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Leo's performance was intense and sexy. He undress slowly which was so hot! Nice to see Michael just with pants and shoes off. I can imagine this two actors on a bed, getting crazy trying multiple positions. Great clothing combination of gray, black and b

masstiehemd 03/01/2013
Good sequence, played well and for a long time in shirt and tie... If one of the actors stays in jacket line and tie, why the nudist with his authority - because it is him the leader- should oblige him to sit down and to ooze juice on the shirt and the t

I like the play under the desk, and the f---ing with his upper half still on- presents an even sexier dynamic. (Maybe in the next one they can both keep their jackets on, although I'm sure the heat would be intense.)

This is a four star movie. It is entertaining and sexy. My only complaint is a minor one. I hate to see a man in a dark suit wearing brown shoes. It detracts from his elegance. Michael Troy looked great, except for the brown shoes. I wish you would throw

Matt Jordan 03/02/2013
Where I live brown shoes denote someone with class and style and sophisitication

olderbutsexy 03/02/2013
Leo is very hot, but not too many sparks in their lovemaking, from my point of view :)

olderbutsexy 03/02/2013
Leo is very hot, but not too many sparks in their lovemaking, from my point of view :)

Enjoyed this video, nice clear shots of guys legs under desk hmmm. I work in Canary Wharf in London and have noticed lots of guys wearing Chelsea boots with their suits during colder months - I'm finding this a real turn on. Anyone else noticed this?

Rainer75 03/02/2013
Isn't that an idea from "DESKTOPS" from Cazzo-Film? There Tim Krüger gets serviced from Nicolas Torri - but all the other colleagues were sitting around that conference table and may not realize, of course, the blowjob. Thus, the hiding is understandabl

Matt Jordan 03/02/2013
Or maybe an idea from the Menatplay film THE BOSS from back in 2009. I'd suggest that any film about men in suits in an office situation is a an idea originally by Menatplay - the original and the best!!

We are ready to see the trailer of MAN HOURS!

rbirch 03/05/2013
Another great video from MAP! But cannot find Leo Domenico among the model list!?? Would like to become a fan of his....

I agree with you Matt. Love gray suit, white shirt, intense color tie, gray otc plain sheer socks and brown lace up shoes (no boots)...very elegant!

Wednesday without a trailer yet? Mmm something good must be cooking at edit room.

juicer 03/06/2013
Leo is so very delicous, more and more please.

olderbutsexy 03/12/2013
Better on second viewing ... Leo is a hot top, hot bottom as he was too ... a very sexual man

olderbutsexy 03/20/2013
Third viewing - enough already! Leo is a rising star, for sure ... so confident as a top, just as he was so accepting as a bottom ... looks like he really enjoys sex! (And we do too!) Thanks guys :)

mingguizhong 03/31/2013

joedoe1000 06/26/2013
Will love to see Leo Domenico as a bottom performer with socked legs up while Michael enjoy his bottom.

rickis75 11/02/2015
love leo