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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 12/27/2013
This movie is a disappointment for two reasons: 1. It takes place in a men's wash room instead of a well appointed palor or bedroom. 2. Rogan Richards is not attractive nor do I find him sensual, althought I guess many of your members do. When I think

joedoe1000 12/27/2013
I like the scene...but I was not able to admire Rogan's sheer socked legs. Zoom out more. I will love to see ones day Rogan's sheer socked leg/feet without shoes, specially the blue Spanish sheer ones.

joedoe1000 12/27/2013
I was able to see Rogan's full body and sheer socked legs in minutes 17:05, 17:22 and 18:22....was so quick. Definetely, was edited too much and the camera man needs to zoom out. The theme, scenography, suits (including socks) were perfect. Hope one day t

strand2014 12/27/2013
Fantastic clip, I have no problems with it being set in a washroom, it would be boring if every single week its another crystal clean boardroom or suit-fitting room- a few more dingy locations actually add to the atmosphere of the clip in my opinion. Paul

suitedattitude 12/27/2013
I appreciate this was set up for tux lovers and the scene is initially believable but the whole thing ends up being let down by the lack of any pee-ing - this is a washroom! - and then the clothes flying off for naked sex in one which would never happen.

admin 12/27/2013
OK guys you seriously need to check yourselves and stop complaining about every single, miniscule detail because it seriously gets on our nerves. Yes this an open forum but if you cant edit your thoughts and realise that we cant please everyone every sin

tbone 12/27/2013
Wow! I LOVE this sexy movie! Thank you Men at Play. Happy New Year fellas!

joedoe1000 12/27/2013
Hi Rico. Please don't close the comments section. This is the only venue to express our feelings/comments after watching MAP high quality movies. I feel your pain, is not pleasant to receive negative critics, but don't take it personal. Your movies are ex

coltonford 12/27/2013
I am so turned on by Rogan Richards, he's one of the best aggressive tops on your site! Keep the videos cumming!

joedoe1000 12/27/2013
Come on....that wash room was clean and hot. Rogan is sexy and powerful top (looks great in suit and blue Spanish sheer socks). Rogan knows how to drill an ass without mercy on a sofa or bed.

joedoe1000 12/27/2013
Totally agree with you on Rogan Richards....I love when Rogan take Donato Reyes! Waiting for Rogan to do it with Dario Beck or Justin Harris..

Matt Jordan 12/27/2013
we made our name on bathrooms and 'dingy place' the glory hole films from 2004 or something as an example

sidevents 12/27/2013
Please close it Rico I too am tired of all these snippy queens demanding crap. Its the only site out for suits and high quality at that! I watch them all, if that week it isnt the magic key that gets me off, I wait for the next one, eventually you guys co

Okay 12/27/2013
A Public Office toilet urinal, where sexy men air ther Dick and piss. That smell and atmosfere is exiting! Sexy detail with the glass With a yellow foamy Liquid,,, No Would love to see them piss. Its rare With men in suits that have earr

suitedattitude 12/27/2013
I guess I can understand the hacked-off-ness ("after all our hard work", "when I pay for this", etc.) but can I suggest all concerned stop taking it so personally. I stand by the comments/forums and would like to see them stay but all MAP can (or should)

luis2 12/27/2013
wow I love tho video would like to know where is this beautiful men's room please let me know I want to go

Craig65 12/27/2013
I love this movie. The best one by far. You have made a better crop of scenes this year. The chemistry between the men, the fantasy of the washroom. The back story you create is the best part. It all flows. My only compliant would be I wish it were longer

Bluedog 12/27/2013
Hey Rico & Matt - belated Merry Christmas ! A .... This was tremendous - Paul Wagner & Rogan Richards are always in top form ... So what if this scenario probably wouldn't happen in a public loo ... It's purely the notion that it can and might ... And

georgeroundy 12/27/2013
Wonderful to see Paul 10/10 Wagner again, although I do like to hear him speak a little but this scenario was just great!! To be done over by Rogan must be a joy even if you top!! Thanks for putting him in that sexy tight suit MAP. I've had a fine time wi

joedoe1000 12/29/2013
It is critical for any business including porn industry to hear the voice of customer. Don't let the competition be ahead of you because they are receiving comments thru their websites.

sidevents 12/29/2013
There is a difference in feedback and pure bitching week after week.

mtmslg 12/29/2013
not necessarily my cup of tea. infact i was more focussed on the tuxedos. and those tiny sinks! but thank you for your continued quality and variety. happy New Year!

beautiful42 12/30/2013
Two real men are fucking .... so juicy !!!!!!

cactusman26 12/30/2013
Nice one Paul and Rogan, what super bodies and action. Thanks. A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014 to you and All at MAP.

bazildon 12/31/2013
Im new to the site. And i must say im not dissapointed from what i have watched so far keep up the good work

ajdamen 12/31/2013
I enjoyed the sexual tension in the first few minutes. Nothing more erotic than two masculine men in such close quarters, each making subtle glances at the other. I think MAP is the best site for creating that electricity.

NylonOTCs 01/01/2014
No doubt about it, Rogan Richards has it totally going on!!!...those tits n rings...Whoa!..washboard stomach...10 Plus, baby!!!...but now!, Paul Wagner...That man is so sexy and those hot thick n thins n garters....Double Whammy!!!....Happy "Zappy" New Ye

coltonford 01/02/2014
Ooh that video with Rogan and Donato is one of my favourites on MAP! That sheer animal lust and energy! The way Rogan slams into Donato, that sweaty back, the rear entry view, always gets me off my rocks. I love it when Rogan dominates and takes it rough

joedoe1000 01/03/2014
Ready for todays new release....anxious to see how MAP will start 2014!

RQUEST 01/04/2014
Wow! MAP double-dipped in this flick with Rogan and Paul.

tbazzer 01/07/2014
damn i love that rogan is wearing that bling gold/diamond watch the whole time, make the scene even hotter

jatin 01/16/2014
plzzzzz upload videos in mp4 format

seahbh 05/06/2015
can a man with a Prince albert fuck another? what if the the ring gets dislodged in the asshole? what do u get when a massive cock meets another massive cock? sexual intercourse of 2 titans. Paul enjoys sucking macho-muscle man Rogan's huge member

larespo1 04/02/2016
Rogan Richards is really hot and his scenes contain first off, the best erotic kissing. The body is sensational. MORE!!!!!!

Fit424 11/10/2018
So very hot. One of the best, most erotic on MAP or anywhere else. Well done!