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Movie Comments

everhard12321 05/22/2015
Though the setting and decor in this film are a bit distracting, Logan Moore and Frank Valencia fuck with steamy, cock-throbbing intensity. Thanks for keeping the models' suits on for so long.

LORIS 05/22/2015
The setting and decor are beautiful andalusian patio - love it ! Blue suit&tie with cutaway collared white shirt always excites me especially on such handsome men like Logan and Frank. Frank keeps the shirt on till the end of hot action - yessssss.

Jon62 05/22/2015
Good to see shirts/ties/suits kept on till the end but why not take advantage of all that spilled cum to wipe it over the shirted guy - as it was his tie fell on it at the last minute so he was already messed up.

Suitsfan 05/22/2015
Couldn't agree more . . .

olderbutsexy 05/22/2015
Well done guys ... and Logan has such a beautiful culo :)

Albertochile69 05/23/2015
Logan is so beautiful! Love him so much! just wanna suck his dick deeply

ken4cock 05/23/2015
Nothing like watching two stunning, elegantly dressed gents cum together for a walloping, good fuck in the morning.

NylonOTCs 05/23/2015
Excellent MAP! ... Wow!...what intense erotic love making. Logan is just so fantastic!. Frank was a perfect match for Logan in this. What's so wonderful about Logan he is so he presents so well with charm, charisma and very savvy!...Logan is yes, "so beautiful"...I am so turned on with his cock, ass, feet in nylon OTC's. I want to lick those OTC soles from heels to toes just like Logan licks Franks delicious thick mushroom head dick like an ice cream cone! ...Thanks guys! You knocked us all out on this one!!!

joedoe1000 05/23/2015
Excellent, it reminds me the first movies of MAP. Love the concept of just taking off pants and shoes and leave the rest on (including sheer socks) to the scene more hot! Thanks MAP

Ryans 05/23/2015
This is great. Keep all on and fuck . Just pants out . Great.

karlcocksuit 05/23/2015
Nice vid 2 hunks with nice uncut cocks lovely kissing and spunking. Tattos are fine cant see why everyone rambles on about it. Matt your a sexy man love your goatie beard. Can you put music back in the movies. The song you used for Steve Hoopers spunking over his tuxcedo is a good.

Bluedog 05/23/2015
Hopefully map when you see feedback requesting the guys keep their suits on for longer, you'll be able to factor this in much more .. Nice video here. The 2 guys work well together .. x

mtmslg 05/23/2015
As always, Logan is perfection.

masstiehemd 05/23/2015
Staggering and incredible!!!! The partners stay in Ccostume and tie till the end; but the decoration(set) is magnificent..... Very satisfied

Suitsfan 05/25/2015
One further thought - as the guys kept most of their finery on (LOVED seeing Logan dumped onto his back on the floor, still in his jacket, shirt & tie!), perhaps Frank could have ripped a hole in the seat of Logan's trousers instead of simply removing them for his fucking. I've seen that done in a few earlier MAP videos, and it's totally hot! (Also, perhaps that set could be used again in future, but next time with water in the water feature? That would open up some other interesting suit-messing opportunities . . . ) ;-)

Rainer75 05/27/2015
Logan Moore is such a breathtaking star! Whatever he's doing he does it with class and verve. He has not the best body neither the biggest cock but he is just the number one! I think it is his charisma and his beautiful innocent eyes... And yes, I adore him too and phantasize about him to be my buddy. What I absolutly not understand is: why he hasn't got a 1 to 1 special video to introduce himself a bit more? Also there would be the chance to watch him dancing what seems to be his profession. Would love to become eye-witness how he bates off his way - the way he needs it. Please think it over, dear MAP-team!

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Aah thanks for your comment. Im working on my body do

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Hmm half my Message is gone, I said working On my body is hard with traveling and solo vids doesn't map do but something with dance they could do maybe

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Aah thnx

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Thanks guys for watching and for your nice comments. Remember without you guys we cant make this hot scenes, love you. LM

brisgay 05/29/2015
Frank is unbelievably hot! I loved how he kept his trousers on loosely whilst fucking Logan.. Frank is my new favourite! *****

Rainer75 05/30/2015
That's a misunderstanding, Logan. for me you do n o t need to become more muscular or bulkier. You are fine the way you are. Please don't mutate to that dump muscle monsters. Your special future is your intelligent, friendly expression. Ok - it must be heaven on earth to glide down slowly into your nice bubble ass, but really a dream would be sitting in a Brown Café in Amsterdam and sipping a moie hollandse koffie and discuss the world with you...

Suited33 06/03/2015
Wow. This is a hot movie and even better is being able to see the guys suit jacket linings. Thank you everyone at menatplay. Love lining :)

loosetie13 06/05/2015
Very hot guys. Logan is still my favourite, and he looked so great with a loose tie in this movie (as he always does). Loved Frank's loose white tie, especially as he fucked Logan in it all the way to the end.

Virgo113 06/30/2015
Two handsome men - very nice.

danielulibarri 07/07/2015
I would LOVE to see a video of Logan Moore eating lots and lots of CUM! He's SO HOT!!!

mecmatador 07/24/2015
Super tout ce que j aime

Jack60 03/04/2016
Pure- S U I T- SEX !!!!

intern2016 01/11/2018
Logan Moore was perfection as always. I would love to see him in a scene with Darius Ferdynand and a double headed dildoe.