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Movie Comments

Two powerhouse performers together at MAP, what more can you ask for? Both look great in their suits, sex is raw,great storyline = Hot Video!!!

Well this is rather good - love the rough stuff, this is really forceful. Would have been nice if had gone even further - I suppose there are limits to how near one can get to rape without inflaming the censors - bit more squealing of "no, please" or wha

otc_socks 06/08/2012
It started so well but now you know never hire a guy who wears shorts socks they can never been trusted. Pity!

masstiehemd 06/08/2012
mauvais, très mauvais: meme si les deux personnage sont en costume cravate.... ça dure très peu de temps . non , je n'aime pas ce scénarion. On voit les dents de celui qui est forcé.... pas d'excitation . en plus je n'aime pas la violence....Bad, ver

Great - but would have loved to see the strangulation at the end. Why cut it short?

Jon62 06/08/2012
Good one. Great scenario. Assassin being fucked, trashed and generally treated like shit. Plus Liked that the dominator ripped his own shirt off. Can you get Daniel Craig to undergo same !?

Not my cup of tea. Too much ass eating and not enough cocksucking.

No complaint here on the extended rim job.

Totally, totally, hot!!! You guys just get better and better as far as production values are concerned. And what a couple of hot guys. No faking it here. Fantastic cum shot from Calvin Knight. The finger-fucking went on a little long, but I guess you

brisgay 06/09/2012
Pretty good, tho I was disappointed that the trousers were ripped too much.. Id have loved to have seen the original smaller hole ripped in Calvin's trousers stay the same and Spencer fuck him through that hole, rather like in KAMASUITRA GOLD of 2007 whic

great would of liked a bit more NO from the bottom guy and a little more dialogue from the rapist but really good otherwise !! Loved the pant being ripped off and the shirts ripped very good stuff , also liked the twist at the end the phone call and then

Rainer75 06/09/2012
The plot is great and expandable to many consequences. Bravo. But: It is beyond me why Spencer Reed always has to play the aggressive-dominant role. He operates mostly with a semi-hard-on and struggles violently. This is not convincing to the story. Mayb

Suitsfan 06/10/2012
It was good to see more clothes stay on for a lot of this video - and I especially enjoyed that, when they were removed, it was by force! (The ripping fit perfectly into the plot line, so was entirely appropriate - and arousing.) Nice job, guys!

A jaw-dropping masterpiece! First off, the plot and editing of this video is beyond superb. Ever since Calvin’s first solo I’ve dreamed to see this gorgeous, tough stud get his ass rimmed and fucked. And I was not disappointed. The RIMMING WAS SPECT

And as a spy was without gloves?

LOL. Have you seen the new pics of Daniel for Skyfall? His suit needs ripping... horny thing about Bond is that might actually happen if not the fuck up the arse to go with it.

Suits always wear out in the crotch first, don't they?

but what was on the dvd? Paddy O'Brian fucks Ben Brown I'm guessing really good scene, with excellent closeups and photography, I loved it. Knight's cumshot was spectacular when Reed took it over. What a way to go ..

spenser is such a hot hunk... someone should tie him up and work him over and that someone should be me. spense, don't shave your chest man, you lose all sex appeal.

NylonOTCs 06/25/2012
Way Over-The-Top!!! .... and speaking of "Top", Spence makes a great "Bottom" the mouth fucking perfect size "Cock in Mouth" next time remember to make those socks "OTC's"...the thick n thins were just great though!!!

For me, it was all about Cavin Knight - he's got the right look and swagger, the right body shape, and he wears his years very well - they add to his appeal. I've got a great fantasy that he would be perfect for.

WeHoDad 06/28/2012
Best part was Cavin's throghs of orgasum - great - thanks Cavin!

rpaulo 06/30/2012

I agree. MAP. please keep performers wearing garters and otc sheer socks during the whole scene.

Best you've done in ages. Love sexy Cavin, so hot in and out of suit, being treated like Spence's rag doll. Hope to see more of Cavin, he's the perfect bottom.

I want to eat his cum!

Cavin Knight is one of the hottest porn stars of all time. He is ultra versatile. I love watching him cum! He loves to eat cum--wish he did here too.

why female socks on hot guys

Cavin Knight is so very sexy and handsome. I wish he had worn over the calf socks. Please lets see more of him with Justin Harris or Landon Conrad or Eliad Anastos.

Cavin Knight is so very sexy and handsome. I wish he had worn over the calf socks. Please lets see more of him with Justin Harris or Landon Conrad or Eliad Anastos.

Okay 03/09/2013
At least he gets a little cum on the suit, a little

I wish I was the spy in this movie - I would love to have Spencer jump on me!

MRJsexysuit95 02/05/2021
so so so hot!!! super hot Literally one of the, hottest scenes that I have ever seen. so hot and sexy!