP! Been so VERY long since we had a hot pool scene... not since Pool Service....I was so excited to see the into picture of him pulling his tie and so expected him to be pulled slowly into the water. Now THAT would have been hot.

DennisDiMauro 01/31/2015
amovie with Flex and Marvin would be hot as hell

shawnx11 01/31/2015
Don't get me wrong, I like the latest movies and models. Though it would be nice to mix the cultures up more, see and hear other cultures.....British, Canadian, Swiss, American, German, French.... and the list goes on! Bring thoses other models back.

mtmslg 01/31/2015
What a missed opportunity. How did that suit stay dry? The pool was right there!

Matt Jordan 01/31/2015
Unfortunately he would have died of cold. This was filmed in the December sun so it wasnt quite as warm as it looks

joedoe1000 01/31/2015
Agree 100%

joedoe1000 01/31/2015
Ronnie is too rigid....he is supposedly straight...he needs to get loose more.

everhard12321 02/01/2015
This film represents the best of Menatplay. Story, location, production values, wardrobe, the actors and the erotic heat they generate all operate at the highest level in "The Cat's Away". Quality videos like these keep viewers coming back to this site. I truly believe Flex is the golden boy of porn right now, and his muscular Adonis physique, boldly alluring, seems almost other worldly. It is impossible to ignore him. I urge you to keep employing him (I see him on various porn sites, so I have no doubt that his career is secure) and continue to challenge yourselves to give your viewers amazing erotic entertainment such as this. Bravo!

everhard12321 02/01/2015
As outstanding as this video is, I too can't help noticing that Menatplay has been using lots of Spanish models in the last year. I don't know if this is because of production costs or travel demands, the models' availability or the vision of the filmmakers, but it would be nice to see men from other nations represented on the site, to say nothing of men of different races.

NylonOTCs 02/01/2015
Fantastic gents!...beautiful scenery with beautiful men. Yeh, would of loved to seen Ronnie get walked into the pool by Flex!. Flex is too fucking HOT!...loved him sucking that cock on Ronnie at the end like a baby bottle as he shot a great wad!...Ps. Take your shoes off more, Ronnie. Let's see those sexy feet in some Nylon TnT's!!!.....Absolutely Wonderful, MAP...Make a part 2 on this one, guys!!!

germansuitguy 02/01/2015
+1. And it's only one guy in suit and tie, he ought not take it off.

hugo2014 02/01/2015
LOVED IT! Sucking his cock at the end..FANTASTIC! WAY HOT!

ilst 02/04/2015
Yes please, my dream, too. The two hottest MEN paired together would be terrific.

alextian1304 02/04/2015
love it

Adamvc 02/10/2015
The way Flex gives Ronnie the blow, really turna me on

Suitsfan 03/28/2015
Both guys are hot - especially Flex - but I can't really understand how (or equally importantly, why) with that magnificent pool so close to the action, the temptation to push or pull Ronnie into the water was resisted! I do hope the opportunity for some wet-suited action is followed up another time. ;-)

robicart 06/17/2015
You Search protocol does not work. And add an alphabetical search please.

LeoMap15 06/21/2015
sex was very hot

NYCfan 06/29/2015
I love this video and how naturally Flex seems to get down on his knees. It's almost a reflex for how to seduce a man by performing oral sex on him

robicart 07/01/2015
Really like Bonanova.

bootjack 07/22/2016
Flex's ass is a work of art! Nice ending to this video.

Davzsean 01/02/2017
I haven't even seen this yet but Flex with anyone guarantees the viewer great man sex to savor as you get off.